16 Last-Minute Ideas For The Best Farewell Gifts

Is someone close to you leaving for studies, moving away for work, or settling somewhere else? Whatever may be the reason you can never say goodbye just like that, a proper farewell is needed with proper farewell gifts.

A proper farewell is needed, but what does a proper farewell need? This is completely up to you, give them some amazing farewell gifts that relates to them, something they will treasure forever. Or give them an amazing lifetime experience, a memory of everything they had before they leave, in particular, a memory that will stay with them forever.

Students throwing their graduation cap during farewell

Or maybe you can go over and beyond by giving them both of these things. As we said, this is completely up to you, but keep in mind the pandemic is still running rampant and we have to adhere to certain guidelines.

Here are some hampers and experiences that you can gift to someone close to you as farewell gifts.


1. Artisan Tea hampers

Now, if the person is a tea lover, then an artisan tea hamper is the way to go. These hampers come packed to the brim with dozens of tea varieties, all-natural, and all simply divine.

Keep in mind when it comes to hampers like these, you will have to take the expensive route. We do not want them to end up with stuff they could have bought in the store nearby. In short, the hamper should be filled with stuff that they have never seen before and stuff that they will surely fall in love with.

We would recommend you to check out our tea hampers and give them one of the best farewell gifts!

2. Gourmet Coffee Hampers

Now, this is for a specific type of farewell audience. You do not want to be gifting a coffee lover a tea hamper. It would be of no use at all. But if you gift a coffee lover these hampers, it would mean the world to them.

Coffee lovers love to taste and experience different types of coffee all day, every day. This would be the perfect gift for them. Keep in mind coffee hampers are not usually cheap. This is because they are not coming with store brought coffee packets.

You will always find the best quality brews in there. All-natural, top of the line coffee will be found in these hampers.

If you are looking for the best farewell gifts for your loved ones, we would recommend you to check out our specially curated coffee hampers!

3. Wine

Wine bottles are the perfect farewell gift if you are looking at the costlier side of things. When it comes to wine, you have to always pick up an expensive bottle. Giving a cheap one as a gift would not seem right. 

Giving an expensive gift comes with its perk as well. The wine would be absolutely tasty and the receivers will, without a doubt, cherish it. The bottle will be a great piece of decoration, and the wine itself will be mouth-watering.

4. Artisan Spirits 

This is another specific gift you can lean towards on. Is the guy or girl a huge artisan spirit fanatic? Then look no further. This is the best gift you can give them.

Gift them a bottle of their favourite artisan gin or whiskey, maybe buy two and pop one open on the same night. It will just add to the fun!

Quick Bites

1. Gourmet Chocolate Hampers

The best part about this gift is that you can never go wrong with chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate, but make sure that the person you are giving it is not lactose intolerant or anything. 

Chocolate is the best snack. Besides, it is one of the best foods to look at. It is a great gift and also acts as a mood booster. If you have a mental block on a very creative or special gift, chocolate is always a great option to fall back on. Chocolate gift hampers are the best backup plans of the gifting world.

If you are on a quest to find the perfect chocolate hamper for your loved one, we would recommend you to check out our exclusive artisan chocolate hampers!

2. Gourmet Snack Blast

This is our go-to option as this is the most customizable of the bunch. If you are planning to gift someone who is very much close to you, buying a basic store brought hamper is just not the way to go.

The best method is getting a customized hamper where you go down to the store and pick out multiple snack options that they like. In short, you are catering to their taste buds specifically. They will be, without a doubt, over the moon for two reasons.

First of all, they will have a ton of their favourite snacks on a hamper. Secondly, they will know how much they mean to you as you know all of their favourites!

We would recommend you check our exclusive snack hampers and give them one of the best farewell gifts!

3. Specially Curated Mixed Gourmet Hampers

Now, this is the completely customized section. If you have some time and money on your hands, why not make the whole hamper yourself!

Fill it with all of the gourmet stuff they love, and it is guaranteed that they will be thanking you for the rest of their life. Make sure to include varieties of stuff, things that they have never seen or had before. Put in some artisan coffee and tea, maybe some gourmet chocolates too. It is all up to you! 

We would recommend you to check out our exclusive gourmet hampers if you are looking for the best farewell gifts!

Something To Remember You By For A Lifetime

1. Polaroid Camera 

This is an amazing camera that gives you polaroid pictures. No digital or framed picture can come close to the feeling of nostalgia and love a polaroid picture invokes. In particular, polaroids have this magical capability that takes you back to an amazing point in your life.

You can inaugurate the Instax by taking the first polaroid at the farewell function. That will be a small picture he or she will cherish forever.

 2. Journal/Planner

Who does not love journals? With the busy lives, everyone leads these days, this is one of the most sensible and useful farewell gifts one can receive. It will save a person-hours of their time and will also make their lives a little bit better and less hectic.

