11 Unique Father’s Day Celebration Ideas To Try

If you’re looking for some unique father’s day celebration ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Moreover, Father’s day is right around the corner.

Celebrating Father’s day is a wonderful way of expressing your love, admiration, and respect for any father figure in your life. Fathers play an essential role in our society. Every child looks up to their father. 

Fathers are your true friends, supporters, and guides throughout your life. They may not wear a cape but they are heroes in real life. 

a round card that says happy father’s day with glasses and bow tie and stars surrounding the card

Whenever you need some life advice or someone to teach you little things in life, you can always count on your dad. They will help and guide you in every step of your life. Furthermore, their so-bad-that-they’re-good dad jokes will forever keep you entertained. 

Moreover, Father’s day in India is celebrated on the third Sunday in June. We at Gustus Market India bring you 11 Father’s day celebration ideas that you must try. 

Let’s get started.

1. Dad Jokes Face-Off

Dad jokes are sure to put a smile on your face. If you’ve never heard a dad joke before, it goes something like this. 

What kind of car does an egg drive? A Yolkswagen

Dad jokes are all about the corny, so-bad-that-they’re-good puns and one-liners that dads are so good at delivering. You can’t help but laugh at these jokes. 

three half cut avocados with small eyes attached to them

So, here is how this father’s day celebration idea would work. 

You sit across your dad, face-to-face. Gather a bunch of dad jokes. Take the help of the internet if you can’t come up with one yourself. Ask him to write or search for his dad jokes. And let the battle begin. You will earn a point if the other person laughs at your joke. 

A perfect and fun father’s day celebration idea that you and your old man will certainly enjoy. Before we move on to the next idea, here is another dad joke for you. 

What did baby corn ask mama corn? Where is popcorn?

2. Father’s Day BBQ

During the current circumstances, you may not be able to go on long trips or fun adventures. So how about a fun family barbeque in your backyard or a park near your place. 

Set up a nice BBQ in your backyard, play some of your father’s favourite music and offer him some delicious beverages. Furthermore, you could do all the grilling and let your dad relax and enjoy the food. 

a dad enjoying a barbeque in his backyard

However, if your dad enjoys cooking, why not let him show you how it’s done? He will most certainly enjoy showing his culinary skills to you while cracking his classic dad jokes. Serve some delightful side dishes with the grilled meat and enjoy a fun-filled barbeque session with your family.  

3. Beer Friends Forever (BFF)

It’s an amazing feeling when you reach that certain age where you can share a drink with your father, right? He becomes more like a friend to you. 

This father’s day, offer your old man some of his favourite beers and have a great time. You could also make a fun game out of this. 

You could have a variety of beers served to him and test his beer knowledge. See if he could guess the name of the beer brand just by drinking it. Moreover, you could also arrange a beer pong game at home. Because why not? Remind him of his fun college days and enjoy the day. 

multiple beer glasses and a ping pong ball splashing in one glass showcasing beer pong

Beer pong requires a ping pong ball and many beer cups. Stand across the table and take turns to aim the ball to land inside the beer cup. If you’re successful, the other person has to drink the beer in the cup. The first person to hit all the cups wins. Fun isn’t it? 

Have a beer-y Happy Father’s Day!

4. Game Night

Game nights are always fun. It isn’t as much about winning or losing as it is about enjoying the game and having a great time. Fun games could even act as a stress buster for your hard-working old man. 

From fun board games to dumb charades with cocktails, you could try so many variations to simple and classic games. Jenga is another fun game you could try at home. It is an exciting game that requires calm nerves. 

a sign that says game night with multiple black and white dices around

Furthermore, arrange a fun family game night with delicious food and delightful drinks, and make this father’s day celebration a memorable one.  

5. Father’s Day Movie Night

It is a great father’s day celebration idea if your father enjoys watching movies but can’t seem to make time to watch one. Organise a special movie night at home and watch a movie that he always wanted to see or choose one of his all-time favourites. 

two movie tickets along with popcorns

Decorate the room with some fairy lights and fill it with cushions and soft blankets. Serve some fun cocktails and gourmet snacks to elevate the viewing experience. Moreover, he will truly appreciate a cinema-like experience right in the comfort of your home. 

