11 Reasons Why Drinking Beer Benefits You

How to use beer benefits smartly and in moderation?

Beer is one of the most popular beverages out there. Adults love it so much. Whether it is after a long day of work or on a hot summer day, it is a drink that will set your mind at peace.

Believe it or not, drinking beer benefits your health in many ways, from stronger bones to making your heart healthier. Let us look at some of these benefits.

Beer benefits of 3 glasses of different types of beer kept on a wooden table

Keep in mind beer is not a proper medicine. Therefore, consuming it in huge amount is not going to increase these health benefits in any way. A bigger intake would only take away the benefits.

How Beer Benefits Your Skin

Beer has large amounts of antioxidants which comes with tons of benefits. As a result, consuming beer in moderate amounts will help you have healthy skin.

A women smiling

Also, if there is a drink that will brighten your skin tone, it is beer. The vitamins present in beer adds a natural glow to your skin. Beer is a natural face cleanser. Also, it maintains the pH balance of your skin. Therefore, it helps to brighten your skin. In short, beer benefits your skin in many ways.

Know More About The Beer Benefits

You should know that there are tons of beer out there, and finding the best one for you is your task. There is no other way to find the beer of your choice other than to go out and have a pint of every type. Also, each beer benefits you differently.

Benefits of three glasses of different types of beer

1. Stress Reliever Lager

Lager is the most popular and most consumed beer. It is conditioned at very low temperatures giving it an amber, pale, or dark shade.

Consuming lager in small amounts will help you reduce your work stress and anxiety. In addition, lager can keep away calcium deposits from happening in your urinary tract system. Thus, helping you prevent kidney stones.

Beer benefits of a glass of lager

Also, by producing high volumes of urine, it helps flush away the calcium deposits. In short, drinking Lager beer benefits you in cleansing your body.

Keep in mind lager contains some ingredients that can cause kidney stones if consumed in large amounts. 

2. The Strong India Pale Ales

The India Pale Ale, or IPA for short, is another popular type of beer. Do not get mistaken for the name, it was not invented in India. It was invented in Britain. 

While people from Britain sailed to India, they preserved their beer with a hop. As a result, the taste that hop gave the beer gave way to the birth of the IPA.

Beer benefits of a glass of IPA

Now, IPA is exported to tons of places, mainly India, and comes in different types. There are British IPA’s, New England IPA’s, West Coast IPA’s, East Coast IPA’s, Oat IPA’s and so on, with the NEW England IPA being the most popular one.

Talking about its benefits, consuming IPA in a moderate amount will help you strengthen your bones. It is because of the silicon content present in it.

Like we said, for you to reap benefits, the consumption should be in a moderate amount.

3. Brain Booster Pilsner

Now, this is a beer a lot of people are familiar with. Named after a bohemian city, where it was produced for the first time, Pilsner is a type of pale lager. The same city produced the first Pilsner, called the Urquell Pilsner.

Pilsner has silicon in it that comes with a ton of benefits. In addition to strengthening your bones, it helps you improve your memory.

Beer benefits of a glass of pilsner beer

Also, Pilsner helps in increasing good cholesterol, which in turn keeps the blood flow to the brain at a good level, keeping you safe. In short, drinking Pilsner beer benefits your body and brain.

Keep in mind, consuming more will not increase its benefits. Instead, it worsens the situation.

4. Heart-Friendly Stout 

While lager is a more bottom-fermented beer, the stout beer is top-fermented. As the name suggests, the use of stout is what sets this beer apart from others. It comes in different variations like a dry stout, milk stout, oatmeal stout, and so on. 

Wine is an alcoholic drink that is usually associated with better heart health. But you may be surprised to know that stout does the same thing as well.  

Benefits of a glass of stout beer kept on a wooden table along with a bowl of snacks

With large amounts of antioxidants, stout beer benefits its consumers in tons of ways. It helps to slow down the deposit of cholesterol. As a result, it prevents the clotting of blood and heart attacks. In short, stout is great for your heart if consumed in moderate amounts.

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5. Nutrient-Rich Porter 

Porter also takes into use hops and mainly, brown malt which gives it a distinct dark shade. It has a unique flavour owing to its very malty dark ale.

Beer benefits of a glass of porter kept on a wooden table along with a slice of cheese

Also, Porter beer benefits you in many ways. It has loads of nutrients that will keep you healthy. The amount of nutrients it has is one of the reasons porter beer is called liquid bread. A lot of people classify it as food rather than a liquid.

