10 Amazing Ways To Celebrate Friendship Day

If you are looking to celebrate friendship day with new and exciting ideas, then we have got just what you want. 

Friendship Day In India

Essentially Friendship day in India is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. Hence, this year friendship day will be celebrated on the 1st of August. 

Why is Friendship Day celebrated?

One of the most important relationships you will ever have in your lifetime is your friendships. Friends are the people who stick by you through thick and thin. Furthermore, friends are often like a second family that you can turn to in times of trouble and have a great time with during times of joy. Hence, people celebrate friendship day to show their love and appreciation for their close friends. 

Moreover, the idea to celebrate Friendship Day was first initiated by Joyce Hal in 1920, and in 1958, people adopted the title “International Friendship Day”. 

five friends sitting near a lake and enjoying the sunset

Friendship Day Amidst Pandemic

We are all going through unprecedented times. Every aspect of our lives has been affected by the pandemic. Moreover, it is during these trying times that we recognise the importance and need for close friendships. 

Your friends must have made it so much easier for you to go through this pandemic. Now, given the current circumstances, you need not worry about a celebration. We have a list of ideas that you can try even during these times. 

We bring you five unique gift ideas and five fun activity-based ideas to celebrate friendship day with the people you love the most. Let’s begin.

Gift Ideas

1. A Collage of Memories 

It is an excellent gift idea to celebrate friendship day. Over the years, you and your friends must have created various unforgettable memories together. By creating a wonderful collage of all those memorable moments, you will be giving a special gift to your friends. 

Furthermore, as you grow older, you understand that the time spent with your friends and the memories that you created together will always be the good times worth reminiscing.

multiple pictures kept on top of a map

2. Classy Friendship Bands and Bracelets

One of the most popular items on a friendship day is a friendship band. You must remember these from your school time. Do you remember, we used to collect as many as possible to boast about the number of friends we had? Good times, right? 

Anyways, once you grow up, that excitement of collecting friendship bands from friends shouldn’t vanish. Instead of giving rubber-made friendship bands, you can take the band gifting to another level. Select classy looking adult bands that are extremely fashionable as well. 

Now, if you are buying a bracelet for your male friend, then don’t repeat Joey’s mistake. You remember Joey, from the TV show Friends. Don’t buy a bracelet that says “To My Best Bud”. Your friend might freak out like Chandler. 

a stack of six hands with different types of bracelets

Above all, buy a bracelet or a band that suits your friend’s fashion choices. This way they can wear it every day. 

3. Exciting Gift Hampers

A well-curated gift hamper is sure to make your friends go crazy. Gift hampers create excitement among the recipients. With so many different goodies in one box, a gift hamper is an excellent choice to celebrate friendship day. Furthermore, you can choose a gift hamper with all the goodies your friends like. 

Furthermore, a well-curated food & beverage gift hamper will also introduce your friends to some exclusive gourmet food products that they might not have tried.

Moreover, when it comes to gift hampers, you can select from a wide range of categories. You can choose from health & fitness gift hampers, self-care gift hampers, food and beverage gift hampers and much more. Also, you can even add a personal note with the gift hampers. 

4. Unique Food Experiences

Food experiences as a gift is a unique and fun idea to celebrate friendship day. If you and your friends love to go on new adventures and try new things, then this idea is perfect for you. There are multiple types of food experiences that you can gift your friends. Food experiences include various delicious food and beverage experiences in a charming ambience with the people you enjoy the most. 

Furthermore, different food experiences such as luxury dining experience, gourmet chocolate experience, dining under the stars, cocktail experience and so on are perfect for gifting. By gifting unique food experiences, you will be creating unforgettable memories with your friends. 

a pizza on a platter with two beverages on each side kept on an outdoor setting

5. Favourite Sports Jersey

This is an excellent idea to celebrate friendship day. Your friends must have a favourite sport that they love to watch. No matter what the sport is, people are passionate about their favourite sporting teams. Furthermore, a sports jersey of their favourite team is sure to pleasantly surprise them and elate them.

