15 Easter Ideas To Try With Family And Friends

Easter is celebrated in different ways around the world. People wear new clothes, prepare Easter baskets filled with Easter eggs, chocolates, jelly beans and delicious recipes are cooked. The children are always excited about the Easter egg hunt and the adults try to make it interesting and creative for the children. If you haven’t yet planned anything for Easter, allow us to help with a few Easter ideas

This Easter, indulge in some premium quality gourmet and artisanal food and drinks that we have to offer in our specially curated Easter Gift Hampers and enjoy these 15 Easter ideas with your friends and family

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Easter can be fun for adults as well! With interesting games, activities, and intimate Easter cooking ideas. Combined with Easter gift hampers, adults and children are sure to have a great time. Given the current circumstances, we have a list of fun, intimate activities for you to try this Easter with your family and friends.

For your preferences, the list is separated into 4 categories.

  • Fun Easter Games
  • Intimate Easter Celebration Ideas
  • Easter Themed Arts and Craft Ideas
  • Easter Gourmet Feast Ideas

Fun Easter Games

1. The Easter Desserts Challenge

Are you and your friends fond of baking? Do you love to exchange recipes with your friends? If so, this Easter you can have a whole lot of fun with your friends. Try out our ‘Easter Desserts Challenge’. The way this challenge works is this; You and your friends would try out new Easter dessert recipes. (You can take a look at some of our recipes) 

After creating the desserts, you could make it a fun Easter game and vote among yourselves for your most favourite dessert. The winner would get an Easter Gift Hamper filled with exciting goodies and artisanal food and drinks. 

brown Easter artisanal cake with pink topping and an Easter bunny on top.

2. The Easter Egg Hunt Challenge

The classic Easter egg hunt has been going on forever. Kids love to wake up and turn on their ‘detective senses’ and find those hidden eggs around the house. The Easter Egg Hunt could also be an extremely fun game for adults. If you have few friends and family members coming over for Easter celebrations, try this fun game. 

The rules are the same for adults as they are for the kids with just one little exception. Introduce your delicious Easter cocktails to the adults before they begin their ‘search’ and see how interesting and fun this game becomes. 

Check out our easy-to-make Cocktail recipes here

two brown Easter eggs with white flowers around

3. Egg Truth Or Dare

Now if you have some close friends who are living away and can’t make it to your place and you all would still want to celebrate Easter together? This is the perfect game for you. Organize a Zoom call with your friends and get them all to write some ‘truth’ questions and some ‘dare’ tasks on a piece of paper and place them inside some plastic Easter eggs.

You would write the ‘questions and dares’ for your friends and they would write it for you. Each individual would choose the ‘plastic egg’ for the other players. 

If the player chooses an egg for someone and that person wants to avoid or pass that task, they wouldn’t be allowed to choose for that person again. Either do the ‘dare’ or answer the ‘truth’ else take a shot. 

(Note: The shot could be both alcoholic or non-alcoholic according to your preference)

Six brown Easter eggs in an egg tray with candles and yellow flowers around

4. The Messy Egg Toss

This fun game can be enjoyed by both adults and kids. If you have a small backyard, you can enjoy this game even with your friends while maintaining social distancing.

Players would stand across each other and throw a raw egg back and forth. After each throw, the players would move one step back. This goes on until one of them breaks the egg. It may be messy but you’ll have some amazing pictures and a memorable Easter celebration.

a bunch of eggs cracked on the floor

5. Twisted Easter Egg Hunt Challenge

This one involves both parents and kids. You could even play this if you don’t have kids (couple’s version). This game turns the tables as kids would hide the Easter egg and parents have to do the hunting. But there is a little twist.

Kids could write gift requests or favourite dinner lists and so on inside the Easter eggs and hide them all over the place. Whichever ‘request’ parents are unable to find; they have to agree to that request. Fun isn’t it?

Nine multi-coloured Easter Eggs with flower petals

6. Guesstimate 

Yes, you read that right. Guesstimate. This fun game involves lots and lots of Jelly beans in a jar. Fill a transparent jar with jelly beans and offer a piece of paper to the participants.

They have to guess the number of jelly beans present in the jar. Put everyone’s guess in a separate bowl and at the end of the party count those jelly beans together with your friends and see who came closest to guessing the actual number. 

Extremely simple yet fun game. The winner could be offered exciting Easter Gift Hampers which include gourmet and artisanal food and beverages.

