15 Mother’s Day Ideas For A Special Celebration

Looking for Mother’s Day ideas? Well, don’t worry. We got you covered with 15 Mother’s Day Ideas For A Special Celebration

Mother’s Day is celebrated to express the love, gratitude, admiration and respect you have for any mother figure in your life. Yes, a single day will never be enough to reciprocate the love for your mother. 

But celebrating Mother’s Day is all about making your mother feel appreciated and loved. That’s why we have these 15 Mother’s Day ideas for you.  

The role of a mother transcends gender and other societal norms. A mother nurtures another soul. A mother is a guide that helps you understand the difference between what is right and what is wrong. She is a natural carer and a provider. 

pink flowers in a green bag with happy mother’s day written on a heart-shaped card

There is no perfect way to be a mother. There are diverse forms of motherhood. Single mothers, Working mothers, Single fathers, Grandmothers, Foster/Adoptive mothers and parents, Stay-at-home mothers, and the list could go on. 

Usually, Mother’s Day in India is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of every May. Make this Mother’s Day a memorable one and have a great time.

Furthermore, given the current circumstances, we at Gustus Market India have come up with 15 Mother’s Day ideas that you can try to make this day extremely special

Let’s start.

1. Create A Special Schedule

When was the last time you pampered your mother? It’s always the other way around isn’t it? So this time, surprise her with this idea. 

Create a full day schedule with multiple Mother’s Day ideas that will make your mother happy. 

Take charge of doing the dishes. Cook a special meal just for her. And if possible, book an in-house spa or salon appointment. Surprise her with her favourite chocolates throughout the day. Give her surprise hugs, you get the idea. 

multiple artisanal gourmet chocolates in a chocolate box with a rose on top. A great mother’s day idea

Create a special schedule and let her know that it is going to be a special day ahead. This is a simple, pocket-friendly idea that is sure to make your mother happy. 

a notepad with a pen and few folded notes wrapped with a brown thread. Notepad needed for creating a schedule for mother’s day ideas.

2. Plant Your Way – This Mother’s Day

We did not mean for it to rhyme. Now, this is one of the simple yet fun Mother’s Day ideas for you to try. This would especially be a great idea for new mothers

Whether you have a young child or a newly born, organise a flower plantation activity as a family. 

a mother and a daughter planting a yellow flower on mother’s day

Surprise the mother by planting some of her favourite flowers and watch them bloom over the years. Furthermore, it is also a great way to see your child and the flower grow over the years.

This May, celebrate Mother’s Day by planting your way

No more rhymes!

3. Breakfast In Bed

Now, if you have a single mother or a working mother, this is one of those extremely simple yet thoughtful Mother’s Day ideas that will brighten up her day. 

But make sure you do not make a mess in the bed. You do not want to increase her workload right?

a breakfast in bed mother’s day idea with multiple food items such as strawberries waffles tea and croissants

Create a special breakfast tray with her favourite breakfast items. Moreover, make her favourite cup of artisanal tea or coffee and surprise her. 

three delicious mother’s day breakfast fruit bowls with waffles tea and honey on the side

You could talk about some happy memories and have a genuine conversation with her. You could even discuss what plans you have made for the rest of that day. 

4. Write A Heartfelt Letter

This is one of the most special Mother’s Day ideas for you to try. We all love our mothers but sometimes it can get difficult for some people to express that love and gratitude towards them. Writing is the best form of expressing your true thoughts. 

Now, do not worry if you feel you are not good with words. At the end of the day, it’s the thought that matters. But we suggest not to type the letter. Get a pen and a piece of paper and sit down to write a heartfelt letter to your mother. 

a white letter in a blue envelope with a pink background

Express your love, gratitude, admiration, and respect for her. You can even add funny ‘mom jokes’ to make her smile. If you’re not comfortable with writing, you could also record a video of yourself expressing your heartfelt thoughts. 

an Indian male self recording a video on a dslr camera

There are numerous foster parents and people who have adopted their children. If you are a foster/adopted child, writing a heartfelt letter to your foster/adoptive parents will surely warm their hearts

Above all, it will not cost you a dime but it will surely be priceless to them

5. Mother’s Day Karaoke Night!

Does your mother love to sing? Ever heard her sing when she is alone? Why don’t you organise a surprise Mother’s Day Karaoke Night for her? 

Nowadays, Karaoke systems are so easy to get. This is one of the most fun Mother’s Day ideas that will surely make her truly happy. Furthermore, prepare some delicious cocktails and take some memorable pictures too. 

A LED sign that says Karaoke Night. A fun karaoke night mother’s day idea

Also, if you’re thinking, well, none of us can sing; well don’t worry. That’s where you introduce your cocktails. 

three delicious mother’s day pink cocktails in a salt rimmed glass with lemon slices and some herbs

After having a few cocktails just wait and see your mother unleash her inner ‘Beyonce’ and all the non-singers in the family their ‘Rockstar’ voice. Have fun!

6. Send Her A Special Gift Hamper

If you’re living away from your mother, this mother’s day idea is perfect for you. Everyone likes an unexpected delicious gift hamper

Select a special gourmet food and beverage Mother’s Day Gift Hamper and have it delivered to her. 

a gourmet gift hamper with multiple gourmet artisanal products such as artisanal snacks and artisanal cheese for mother’s day

In fact, do not inform her about the hamper. Let it be a fun surprise. She will be extremely delighted and will have a great time enjoying the goodies.

