15 Diwali Gift Ideas For A Cracking Celebration

If you’re looking for exciting Diwali gift ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. Diwali is an exciting time for many reasons, and Diwali gifting is surely one of those. Essentially, a Diwali gift is given as a gesture of goodwill and a token of regard to your friends, family and colleagues. 

Diwali, also known as the festival of lights, is a major festival celebrated in India and across the world.  Essentially the festival lasts for five days. Furthermore, the festival of lights symbolizes the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. Moreover, some essential rituals include the Lakshmi pooja, lighting diyas, decorating your house, and exchanging gifts with your loved ones. 

It can get tricky to choose the perfect Diwali gift for people with different likes & dislikes. Hence, we bring you a list of Diwali gift ideas for your family, friends, children and colleagues. 

You no longer have to worry about what to gift your loved ones during Diwali. These Diwali gift ideas will surely help you convey your Diwali greetings and also create excitement among the recipients. 

multiple beautifully designed diyas

Diwali Gift Ideas For Family 

1. Food Gift Hampers – Instant Happiness!

Of course, food had to be at the top of our Diwali gift ideas list. Diwali is a time when people love to indulge in a wide variety of sweet and savoury delicacies. Hence, food gift hampers are one of the most perfect Diwali gift ideas. 

Furthermore, well-crafted food gift hampers make for an elegant Diwali gifting choice. You could select the perfect hamper depending upon the taste preferences of an individual. 

Let us help you choose the perfect food gift hamper. Browse our exclusive collection of gourmet and artisanal food gift hampers. 

2. Sustainable Diwali Gifts 

A great Diwali gift idea to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali. 

Sustainable gifts are a rising trend in the gifting world. Be it any occasion, the variety for people to choose from has only increased with time. People are starting to take conscious steps towards sustainable living, and it has become easier to select high-quality, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable Diwali gifts. 

Some sustainable Diwali gift ideas for the family include sustainable idols of deities, eco-friendly pots, house plants, home gardening kits and incense sticks made from recycled materials.  

eco friendly home gardening gifts

We offer a wide range of gourmet artisanal food hampers with sustainable packaging

3. Traditional Ethnic Diwali Gifts

Along with indulging in delicious food and beverages, people love to dress in traditional Indian attires to celebrate Diwali. Hence, this is another one of those easy and pocket-friendly Diwali gift ideas. Moreover, traditional Indian ethnic wear will surely delight your family members. 

Furthermore, you could also choose to gift traditional Indian silver prayer thali and beautiful ornaments. If you’re looking for Diwali gift ideas for your parents and grandparents, traditional ethnic gifts will bring a smile to their faces. 

4. Diwali Décor – The Ideal Gift!

Diwali is known as the festival of lights, and the rituals include decorating your house with beautiful flowers, lights, candles and diyas. So why not gift your loved ones some unique, distinct and creative Diwali décor? 

Also, keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to restrict yourself to flowers, candles, and diyas for decoration. You could also choose creative and elegant traditional wall hangings, handcrafted decoration sets and beautiful lamps. 

Furthermore, instead of choosing individual diyas, you could also choose to gift diya stands that hold multiple diyas or candles and offer an elegant and unique look. 

multiple beautifully designed diyas making diwali decor as one of the most beautiful diwali gift ideas

5. Baker’s Delight!

It is one of those creative and useful Diwali gift ideas that will surely delight the baking enthusiasts in your house. Indulging in sweets is a big part of celebrating Diwali with your friends and family. Usually, people exchange Indian sweets such as barfis, laddoos, halwa, jalebis, and the list could go on and on. 

This Diwali, take your sweet indulgence to the next level by trying different types of sweet recipes right at home. Gift your loved ones a baking set that includes all the necessary tools required to prepare delicious recipes. 

a baking kit with multiple essentially baking tools

Well, if your sweet tooth is craving something sweet after reading this, don’t worry. Try some of our easy to make and delicious dessert & cake recipes. 

Diwali Gift Ideas For Friends

6. Incredible Experiences!

If you’re looking for a unique Diwali gift idea, then gift your friends a food experience that they will never forget. Food experiences offer a unique perspective on delicious gourmet food and beverages. Furthermore, you and your friends will surely create new memories by experiencing something new and exciting. 

Food experiences such as luxury dining experience, artisanal chocolate experience, wine experience, and many more options like these would make for a great Diwali gift for your friends. 

an outdoor food experience with friends

7. Cocktail Set – Full of Celebration!

A cocktail set will surely add to the festive celebration of your friends. Essentially, a cocktail set includes all the tools required to prepare the best cocktail. Furthermore, the cocktail set makes for a classy gift and suits any occasion. If your friend is hosting a Diwali party night, a cocktail set will surely come in handy

a cocktail set with essential cocktail making equipments and a red cocktail

Moreover, help them get the party started by sharing our cocktail & mocktail recipes.  

