10 Best Corporate Diwali Gifts For Employees

If you’re looking for exciting corporate Diwali gifts for employees, then we’ve got just what you want. We bring you our list of top ten corporate Diwali gifts for employees that will add to their Diwali joy.

Corporate Diwali Gifts In India

In India, Diwali is an ideal time for corporate gifting. Many companies from different sectors offer corporate gifts to their employees, clients and business partners during Diwali. 

Furthermore, corporate gifting extends numerous benefits to a company. Corporate gifts help to strengthen working relationships. Above all, corporate gifting is also a great way of appreciating the employees, clients and business partners.

Festive Gifts In Corporate World

Festive corporate gifts play a crucial role in the corporate world. Traditionally, Diwali and Christmas are two big festivals in India where corporate gifts are generally gifted. 

festive diwali gifts for employees along with a diya

Furthermore, festive gifting is a great way to show your appreciation for your employees for the work they do year-round. It also benefits the company brand value.

Food and Beverage Gifts During Diwali 

Diwali is the festival of lights. People tend to indulge in delicious food and beverages to enjoy this festival with the people they love. Food and beverage hampers offer exciting and delicious products that people would surely enjoy. 

Moreover, food and beverage hampers consist of some of the most exclusive and high-quality products that people might not have tried otherwise. 

We at Gustus Market India bring you the top 10 ideal corporate Diwali gifts for employees.

Food and Beverage Diwali Gifts For Employees

1. Gourmet Tea Hampers – A Cure For Stress!

Diwali calls for gathering with the people you love the most. Everybody looks forward to having delicious snacks and beverages during Diwali. Gourmet tea hampers are always a great choice for Diwali gifts for employees. Tea is a beverage popularly consumed in India. Furthermore, tea-based Diwali gifts for employees are an ideal option as a corporate gift. 

Above all, gourmet tea hampers create a lasting impression on people. A well-curated gourmet tea hamper would consist of a wide selection of high-quality tea flavours. 

Moreover, on Diwali, tea acts as a better and healthier alternative than gifting other unhealthy beverages. Also, gourmet tea hampers contain some of the most exclusive tea flavours that people might not have tried before. 

Hence, it makes for a great corporate gifting choice, as you will be introducing your employees to taste something new that might also feel familiar. 

2. Gourmet Coffee Hampers – Power Up!

Well, we can’t forget the coffee enthusiasts. Coffee is another popular beverage in India. Moreover, it is especially a popular beverage among the working class. Employees enjoy a coffee break during stressful and long working hours. Gourmet coffee hampers are an excellent option for Diwali gifts for employees.

Furthermore, gourmet coffee hampers consist of various types of coffee beans and flavours. It makes for a great Diwali gift and can delight your coffee enthusiast employees. 

Moreover, you can even pair the coffee hampers with exciting coffee kits. Coffee kits would contain all the necessary ingredients and equipment needed to prepare a delightful cup of coffee at home. 

3. Gourmet Chocolate Hampers

Chocolates are always an elegant choice when it comes to choosing Diwali gifts for employees. Everybody loves to indulge in sweets during Diwali. The gourmet chocolate hamper would contain some of the most exclusive and best in class collections of gourmet chocolates.  

Furthermore, these well-curated and beautifully packaged gourmet chocolate hampers can provide a unique experience to your employees. 

4. Organic Gifts For Employees

Organic gifts are one of the most thoughtful corporate Diwali gifts for employees. You have a variety of categories to choose from for organic gifts. Choosing organic Diwali gifts for employees also shows that your company is supporting and encouraging sustainable living. Furthermore, for any company, a step towards promoting a sustainable lifestyle starts with ideas like these. 

Moreover, earlier you would not find many organic products in the gifting world. However, today, there is no lack of authentic organic products. From delicious organic food hampers to organic healthcare products to organic bath products; the list could go on and on. 