7. Create A Special Photo Collage

Surprise your beautiful grandmothers with this heart-warming idea. Take the time to select some beautiful and memorable family pictures taken over the years. 

multiple old vintage photographs

This is another one of those heartwarming Mother’s Day ideas for you. You could make the collage all by yourself or get it made professionally. The pictures will bring many happy memories back. 

Moreover, your grandmother will cherish that photo collage forever. 

8. Organise A Special Movie Night

Who doesn’t like movies right? But when was the last time you truly enjoyed watching a movie with your mother? 

a sign that says It’s Movie Night! in black with white background light

You most definitely have spent a lot of time watching movies alone or with your friends. This Mother’s Day, create a nice ambience at home. Prepare a special meal along with delicious cocktails and “Mom”-tails. And put on a special movie.

family watching a movie at home with lights around the screen on mother’s day

You could discuss the movie characters, the plot or even the fashion choices in the movie over dinner. One of the most fun Mother’s Day ideas.

9. Go Shopping Together

Now, you might be thinking given the current circumstances how would that be possible right? Well, go Online Shopping together. That’s right. 

If you’re living away and want to shop together, try this Mother’s Day idea. Organise a video call and share your gossip.

a laptop with a shopping site and tiny miniature shopping bags on the laptop with a green plant on side promoting online shopping this mother’s day

During the video call go to your favourite shopping website and lose yourself in the world of ‘Online Shopping’. You could even purchase an item she likes on the spot. Yes, the wonderful power of the virtual world. 

10. Sign up for a Beer Yoga class

Yes, you read that right. Beer Yoga is a version created in the West. But it has spread to other countries as well. 

Single fathers deserve to be celebrated. Many single fathers have beautifully taken up the role of a mother as well as a father. So if you have a single dad, this is a brilliant idea for you to celebrate this Mother’s Day. 

a glass of beer with a wooden background

Even if you’re unable to find a beer yoga class online, we suggest just signing up for any regular yoga class and add the beer on your own. 

Make this an extremely fun and memorable mother’s day for you and your father. If you’re still unsure about this idea check out the many benefits of drinking beer. This will seal the deal. Have fun!

11. Create A Playlist Just For Her

Mothers are great at multi-tasking. But they can have a lot of stress too. Furthermore, managing work-life balance can get tough. 

With this Mother’s Day idea, create a special playlist just for your mother that she can listen to whenever she wants to relaxMusic is a great way to escape stress even if it’s just for a short time.

a white touchscreen phone with white earphones attached to it with a brown background

Add some of her favourite songs as well as introduce her to new artists and songs that she might like. Moreover, a playlist can always be customised so do not worry if she doesn’t like a few songs. She will truly appreciate the gesture.

12. Explore Her Passion Projects 

A mother makes a lot of sacrifices. Some you may know and some you may not. Talk to your mother about a personal passion project that was once close to her heart, but she couldn’t pursue it due to certain circumstances. 

A brown paper that says find your passion on a wooden background and a small compass on side

She could also have a completely new passion that she would like to pursue. Surely, the simple act of exploring her choices and helping her through the project would mean the world to her. 

13. Let. Her. Sleep.

You might be thinking what’s so brilliant about this Mother’s day idea? Well, it is especially for the new mothers. Now it makes sense right? 

The first mother’s day is special for all the mothers. So husbands, take charge. 

a white alarm clock on a white bed sheet

Most importantly, let her complete her beauty sleep without any interruptions. Take care of the baby. Make special meals or you could even order in, you get the idea. Prioritize her sleep and let her relax. 

14. Recreate Old Pictures 

This is a fun idea that you can try with your mother and your grandmother. Take out the family album. Choose images that you could re-create. 

an old family photo album on a wooden table

Make sure to pose in the same way and wear similar clothes in the photograph. Have your mother recreate some of her childhood pictures too. This will be one of the most memorable Mother’s Day ideas for you to try.

a vintage camera with a framed vintage photograph

You will have a great time while recreating old memories and in this way, you’ll be creating new memories

15. Cook Together

If you and your mom love to cook? This Mother’s Day tries out some new delicious recipes that you always wanted to try. 

multiple gourmet dishes on ceramic plates kept on a wooden background promoting cooking with your mother this mother’s day

Even if you do not like cooking, this could be a fun activity to bond over. Also, you could try baking new desserts and have a great time. 

Check out some of our special Gustus Market India food and beverage recipes.

Happy Mother’s Day!

As we said earlier, one day will never be enough to showcase the love and appreciation for our mothers. But we can surely try to brighten up her day with these Mother’s Day ideas. 

So yes, celebrate Mother’s Day in a fun way and make it a memorable one. Try these 15 Mother’s Day ideas and have a great time.

But do not forget the other 364 days in the year. Keep reminding your beautiful mother of how special she is in your life. 

A mother’s day colorful artwork that says Happy Mother’s Day

To all the beautiful, hardworking, talented, multi-tasking, and graceful mothers out there, we at Gustus Market India wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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