10 Corporate Gift Ideas For Employee Motivation

If you’re looking for corporate gift ideas that will instantly resonate well with your employees, well, then you’ve come to the right place. We have chosen ten corporate gift ideas that will excite, motivate and encourage your employees. 

Corporate Gifting In India

Corporate gifting is substantially rising in every working sector in India. Companies from various industries have realised how corporate gifting can benefit them. Furthermore, it is crucial to realise that corporate gifting is not bound to just employee gifting. It can also help strengthen relationships with existing clients and business partners. 

If you look at corporate gifts from an employee’s perspective, you will be looking at improved productivity levels and a better working experience. Moreover, especially during the pandemic, it becomes crucial for companies to boost the morale of their employees. 

Some people are working from home, and some have started to work from the office premises. In either case, the times are such that it can get difficult for employees. Gifts during such times can offer that much-needed support and encouragement from the employers to their employees.

Furthermore, gifts can show that the employers care about their employees, and this gesture can help build long term work relationships. Above all, companies are opting for gift ideas with an emotional and personalised element attached to them. 

a corporate gift box wrapped in brown paper and tied with yellow thread

What is the right time for Corporate Gifts?

Corporate gifting doesn’t have to be festive focused. Traditionally, the corporate gifting culture has given more importance to festive gifting. 

Hence, Diwali and Christmas are the two usual corporate gifting times. However, this trend is changing across different industries. 

Companies now have started to create proper gifting budgets spread across the entire year. Moreover, gifting in the corporate world is not restricted to festivals only. Whether it is celebrating a successful project or other celebratory moment, companies use creative gift ideas for their employees, clients and business partners. 

Now that we have understood the importance of corporate gifts let’s not wait any longer. We at Gustus Market India have ten corporate gift ideas that you can use throughout the year for your employees. 

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Encourage and Flourish!

Food and Beverage Related Corporate Gift Ideas

1. Gourmet Food Hampers

Hampers are such a versatile gifting option that they suit every occasion. Moreover, hampers with food and beverage products are always special to unravel. 

Firstly, a well-curated gourmet food hamper will contain some of the most high-quality and exclusive food and beverage products. It is also a great way to introduce some exclusive and delicious food and beverage products to someone new to the idea of gourmet food hampers. 

Secondly, this acts as one of those corporate gift ideas where the employee is delighted to receive the gift. Furthermore, the gourmet food hampers have aesthetically pleasing packaging. These hamper boxes, when presented beautifully, make the recipient feel special and appreciated. 

Lastly, gourmet food hampers cater to the choices of all age groups. These gift hampers contain something for everyone. Furthermore, specially curated gourmet food hampers show that you have put effort and thought into the gift. 

We at Gustus Market India can make your hunt for the perfect gourmet gift hamper extremely simple. Our corporate gifting services bring to you some of the best-in-class gourmet and artisanal food hampers. 

All you have to do is get in touch with us with your corporate gifting needs. We will take care of the rest. 

Our team of expert curators takes special care while curating the corporate gift boxes. We understand the importance of great corporate work culture. Hence, our team of experts strive to offer you a seamless gifting experience. Furthermore, our team undergoes thorough research and only then, we curate a corporate gift box with different elements that complement each other.

Moreover, all our products have sustainable packaging. Our gifts are packed with biodegradable material and contain sustainable products. If your company is taking the initiative to be environmentally friendly, keep sustainability in mind while searching for corporate gift ideas. 

2. Food Experiences

It is a unique gift that you could give to your employees. A food experience essentially refers to the act of enjoying gourmet food and beverages in a unique, luxurious and special ambience that add to your meal experience. 

You can gift a variety of food experiences to your employees, depending on your budget and their preferences. A food experience would include activities like experiencing cocktail-making and other beverages in a fancy bar/pub. 

Furthermore, you could also choose to gift a luxury dining experience, a houseboat meal experience, a gourmet cooking experience, and so much more. It is one of those unique corporate gift ideas that stand out from the crowd and gives your employees to experience something truly unique and exciting. 

