17 Easy Kitchen Hacks You Must Know

Are you looking for some easy kitchen hacks?

Cooking is easily one of the most liked and fun hobbies in the world. From the infinite number of recipes to try out, to come up with your own innovative dishes, it offers a lot to the young cooks! In short, cooking has a world of opportunities that makes the cook happy and the people eating even happier!

But there are some aspects of cooking that can make it a little bit tedious. Some troubles can be quite dangerous like an unwanted bug sneaking into your food to some small but pestering things like sticky saucepans and tawas.

Do not worry, we here at Gustus Market are giving you 17 easy kitchen hacks that will remove all of the small and bug problems you face in the kitchen to make your cooking experience 100% enjoyable. Also, these kitchen hacks can be done with stuff that you will find in any kitchen.

Get Ingredients Ready In Minutes

First of all, let us look at some easy kitchen hacks to be ready for any recipe!

1. No more crying while cutting onions 

We have all tried a million methods to free ourselves from the tears caused by onions. From wearing helmets to washing our eyes every 3 seconds, nothing seems to work. Behold, we have one of the best kitchen hacks to deal with those tears causing onions. 

Kitchen hacks for a person crying while cutting an onion

Eat chewing gum and keep your jaws engaged! Yes, you heard it right. Chewing gum while cutting onions is a proven way to have a tear-free onion cutting session. Who would have known, the hack to onion cutting was this simple!

A chemical released while cutting onions irritates the tear-producing glands, As a result, our eyes tear up. Keeping your jaws in motion will cause less irritation to these glands and helps you free yourself from crying while cutting onions.

2. Mushroom Cutting Made Easy

Mushrooms are one of the tastiest ingredients the vegetarian side has to offer, but they may be a little bit of work to deal with.

You need a ton of mushrooms just to make a small portion, so if you need a large portion you need a LOT of mushrooms. And a lot of mushrooms means lots of cutting. This can be time-consuming. 

Do not worry, we have got one of the best kitchen hacks to make this easy.

kitchen hacks using two different types of mushrooms secured with sticks

But with this kitchen hack, you can cut multiple mushrooms at the same time with minimal effort. Also, the cuts look very pretty as well! Just secure 3 to 4 mushrooms using a stick and then cut it. And there you go, perfectly cut mushrooms in minutes. 

3. No More Burning Sensation While Cutting Chillies 

The biggest villain when it comes to cutting ingredients are not onions, but chillies! Onion does make you cry, but the sensation will last for only 5 minutes or so.

Chillies on the other hand are deadly. They cause a painful burning sensation for several minutes. The worst part is, this burn can be transferred easily. If you accidentally rub your eyes or scratch your nose after cutting chillies, then get ready because you will be in a world of pain.

A red chilli cut using a knife

This can be overcome by using gloves and other similar things but these things make cutting very uncomfortable. Also, you cannot move your hands precisely which leads to giving you a different cut than what you intended.

By using mustard oil there will not be any kind of burning sensation and you do not have to use any gloves! Therefore apply some mustard oil all over your palms before cutting chillies. 

4. Cut The Boiled Eggs Perfectly

Boiled eggs are one of the most commonly used garnishes. You can cut them into a million patterns, and they will make the whole dining table look elegant. In other words, it just uplifts everything and gives it a different look. 

Kitchen hacks for a boiled egg cut unevenly

But to make the patterns or designs with the egg you will have to boil it to perfection or jump through 100 other different loops. If the egg is not cut perfectly, then the whole thing will break away, and you will not get what you are looking for. But with this easy kitchen hack, you can now cut the egg perfectly.

Dip the knife in cold water for a minute or two, and then slice the boiled eggs. And there you go, you will have the eggs perfectly cut with this hack.

5. Get Only The Egg Yolks

Now, this is a hack a lot of people might know as it is highly useful as well as easy to use. Also, separating the egg yolk is a process that needs to be done in a lot of recipes. 

Kitchen hacks for a person separating egg yolk and egg white using hands

But this technique can be a headache to do correctly. In short, you either get some of the egg whites, you may not get the entire yolk, you may spill everything everywhere, on your hands, outside the bowls, a million things can go wrong with this process, and your kitchen would look like a total mess.

But with this kitchen hack, you only need a plastic bottle and a few seconds of your time. Just squeeze a bottle and place it over egg yolk. Release it, and you have the egg yolk alone in the bottle. Squeeze it again to a bowl, and there you go, egg whites in one bowl and egg yolks in another without any mess.