Another great part about these is that it is completely customizable. You have thousands of cover options to choose from. Is the person a Marvel fan? Get an Iron Man journal. Even better if YOU know how to draw! Grab a brush and design the cover yourself. You are giving them a useful and personal gift at the same time that reminds them of you. 

3. Subscription Boxes

Why should you restrict your gift to a one-time thing? 

This is a perfect gift that will make them remember you forever, especially each time they receive the gourmet gift box or hamper. Apart from the usual Netflix subscriptions, you can try this one and make them feel special.

If you are looking for the perfect subscription box for your foodie friend, we would recommend you to check out our subscription boxes that come with specially curated gourmet food gifts, snacks, tea, coffee and many more. 

Farewell Experiences

Farewell gifts are not only about the material gift. The possibilities are endless, and it is all up to you. The material gifts have their share of positive notes, but in our opinion giving an experience is the gift that makes much more of a lasting impression. Here you are giving them an amazing memory to take away. Let us look at some great experiences you can plan as farewell gifts.

The one thing that materials have better over experiences in the present scenario is the pandemic factor. With the ongoing pandemic, there is a lot of things to limit and keep in check before gifting someone an experience by throwing them a party, conducting an event, planning a tour and so on. But there is none of that when it comes to material things. But in the end, it is all up to you to make the decision. 

Farewell Surprises

1. Hosting Parties

This is the first obvious choice when it comes to experience. What is better than having a party before sending off someone? Call in all of your friends and family members, have amazing food and drink plan ready, plan some games and other events, enjoy the day to the fullest giving them a final great moment with all of their close ones.

But right now, parties are at the top of the high-risk list when it comes to the pandemic. You are inviting a ton of people to close quarters with food and drinks and other activities. Be careful to plan out the whole thing very well as to not step over the current pandemic guidelines. Also, check with your country’s guidelines to decide whether or not you are allowed to throw a party in the first place.

One thing you can not miss out on no matter how big or small or where you plan to party is “food”! A few of our recommendations would be french fries, cheese balls, bread pizza, meatballs, and chicken salad. Check out our recipes and get your snack ready in just a few steps.

 2. Cooking Their Favourite Dishes

If they are moving away, then that means they will be missing out on a lot of things. If you used to cook for them, then the foods they once had would be one of the greatest things they will miss.

So the best thing you can do is whip up a whole table full of their favourite goodies one last time. Help them taste and savour those amazing flavours one last time so that it sticks with them forever. 

We would recommend you to check out some of our recipes and make a grant feast for your loved ones!

Making Memories

1. Visiting Their Favourite Food Spots

Like we said, when people move away, they will be missing out on a lot of things. Now, if you did not cook for each other, then you would have visited a lot of food spots. It may be that panipuri stall that you often visited together.

Now that they are moving away, that would mean they will not be able to visit those food spots as frequently. So why not head on down there for one last stuffing? Order all of the items on the menu you can devour and have a blast of a time.

Keep in mind to follow all the guidelines your country has posted. We want to give them a happy experience before they leave, not a bad one.

 2. Memorable Road Trips

Now, if you are ready to take the thing to another level, why not go for an all-out road trip? Pack your things and head out for one day, one whole day of having fun with your close one before they leave.

But this would need some planning beforehand. You can not just get in a car and leave. Therefore, plan thoroughly and decide on the best places to visit in the time you have. Make sure to make this an experience of a lifetime, something you will never forget. 

Our recommendation would be carrying picnic stuff. It is much more fun and much better than eating at a crowded restaurant. In particular, it is so much better when it comes to one’s safety as well.

 3. Revisiting Places Where You Spent Most Of Your Time

The people moving away are not only going to miss the food and drinks. They will miss everything about the place. Every spot you shared memory in, the ground where you broke your arm, the first picnic spot, your treehouse, your favourite park, and so on.

Take them on a nostalgic trip, remind them of all the fun you guys had in your time. Let them take one last good look at everything, it will surely stay with them forever. 

4. Game Night

Now, if you do not want to spend the whole day outdoors, or if the pandemic is a huge problem, then staying in and having fun is always an option. What is more fun than a game night?

A night filled with screaming, raging, and laughter is all the memory you need to give them before they leave. Play all of the best games like charades, beer pong, scrabble, Pictionary, card games, video games, etc. There are hundreds of options to pick from. 

A Farewell Goodbye

This is our long list of recommendations for an amazing farewell function. Like we said when it comes to a farewell function you need to go above and beyond. You are giving the person the memory of a lifetime so it needs to be something big.

Do not limit yourself to one of the options, mix and match. Do multiple things, make the most out of your time with them! Go on a picnic, come back, have a game night, gift them a coffee hamper, there are a lot of options. Pick the ones that you think will be best for them, stay safe, and most importantly have fun! 

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