Furthermore, depending on the corporate gifting budget, you can always customize an organic gift hamper with multiple organic products and take Diwali gifting to another level. 

Above all, during Diwali, gifting a sustainable and organic product can also be seen as a pleasant gesture.

5. Festive Snacks Hamper – Snack Right!

It is yet another delicious idea that your employees will certainly enjoy. Everyone loves a well-curated hamper filled with delicious goodies and snacks, right?

A festive snack hamper would consist of a delicious mix of gourmet snacks and beverages. This idea is one of the most delightful Diwali gifts for employees. A festive hamper with gourmet snacks is the best choice for Diwali gifts. People usually tend to feel guilty while binge eating snacks due to the unhealthy ingredients. 

However, most gourmet snacks are delicious and healthy at the same time. This way, employees can binge eat without feeling guilty. 

By selecting a healthy festive snack hamper as a corporate gift, you will show that the company cares about the health of your employees. Furthermore, it might even introduce and encourage your employees to choose healthier choices. 

Work From Home Diwali Gifts For Employees

6. Diwali Decoration Set – Festive Energy!

Diwali is a festival that everybody looks forward to. With delicious food and beautiful Diwali decorations all around, Diwali is an exciting time of the year. 

Furthermore, a decoration set is an excellent choice for Diwali gifts for employees. If your company is looking for presents with personal significance, this gift idea is perfect. 

One certain thing is that people will light beautiful Diya’s and wonderfully decorate their homes. By choosing to gift decoration sets as Diwali gifts for employees, the companies can become a part of their Diwali celebrations. 

two lit diyas representing diwali decorations

7. Kitchen Essentials

Kitchen essentials as Diwali gifts for employees happen to be thoughtful and beneficial gift ideas. Any present should be able to make the recipient feel special. 

Furthermore, by gifting kitchen essentials to your employees, you will show that the company cares about the employee’s personal life as well. 

Moreover, kitchen essentials could include helpful kitchen appliances such as mixers, grinders and more. They could also incorporate silverware and cutlery sets for the family. 

three essential kitchen appliances as an option for diwali gifts for employees

8. Gift Vouchers/Subscriptions

It is a type of Diwali gift that gives the employees the freedom to choose their gifts. Gift vouchers of popular brands always create excitement and joy among the recipients. 

You can also choose from a wide variety of categories such as food vouchers, shopping vouchers, dining vouchers and so on. Vouchers give the employees the liberty to select the gift and spend the amount as they like. 

Furthermore, you could gift monthly subscriptions as Diwali gifts for employees. Now, these could either be online streaming subscriptions or food subscriptions. This gift would most certainly delight your employees. Besides, food subscriptions are a great way of introducing new and delicious gourmet food products to people. 

two gift bags in a shopping cart as an option for diwali gifts for employees

9. Health Accessories – Transform Yourself!

If you wish to promote and encourage employees to follow a healthier lifestyle, then gift them health accessories that they can use to their benefit. 

This Diwali, make it a healthy Diwali by gifting various health accessories such as yoga kits, fit bits that the employees can use to monitor their health progress, home gym kits and much more. 

Furthermore, a kit with a gym ball, skipping rope, wrist bands, and exercise bands is perfect for even work from home employees. This idea will certainly motivate them to start a healthy routine at home. 

dumbbells and other home fitness related equipment such as barbells, shoes and bands.

10. Electronic Accessories – Connect & Collaborate!

Electronic accessories such as Bluetooth headphones, go pro cameras, Bluetooth speakers, smartwatches, portable power banks, and so much more happen to be great Diwali gifts for employees. 

Furthermore, it is a great idea, especially for work from home employees, as electronic accessories will assist employees while working from home. 

Besides, a gift is supposed to be exciting, helpful and bring joy to the recipient. Electronic accessories will certainly add to the Diwali celebrations of the employees. 

a black coloured bluetooth headphones

Corporate Diwali Gifts With Gustus Market India

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