Moreover, if you and your friend support the same team, then why not get a jersey for yourself as well? So the next time you watch a game together with your friend, the adrenaline will be high, and your passion for your team will be on another level. It is a simple yet exciting idea to celebrate friendship day. 

four friends wearing same sports jersey and watching a match

If you and your friends are looking for some fun activity ideas to try, these five activity ideas should be at the top of your list.

Fun Activity Ideas

6. House Party

Without a doubt, this idea is a great way to celebrate friendship day. Especially in the times we are living in today, going on an outdoor adventure can get tricky. But you can always gather your group of friends and throw a fun and memorable house party. Furthermore, with delicious snacks and delightful drinks, you and your friends will surely have a blast. Play some exciting music and have a great time with your friends.

five friends enjoying a house party to celebrate friendship day

 7. Cocktail Game Night (21+)

A game night with your friends will offer plenty of laughs, excitement and memories. Celebrate friendship day by organizing a game night with a twist. Each game that you plan to play with your friends must be played after drinking delicious cocktails. As you start to play more games, you will begin to enjoy the game night even more. To get you started with some exciting cocktails, we have some exciting cocktail recipes for you. 

We even have some exciting vodka cocktails, rum cocktails, whiskey cocktails and other summer cocktails.

Moreover, some fun cocktail game night ideas include Jenga, flip cup drinking cup, never have I ever, and so many more. 

Now keep in mind, you must drink responsibly. You don’t want to ruin the night by overdrinking. Hence, enjoy and have a lot of fun but responsibly. 

five friends holding delicious cocktails to celebrate friendship day

8. Bucket List

Firstly, if you and your friends have not created a bucket list together, start by making one. It is also a great way to know your friends better. Everyone has that list of things they wish to accomplish or do at least once in life. Now imagine how great it would be if you and your friends could cross off the bucket list together. 

Secondly, if you already have a list ready, don’t wait any longer. We understand that under the current circumstances, it may be difficult to complete some of your bucket list items. However, why don’t you start with something small yet achievable? Your bucket list doesn’t have to have wild, adventurous things.

You can even add some of the easiest yet fun ideas to your bucket list. For example, cook a completely unique dish with no recipes or guidance, create your own cocktails, get matching tattoos and so on, you get the idea. 

Lastly, crossing off stuff from your bucket list with your friends will add to the excitement and fun and make this friendship day unforgettable. 

three cups with bucket list wishes

9. Go Karting/Paintball

This is an excellent outdoor activity idea that you must experience once with your friends. Go-karting is an extremely fun activity, in where you and your friends can show off your driving skills. 

Moreover, it is a special feeling once you are at the starting line and waiting for the light to turn green. You all will feel like professional F1 drivers. Of course, you won’t be going that fast, but it is still an experience worth having. 

On the other hand, a paintball experience with friends will elevate your adrenaline levels and give you memories for a lifetime. You can either form teams of two or come together and play against an opponent team. Moreover, after wearing the paintball gear and holding the paintball gun, you and your friends will feel amazing. 

friends enjoying a game of paintball

10. Drunk Dad Jokes (21+)

This is a fun activity to celebrate friendship day. Firstly, as the name suggests, you must drink delicious cocktails to make this simple game even more interesting. If you’re wondering about which cocktails to try, well, wonder no more. We got you covered with the cocktail part. We will even guide you on how to make the best cocktails. 

Essentially, you would face off in a dad jokes competition. Each time you make the other person laugh with your joke, the other person has to drink the cocktail. This is a great idea to celebrate friendship day and share some memorable laughs with your friends. Also, don’t forget to be creative with the jokes. We’ll share our entry for the dad joke. 

What did the egg say at the house party?

Ome-lit. (Get it?)

a laughing emoji with happy written on the chest and white shoes

Happy Friendship Day!

Friends play a crucial role in our lives. Just like any relationship, friendships evolve over a period of time. As we all lead different paths, our friends might also change. However, those few close groups of friends that stay with you throughout your life are the most special ones. 

Be it your school friends or college buddies, friendships are crucial for us as we guide our way through this adventure called life. Through the ups and downs of life, your friends are always there to support you and cheer you on (after making a few jokes, of course). 

Hence, celebrate friendship day with the people you love the most and surprise them with these special ideas. Show your friends what they mean to you and have a great time. 

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