If you’re not a ‘game’ person and wish to celebrate Easter in a more intimate but yet creative and fun way? Intimate Easter celebration ideas are just for you. 

multi-coloured jelly beans stuffed in a transparent glass with pink background

Intimate Easter Celebration Ideas 

7. The Easter Piñata 

Piñatas are huge among the kids. Kids love goodies, chocolates, candies inside a piñata but it can be interesting for adults too. Just fill in the piñata with more grown-up prizes. Money, mini booze bottles that come in plastic, a few fake moustaches and fake costume accessories to wear till the end of the gathering, you get the idea…

If it’s an Easter brunch or even an evening gathering, as the booze kicks in, your adult friends and even family members would surely have a great time and you would have great pictures!

White Easter piñata being smashed

8. In House Cooking  

With the social distancing guidelines in place, if you just want to stay at home and celebrate Easter with your spouse or your family, try this simple idea of cooking your favourite meal or try a new recipe with your partner. Just cook at your own pace and enjoy an intimate Easter with your loved one. 

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a hand whipping red cream icing

9. Easter Gift Hampers 

Easter is a great time for giving gifts to your friends and family member. With the current circumstances in place, just a simple act of gifting and spreading the love can do wonders for your loved ones.

Some of you might be hosting small gatherings and some of you may just be celebrating on a zoom call with your friends. But you can always send special Easter gift hampers to spread Easter joy. 

We at Gustus Market India are offering a wide variety of high-quality artisanal food and beverages in our Easter gift hampers specially curated for you. Just select the one you like and surprise your loved ones this Easter.

gift box wrapped with purple ribbon

10. Easter Jokes Face-Off 

Yet another fun idea to do for the Easter celebration with your friends and family. A comedy face-off works in only one way. Who breaks first. Whoever makes the other person laugh with a joke, gains a point.

This could be an extremely fun game for adults and if you have adults drinking cocktails at the gathering, it is sure to be a laugh riot. Use creative, funny, smart and even silly jokes. In the end, everybody wins as everyone will have a good time. 

Here’s one Easter pun for you.

What did one Easter egg say to the other?

“Heard any good yolks today?”

smiling emoji on yellow Easter egg

11. Easter Flower Plantation 

This is a simple and extremely beautiful way to celebrate Easter with your kids and loved ones. Plant some of your favourite flowers and experience them bloom over the season. With spring ahead, flowering is a great way to inculcate the love for plants and flowers in your kids.

For the arts and crafts lovers, these Easter ideas will brighten up your celebrations in an extremely fun and creative way. 

three purple flowers with hazy background

Easter Themed Arts and Craft 

12. Easter Egg Decoration 

This traditional Easter activity is extremely fun and creative. Decorating wooden or ceramic Easter eggs with vibrant colours and creative designs is just as fun for adults as it is for kids. Why should kids have all the fun?

Try out this Easter Egg decoration idea with your friends and family and see who is the creative person of them all. You could arrange this over a video call as well.

Four brown Easter eggs with colours and paintbrush

13. Easter Flower Arranging 

With Easter around the corner, it also means the arrival of spring and the wonderful spring blooms. This idea makes for a beautiful afternoon for adults as well as kids. Get some flower stems and some basic supplies needed to create a vibrant spring bouquet.

Get together for Easter brunch with your friends and try out this flower arrangement session. 

Easter calls for a variety of premium gourmet dishes and one of the most creative and entertaining way is to create a ‘charcuterie board’.  Essentially ‘charcuterie’ means various cured meats. Served along with various gourmet cheeses, spreads and produce. 

But don’t worry, we have one board especially for your vegan friends as well.

Several pink flower stems in a brown artisan box with white ribbon

Easter Gourmet Feast Ideas 

14. Easter Charcuterie Board 

This charcuterie board idea is extremely easy to make and you can present it in your creative style. All you need for this board is some cheese spread, cubes of white cheddar cheese, freshly cut carrots and green peppers, Salami or ham meat, fresh pineapple slices, strawberries, small pieces of breadsticks and lastly, some grapes. 

Charcuterie boards are all about the way you present these ingredients. So get your friends and family together and create this delicious yet simple charcuterie board.

(Check out some of the gourmet and artisan food and beverages products we have to offer)

a charcuterie board with ham red grapes and breadsticks

15. Vegan Board 

Charcuterie boards don’t necessarily have to be with meat. The best thing about a charcuterie board is how easy and flexible they are to create.

For this Vegan special board gather some hummus variations, vegan crackers, freshly cut carrots, a few grapes and strawberries, apple slices, fresh pomegranate and for variety, some vegan chickpeas or almonds, and homemade Olive tapenade. Enjoy Easter with your vegan buddies! 

These 15 fun activities are sure to make your Easter celebrations even more fun, exciting and memorable. 

And with our delicious gourmet and artisanal Easter gift hampers and recipes, people are sure to say “YUM”.

a spread with various vegetables and dips

A Gourmet Easter

Have an amazing time with your loved ones, celebrate and drink responsibly and don’t forget to share these ideas with your friends and family. 

HAPPY EASTER from Gustus Market India!

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