10 Best Rakhi Gifts For Your Siblings

Rakhi is around the corner, and that means it is that time of the year when sisters are on a quest to find the perfect Rakhi for their brothers. While, on the other hand, brothers are busy looking out for the best Rakhi gifts for their sisters. Let us make this Rakhi even more special and memorable with some exciting gift ideas.

But, before that, if you are wondering why do we celebrate Rakhi? What is the importance of this festival? Is it only about tying a Rakhi and exchanging gifts? Well, wonder no more. We got you covered. Let us first take a deeper look into the festival of Raksha Bandhan. 

What is Rakhi?

Raksha Bandhan, popularly known as Rakhi, is an annual ceremony in the Hindu religion celebrated in the southern parts of Asia. This festival is quite famous in India. Moreover, everyone can celebrate Raksha Bandhan, irrespective of their caste, creed, or religion.

A Rakhi kept along with a small bowl of Kumkum and a small bowl of rice

Celebrated on the last day of the month of Shraavana, Rakhi usually falls in August. There are also a few other names given to this festival. Furthermore, different locations have different names for this festival, and it can even vary depending on how you celebrate it. A few among those names are Kajari Poornima, Nariyal Poornima and Rakhi Poornima.

Why Do We Celebrate Rakhi?

Now that we know what Rakhi is, let us learn what Rakhi stands for. Raksha Bandhan is a festival that is about the bond of love and protection between a brother and sister. The Rakhi ceremony involves the tying of a thread that symbolizes that bond. Raksha essentially means protection which signifies the protective love of brothers for their sisters. 

In fact, to celebrate Rakhi, it is not necessary to be biologically related. Above all, you can also celebrate Rakhi with the people you love. Be it your father, mother, and even your friends. 

Make Your Siblings Feel Special

The essence of the festival does not come to an end right after you tie the Rakhi for your sibling. The show goes on! The bond of love between a brother and sister continues even after Rakhi. However, if you are one of those who struggle to express their love through words, well, do not worry.

We have some great ways to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. Here, we will discuss some exciting ways to make your siblings feel special on one of the most exceptional occasions. 

Rakhi means showing someone how much they mean to you, right? So everything you do must also symbolize the same. Hence, this Raksha Bandhan, gift them their favourite things. Their favourite food, their favourite places, their favourite music, maybe even reignite some memories you had with them throughout your relationship.

Memories are Forever:

1. Prepare a Rakhi Feast

Food is always a golden way of showing love. No one will ever say no to their favourite food. Make your way to the kitchen and whip up a ton of your sibling’s favourite dishes. However, ditch the option of ordering food from outside. That food always lacks the most crucial ingredient, love. Meals prepared by you always carry the love you have for the one you are cooking.

A table setting with several authentic Indian dishes

Also, when we say feast, we mean feast! Do not stick to just one dish. Try your best to cook their several favourite dishes. Rakhsha Bandhan comes around once a year, so putting in hard work for someone who deserves it goes a long way. We assure you, your efforts will surely be appreciated.

2. Back To Childhood

The person you are tying the Rakhi to or who tied the Rakhi on you is always someone special. You will have a treasure trove of memories with them, especially your siblings. So do not hesitate to dive into this treasure box and pick out some of the best ones. Reliving those amazing memories with your loved ones is one of the best feelings ever.

A small child tying Rakhi on her brother

Look at pictures, make a video, sit and talk about the memories you have for hours. Or even play the same games you did years back. You can go the extra mile by making something for them that symbolizes all of these memories.

Make a scrapbook (make sure to leave out memories of when you got your siblings into trouble for something you did)! Or a slideshow! Or maybe even write a letter! There are hundreds of options that are available. By doing these, you are making sure that the memories you cherish will live forever. In addition, your siblings will hold on to this gift for all their life.

3. Siblings’ Day Out 

Hitting the open road with them is another amazing option you can have on your Raksha Bandhan list. Disconnect from the world and make it all about your time together. Plan a route that takes you both through your favourite restaurants and attractions. Play their favourite music, and have the time of your life with them!