Experiencing something new and exciting will, in turn, inspire and motivate them to work harder. Experiences like these can encourage them to bring a positive shift in their work mindset, and their work lives. 

four wine glasses on a table at a fancy restaurant that offers a luxurious food experience.

3. Gourmet Snack Box

Well-curated snack boxes are a simple yet great choice for office gifts. Gourmet snack boxes contain some of the most exclusive collections of artisanal snacks that make a lasting impression on employees.

A gourmet snack box consists of an assortment of delightful snack items packed in an elegant looking box. Anyone who receives a well-curated gourmet snack box would appreciate the thought behind the gesture as it takes time and effort to curate an exciting snack box. 

Corporate gift ideas such as this ensure that the employees feel appreciated and valued by their employer. At the end of the day, it’s the thought behind the gift that counts the most. Moreover, corporate gift ideas such as this also promote a gesture of goodwill by the employer. 

Gustus Market India specialises in curating gourmet artisanal snack hampers that suit every occasion. With the rise in artisan producers in India, we feel proud to support local brands and businesses who share our passion for quality food. We strive to offer a unique gifting experience like never before. 

4. Kit As A Gift

Personalised and customisable kits are rising in the gifting world. With a wide variety of kits to choose from, you have multiple categories available to select a kit as a gift. The categories include beauty & cosmetic kits, cooking kits, beverage kits, silverware kits, wellness & healthcare kits, and much more. 

In each category, different kits include products that are extremely useful, encouraging, and exciting. 

A baking kit would essentially contain all of the products and ingredients essential for baking. You would be encouraging your employees to try and follow a fun leisure activity they otherwise wouldn’t have tried. 

Furthermore, a wellness & healthcare kit would include healthy organic products such as natural oils, organic food products, ayurvedic products and more.

From wellness kits to baking kits to coffee kits, you can select multiple gift sets for your corporate gift ideas depending on your preferences and budget. 

a coffee kit

5. Food Subscriptions

If you wish to select a unique gifting option, a food subscription box is one of those corporate gift ideas for you. Food boxes essentially contain a set of exclusive and high-quality food and beverage products. Most of the food subscription boxes contain healthy products that even taste delicious. 

Furthermore, food subscriptions essentially work on a monthly timeline. That means for small or medium budget gifts, companies can opt for a monthly food subscription box that will be delivered to the employees each month depending on the chosen subscription timeline. Moreover, it also encourages employees to indulge in healthy food items

Above all, promoting a ‘eat well’ lifestyle in the office workspace will also mean that employers care about the health of their employees. It could also help strengthen existing work relationships. A good food experience at the workspace can help to increase the working morale of the employees. 

With food subscriptions as corporate gifts, you will be offering something new, unique, and exciting to your employees. And that will keep their spirits high and productivity levels even higher. 

Gustus Market India offers an exciting range of specially curated food subscription boxes with sustainable packaging. 

Personalised Corporate Gift Ideas

6. Personalised Tumblers 

Personalisation is a crucial part of gifting in the corporate world. A personalised gift goes a long way in strengthening the relationship between co-workers, clients and even business partners. 

Moreover, it is common to see employees coming to the offices with their bottles/tumblers. Hence, a personalised tumbler is a beneficial gift for the employees. Also, you could even pair the tumblers with a personalised message on a card. 

Furthermore, there are different versions of tumblers available for corporate gifting. Various options for tumblers include spill-free tumblers, smart tumblers and customised tumblers. 

A spill-free tumbler, in particular, attracts more customers due to its benefits. Moreover, you could also create a combination of different tumblers in one set for your corporate level gifts.

three colorful personalised tumblers on a table

7. Indoor Plants

By adding plants to your office desk, you create an uplifting, positive and better working environment around you. Plants offer numerous benefits when added to the workspace. 

A corporate workplace must have accessories and decorations that can help increase the motivation levels of the employees. Indoor plants are a great way to achieve that. Mini plants and even terrariums can change the mood levels of a working environment positively. 