6. Aromatic Fruit Beer

This one is the only non-alcoholic beer on this list, which means anyone and everyone can enjoy it. It is made and manufactured from different types of fruits and berries that have a malt aroma.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, fruit beer helps you have healthy and glowing skin. Also, it helps to prevent any blood clots and protects your heart. In short, drinking fruit beer benefits you in more or less the same way as eating fruits.

Two glasses of fruit beer kept on a wooden tray along with cherries

7. Beaming Belgian Beer

Belgian beer comes in different types. It is similar to the ones mentioned earlier. But what sets them apart are small features, like re-fermented in the same bottle, level of alcohol content and so on. 

All of these extra additions give it a much more different taste than others. You could classify the taste as something similar to that of champagne.

Beer benefits of a glass of Belgian beer kept on a wooden table along with a bowl of pistachio

The contents of Belgian beer have a great effect on keeping bacteria away from your teeth. The drink will kill off and stop the growth of these bacteria and help you smile wider

8. The Finest Wheat Beer

Like the name suggests, this beer makes use of a ton of wheat. There is more wheat than malted barley. German Weizenbier and Belgian Witbier are the two main types of wheat beer. 

Wheat beers are top-fermented. The fact that it uses wheat as the main product and that it is top-fermented makes it one of the hardest beers to brew

a glass of wheat beer kept on a jute cloth with wheat grains on the side

Talking about its benefits, drinking wheat beer, on a moderate level, has shown signs of living longer than people who do not drink it. It is because of all its health factors combined, that is, reducing cholesterol, keeping your heart healthy, keeping your brain healthy and so on!

But, as we said, time and time again, this is if you drink moderately. Heavy consumption would completely reverse all the effects and will put your life at risk. 

Brew Your Own Craft Beer

Brewing craft beer at your home is easy! Even though it is not as easy as making Maggi, it is still easy! Let us look at the basic steps to make your own craft beer!

1. Prepare Before You Start!

To begin with, gather the necessary brewing equipment. You will need a brewing kettle, fermenter, sanitiser, auto-siphon, funnel, stirring spoon, and a beer recipe kit. 

a bowl of hops and a bowl of grains kept on a wooden table

If all of this sounds like too much work, you can choose a beer making kit that has every single ingredient, including the equipment.

Keep in mind your success depends on how clean your equipment is. Therefore, sanitise everything before using it.  

2. Time To Brew

Once you have prepared everything, the next step is to brew. For that, fill the brew kettle with water and heat it. As you heat the water, steep the grains for 20 minutes. 

Steeping the grains is simple! All you have to do is fill the grains in a muslin bag, which is a cheesecloth bag, and tie a knot at the end. Then, gently place it in the water. Remember to stir it occasionally, but not to squeeze the grain bag like a teabag.

a person filling grains in a muslin bag

After 20 minutes, remove the grain bag without squeezing it. Once the kettle is boiled, remove it from heat and add the malt extracts. Now, refer to your recipe kit and add hops accordingly. 

Now, you have sugar water that is known as wort. Cool your wort as quickly as possible. This can be done by simply setting your pot into a sink filled with cold water.

3. Finally, Ferment

After cooling the wort, comes the fermentation process. Here, you need to pour the cool wort into a fermenter and add yeast and water. Lastly, store the sealed fermenter in a dark cool place.

4. Long-Awaited Moment Of Bottling

After fermentation, which typically takes two weeks, it is time to bottle your beer. As we said, to get the best results, sanitise everything before using it

Beer benefits of 4 glasses of craft beer kept on a wooden table

To begin with, boil the priming sugar in water. Once it cools down, add it directly to the bottling bucket. Now, transfer the beer from the fermenter to the bottling bucket. 

Finally, fill the bottles using a hose and bottle filler. Store the bottles at room temperature for about two weeks. And here you go! Your beer is ready! All that is left to do is refrigerate and enjoy!

2 people tossing beer glasses

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Moderation Is The Key

Now, you will have a better idea about how drinking beer benefits you in tons of ways. Remember, each beer benefits you differently. 

But remember, all of these will remain as benefits only if consumed in a moderate amount. Drinking more will never increase the benefits, instead, it will put your life at risk. 

Different types of beer kept on a wooden table with pistachios kept on a wooden tray

Try out brewing craft beer at your home and enjoy! Do not forget to share your experience with us. If you are looking for some snack recipes for your small home party, we recommend you to check out our recipes! Or if you are looking for some ready to eat snacks, we have that too!

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