6. Hamper Your Dad

Pamper your dad. Well, more like hamper your dad. Who doesn’t like an exciting hamper full of delicious goodies and beverages, right? 

a fathers day celebration gift hamper with multiple food and beverage items

This father’s day, celebrate by gifting him an exciting gift hamper of various gourmet goodies. Moreover, you might even introduce a new gourmet food product that becomes his new favourite. 

7. Make Dinner With Him

Does your father love cooking? Well, even if he doesn’t, this is a fun father’s day celebration idea that will help you create some wonderful memories. Yes, you could always cook a meal for him and surprise him with it. But cooking a delicious meal with him will add to the fun. 

You could pour a glass of wine and choose an exciting dish that you and your father have never tried before. Cook a new recipe while sipping wine, and he’ll enjoy it even more as you’ll be doing something together. 

a daughter making a pizza with her father for fathers day celebration

If you’re wondering, well, we’re both bad cooks, don’t worry. You could always order in if it turns out bad. At least, you both will have a fun story to remember. 

8. Shop For Him – With Him

Most fathers don’t really spend on themselves. They are content with the same shorts or shirts they bought a few years ago. It’s either because they are too lazy or have no major interest in shopping. 

Well, you can help him in this area of his life. Style him up. Whether you’re staying away or living in the same house, go online shopping with your dad. 

three miniature shopping bags on a laptop that says online shopping

Moreover, it is a great father’s day celebration idea given the current circumstances. Furthermore, you could start by exploring some of his favourite brands and help him select through the various choices. You could also introduce him to some of the new brands that might become his new favourite. 

9. Get To Know Him (with a twist)

It is another fun father’s day celebration idea that he will enjoy. Did you always have questions about your father’s college life? About his passion? Maybe even about your family history? You can get to know him well with this idea. 

You might be thinking what’s the twist. Well, it’s the cocktails. Introduce some delicious cocktails before asking the questions, and all the truth will come out. Furthermore, you could even play a fun version of ‘Never Have I Ever’ with cocktails. The way this would work is this. 

multiple cocktails for fathers day celebration

You gather a list of questions such as “Never Have I Ever failed a subject in college”, and so on, you get the idea. Whoever has done the thing mentioned in the question would have to take a shot. Try this idea and get to know him a little better. Enjoy!

10. Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are a unique way of gifting your loved ones the joy of quality food and beverages. If your father is fond of drinking tea or coffee, why not give him a specially curated high-quality tea or coffee subscription box. 

Subscription boxes work on a monthly timeline. You could subscribe to a box for three months, six months, and even more, depending on the offer. 

Moreover, each month of the chosen timeline, your father will be delivered a specially curated high-quality box of his favourite food or beverage. 

So why just give him one gift? Instead, give him a monthly subscription box consisting of quality food and beverages that he will certainly enjoy.

11. A Video Game Tournament 

If your father enjoys playing video games, this father’s day celebration idea is perfect for him. 

There are a ton of multiplayer video games out there that you can enjoy with your father. A simple Mario Kart will be enough to keep you two busy for a few hours. Organise a video game tournament and keep score of who wins the most games. It is a great way to relax and unwind and truly enjoy the gaming experience. 

father and son playing a video game for fathers day celebration

Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s day is a great way to celebrate the love, admiration, respect and affection you have towards any father figure in your life. With these father’s day celebration ideas, you will certainly have a great time with your old man. 

Fathers tend to hide their emotional sides. Hence, this father’s day, express your love and affection towards your father and share a memorable day with him. 

a grey board that says happy father’s day with a cup of coffee and some flowers on the side

These 11 father’s day celebration ideas will surely help you bond over some delicious food, drinks, games and fun.

To all the hardworking, caring, strong, funny, and handsome fathers, we at Gustus Market India wish you a very Happy Father’s Day

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