Some people even keep plants at their desks to clean the indoor workspace air. Furthermore, plants add to the aesthetics of the working environment and can also increase productivity levels among the employees. 

A little part of nature at a place where employees give their 8 hours every day can provide them with the much-needed relief from the work stress. 

three indoor plants on a black table happen to be one of the most unique corporate gift ideas

8. Personalised Calendars

It is yet another one of those corporate gift ideas that are simple yet effective. Employees spend most of their time at their desks in an office space. It can always get a little tiring, stressful and uninteresting. However, words have the power to uplift their spirits during a stressful day at work. 

Personalised calendars with inspiring quotes and words can help them to stay motivated and feel encouraged. Separate months can have different inspiring and motivational quotes that will make them feel encouraged. Corporate gift ideas such as this act as an admirable gesture of encouragement. 

a calendar with a motivational saying along with a magnifying glass and spectacles

Work From Home Related Corporate Gift Ideas

9. Work From Home Essentials

With the pandemic hitting us all, most companies have taken the Work From Home route. Furthermore, with the work from a home model, both the employers and employees have had to readjust their working habits. 

The crucial thing to note about the work from home model is the trust factor between an employee and the employer. If the work has to continue with the same productivity levels and motivation, the working trust between an employee and the employer must be high. 

For some, work from home is a boon and, for some, a bane. 

Either way, a work from home essentials kit is an excellent choice for corporate gifting keeping the current scenario in mind. Also, it is crucial, especially during the pandemic, for the companies to appreciate, motivate and encourage their employees. 

A ‘work from home’ essentials kit can include exciting accessories, wellness kits, stress busters, yoga kits, and much more. You could even decide to gift stress busters such as gaming boxes and gift cards because gaming acts as a great stressbuster when working from home. 

Other work from home essentials could include music & podcast subscriptions, classy headphones, and even relaxing chairs. 

At the end of the day, the idea behind gifting ‘work from home essentials’ is to provide employees with gifts that are helpful, exciting and at the same time relaxing. Above all, the ‘work from home’ model has also encouraged people to find the right balance between work and personal life. 

Hence, companies can bridge that gap by gifting employees essential work from home related gifts that could benefit and encourage employees in their work and personal life. 

10. Virtual Event Tickets 

As we discussed in one of our previous corporate gift ideas about the effects of the pandemic on the working model, it becomes crucial for companies to improvise with their gifting choices accordingly. Also, the world is increasingly dependent on virtual platforms. Even the work from home model relies heavily on virtual platforms to keep the work going. 

Furthermore, if you can work virtually, you can certainly enjoy and experience various events around the world virtually. Virtual event ticket is one of those corporate gift ideas perfect for the times we are living in. The best part about virtual events as gifts is that you can select multiple events depending on an individual preference. 

Above all, virtual events offer a sense of community among co-workers. It encourages employees, even at home, to have a fun and interactive experience. Moreover, you could also gift fun online courses to your employees. This way, the employees might learn and acquire a new skill while having some fun. 

a person enjoying a virtual event with work colleagues

Gifts For Encouragement!

Gifting in the corporate world is an excellent tool to appreciate, motivate and encourage employees in an office workspace. People look forward to receiving gifts after having worked so hard for the companies. 

Furthermore, corporate gifting can also help you develop a long time working relationship with your employees. Above all, companies can take advantage of the numerous benefits of gifting by simply putting in an effort and choosing the right gifting options. 

Moreover, it is not a difficult task to find a gift that will resonate with your employees. With a proper plan, budget and right gifting needs in mind, companies can select creative gifts from a wide range of quality products and services. 

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Gustus For Corporate Gifting!

We at Gustus Market India specialise in curating exclusive gourmet food and beverage hampers. Our corporate gifting services provide some of the best-in-class products with an exceptional customer service experience. 

Our products are sourced directly from highly skilled artisan producers and farmers from across India and Europe.