8. Aromatic Diffusers

A fragrant Diwali gift idea. Essentially, there are two types of diffusers, electrical and liquid diffusers. Aromatic diffusers disperse essential oils with natural fragrance, filling the room with a refreshing aroma. Furthermore, aromatic diffusers will add to the Diwali decorations around the house with a fresh fragrance

an aromatic diffuser is one the most convenient and effective diwali gift ideas

9. Gift Vouchers – As They Like!

Finding the right Diwali gift ideas for friends can get tricky. You may not entirely be sure of whether they will like your purchase or not. At the end of the day, a gift should make the person happy and excited. Gift vouchers are a great way to achieve that. 

A gift voucher or gift card is extremely convenient and will let your friends choose what they like. Nowadays, you get gift vouchers for clothes, accessories, food, electronics, and so much more. 

10. Unique Scented Candle Set

Scented candles are a versatile gifting option. Firstly, they are cost-effective. If you are a little tight on budget, scented candles are an excellent choice as they make for an elegant Diwali gift while conveying your message effectively. Secondly, they are useful. Not only during Diwali but also through the rest of the year. 

Lastly, people have reduced the usage of candles in their day to day lives, and scented candles act as a reminder that you could discover something special in something simple. 

beautiful set of scented candles and an incense stick

Diwali Gift Ideas For Children

11. Piggy Bank

A valuable Diwali gift idea. If you remember, in the earlier days, the parents used to give a mini-bank-pot to the children. The children used to add and save the pocket money as well as the money they collected during the festivals. Remember? Did nostalgia hit you?

These piggy banks were every child’s prized possession. However, the tradition of gifting a piggy bank to children has reduced. 

Maybe technology and interests are to blame, but it is always great to bring back old traditions such as this that teach our kids the value and importance of money early on in their lives. Hence, this Diwali, gift your children the good old piggy banks and keep this tradition alive. 

a piggy bank is one of the most valuable diwali gift ideas for children

12. Chocolatey Surprise

An obvious choice, isn’t it? The children have unconditional love for chocolates, which makes it the perfect Diwali gift idea. We can certainly help you with this idea. 

We offer a wide range of artisanal chocolates with unique flavours that will pleasantly surprise your children and offer them something new and exciting.

Moreover, this Diwali, take chocolate gifting to the next level by subscribing to our monthly chocolate box. Yes, that’s right. Every month we’ll deliver a handpicked selection of artisanal chocolates to your home. This way, you will always have something to look forward to. Keep the excitement alive. 

13. Assorted Snacks Hamper – Munch Corner!

It is one of those exciting Diwali gift ideas for children that they will certainly enjoy. Most children enjoy snacks and are always on the hunt to find something new. Binge eating the same snacks can get a bit boring. Hence, a snack hamper is one of the best Diwali gift ideas. A snack hamper would consist of various types of snacks to suit all their snacking moods. 

However, as a parent, you may feel that your children must indulge in healthy snacks rather than mass-produced unhealthy products. We have a solution for this problem. 

Our assorted snack hampers are not only delicious but healthy as well. So you no longer have to worry about your child binge eating unhealthy snacks. 

Diwali Gift Ideas For Colleagues

14. Beverage Hampers – Aromatic & Flavourful Gifts!

Diwali gifting is not limited to friends, family and relatives only. You can choose to give gifts to your co-workers, clients and business partners as well. Furthermore, Diwali is a time of celebration and joy. Diwali gifting your colleagues showcases a gesture of goodwill, and it will even strengthen your working relationships. Above all, corporate gifting in India peaks during Diwali and Christmas. 

You could choose from tea and coffee gift hampers according to your colleague’s preference. Moreover, a tea or coffee hamper also acts as an elegant Diwali gifting option. 

We offer an exclusive selection of artisanal tea and coffee products in our tea and coffee hampers that will surely delight your colleagues. Introduce your colleagues to gourmet artisanal tea and coffee products and offer them a new beverage experience. 

15. Plant Power – Go Green

Plants have the power to transform and improve any place. Whether it is your working desks or home environment, plants offer numerous benefits and make for a great gifting choice. 

Both indoor and outdoor plants can help in dealing with daily-life stress and offer air purifying qualities. This Diwali, go green and gift your colleagues a beautiful and mood-boosting plant. 

multiple indoor plants

Celebrate Diwali with Gustus Market India!

Our festive gift hampers will surely help you take Diwali gifting to the next level. Food gifting during Diwali is a delicious way to showcase your love and respect for your loved ones. Above all, well-crafted gourmet food hampers are not only delicious but also look aesthetically pleasing, making them one of the most ideal Diwali gift ideas. Furthermore, our gift hampers contain some of the most delicious artisanal products with such unique flavours that each product will surely delight your taste buds. 

May this Diwali health, happiness, and tasty food reach your door.