4. Recreate Those Days

Recreating some of the most cherished moments in your relationship with the same person is a fantastic way to spend the day. Visit the playgrounds where you had fun, had a few fights, maybe even sustained a minor injury or two. Not only playgrounds but also go to places where you spend the most time with them. In short, visit those places that instantly remind you of the other person!

Two kids playing on the ground

These places will always hold a huge place in your hearts. In addition, going there again and reliving some memories through games and long chats can be a breath of fresh air into everyone’s lives during these trying times.

Shower Them With Rakhi Gifts:

You tied the Rakhi and made your sibling feel extra special. Now, is that all? Of Course not! How can anyone forget about Rakhi gifts? Therefore, you need to end the day in the perfect way, and there is no better way to end it other than with a loving gift! You know what your sibling wants. So go ahead and pick one of the best Rakhi gifts for them!

5. Loaded Chocolate Hampers for Your Sweet Siblings

If your sibling is a chocolate lover, then this hamper will do the trick. This chocolate overload in a hamper comes with all the goodies any chocolate lover could dream of. From mouth-watering chocolate bars and snacks to silky smooth chocolate spreads that they can enjoy with everything!

The hamper comes packed with not just different varieties of chocolates. But, you also get chocolate that you can use in any of your recipes. Are you looking to make a chocolate drink? Or baking chocolate chip cookies? The hamper has got all that you need, making it one of the perfect Rakhi gifts.

6. Luxury Coffee Gifts For Caffeine Lovers

These Rakhi gifts are for the coffee lovers out there. This Raksha Bandhan, give them specially assorted coffee gifts. A coffee hamper would consist of exquisite flavours of coffee from all over made with the finest quality coffee beans. Moreover, you can enjoy coffee heaven with all of these items. 

7. Indulging Tea Gifts For Chai Lovers

If there is coffee, there is chai as well. It is time to shower some love on your chai loving sibling with the best tea products. Gift them different flavours of tea that they have never even tried before. Furthermore, high-quality chai packets, tea-based snacks and other tea items also make for a great tea gift. And, they will be looking forward to Rakhi every single year henceforth.

8. Exciting Snack Hampers For Foodies

Snack hampers are the golden gift item in the food world. Every single foodie out there can agree to this statement. Do you want something to munch on while binge-watching your favourite show? The snack hamper has it. Want a late-night snack? The hamper has it. 

This snack hamper is filled with the best chips, sweet snacks, and savoury snacks. It will make any foodie drool for sure! Just make sure to buy yourself a hamper if you like what is inside because your sibling might not want to share this gift.

9. Exclusive Baking Kits For Baking Enthusiasts

Is your sibling a baking enthusiast? Well, look no further! This baking kit has got everything and anything they might need.

The kit has all the bells and whistles a baking enthusiast might need, making it one of the best Rakhi gifts for them. Measuring cups and spoons? Check. Moulds? Check. Nozzles? Check. You name it, and it has got it. This baking kit ticks all the boxes. 

10. Interesting Cocktail Sets For Artisan Spirit Fanatics

Are you looking for some fantastic items for some fanatic people? A true cocktail fan needs to have a shaker, a strainer, a jigger, the best glasses, some shiny ice tongs, a steel straw, a muddler, top of the line cutlery, and many more items. You can go on a hunt for each of these, or you can get yourself this cocktail set!

Gift a cocktail lover this cocktail set, and they will be thankful to you forever. 

Cherish the memories and strengthen the bond!

Pick out the best memory experience and the best Rakhi gifts suited for your siblings. Those are your ingredients. Then add four tablespoons of hard work, 10 cups of love, and one Rakhi thread. It is the recipe for the perfect Rakhi. With this recipe, you have given your loved ones and yourself an unforgettable Rakhi experience.

As we said, the work you put in will never go unnoticed. Your loved ones will be holding onto this memory for the rest of their lives. Let us make this Rakhi so good that they will be impatiently waiting for the next one!

A Gourmet Rakhi

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