Get The Perfect Taste

Adding a little too much of something, in particular, will spoil the whole dish. But do not worry. Serve the best to your loved ones with these easy kitchen hacks.

6. Tomato To Neutralise The Taste Of Pepper

Now, these hacks are going to help you either increase the taste of a certain dish or erase a mistake you have done.

Adding a little too much of something happens to everyone. But you do not have to get tensed over it, keep in mind tons of ingredients can neutralise the effect of whatever you added more.

Kitchen hacks using a tomato cut into small cubes kept on a wooden chopping board

For example, here we are talking about a situation where you have added too much pepper. Do not worry, simply cut a tomato into cubes and add it to your dish. This will help you neutralise the extra pepper.

7. Potato To Neutralise The Taste Of Salt

Now, this is another example of how you can neutralise something you have added in extra. Here we are talking about how to neutralise extra salt.

Adding extra salt is one of the most common mistakes in the kitchen, and there are tons of kitchen hacks to deal with this. However, you can solve it by simply adding a few cubes of potato and boiling the dish for a few minutes. 

A glass jar half-filled with salt kept beside a heap of salt on a wooden table

8. Coconut Milk To Neutralise The Spiciness

Another example is accidentally adding extra spices, too much spiciness can completely spoil the dish. But no need to worry about it anymore. Just add a few tablespoons of coconut milk and you will have the perfect taste. Also, adding more of it will reduce the spiciness more.

Pouring coconut milk into a half-cut coconut

9. A Pinch Of Sugar To Neutralise The Sourness

Not only too much spice, but too much of a sour taste can also easily spoil the dish. To get those sour dishes with the perfect taste, always add a pinch of sugar to them while cooking. This will make your dish everyone’s favourite in no time.

Kitchen hacks for a person adding a pinch of sugar while making a vegetable salad

10. A Pinch Of Salt In Desserts

Dessert is something that adds joy and richness to one’s life. For some, it is even part of their everyday life. 

To get that perfect level of sweetness for your desserts, be it cakes or pudding, add a pinch of salt while making the mixture. This simple hack will do wonders for your recipes.

Adding a teaspoon of salt while making bread dough is one of the kitchen hacks

Clean It In Minutes

Finally, it is time to clean!

11. Make Pans Sparkly New With Lemons

We all love to keep our kitchens look sparkling clean. Keeping the kitchen clean is not that hard of a job, but keeping the utensils and the other pots and saucepans are the hardest. Especially, those saucepans are the worst.

Pans get dirty every day as they are one of the most frequently used objects in the kitchen. From oil stains and burnt oil to something very sticky, those pans look worn out in just a few months. 

Fresh apples kept in a bronze bowl on a wooden table

Just a single bad looking pan or tawa can completely spoil the whole clean vibe of the kitchen. It is very hard to clean these. Despite how hard or how long you scrub and scrub, those pans do not seem to get clean beyond a point. But with this kitchen hack, you can easily make those pans look sparkling new.

First of all, take a lemon and cut it in half. Heat the saucepan or tawa at a low flame and rub it with the lemon using a fork. Afterwards spread some salt over the pan and squeeze out the juice from the other half of the cut lemon. Finally, rub it using a scrubber and rinse it with water. There you go, your sparkling new pan!

12. No More Tea Or Coffee-Stained Cups

Other things that get stained over time are the commonly used coffee or teacups. These are some of the best-looking things in the kitchen but too much usage can spoil their looks.

So how do you save your precious cute looking cups from having this unfortunate situation? It is easy!

Kitchen hacks for cups of different sizes with coffee stains

First of all, make a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Secondly, rub your cups using this mixture and finally rinse them off using water. And there you go, you have your cups looking all new!

13. Spilt Oil On The Surface?

Oil is one of the most commonly used things in the kitchen. It is quite hard to name Indian dishes that can be made without oil! But there are times when oil can be a pain in the back.

Spilling stuff while cooking is a very common thing to happen. But the level of the problem caused is based on what was spilt. Is it water? No problem, just wipe it off, but is it oil? It might have been a problem, but it is not anymore because you can solve that with this easy kitchen hack!

A traditional bronze bowl filled with salt kept on a wooden table spread with salt

Just spread salt over the greasy surface in a thick layer and wipe it off after a few minutes. In short, salt absorbs the oil and helps you get a clean surface.

14. No More Sticky Stickers On Vessels 

What about those stickers you get on a lot of vessels when you buy them? They just ruin the vibe of the whole thing and give you a bad mood in general. Rubbing or scratching it off with water or with your fingernails is a big no-no! Methods like these just worsen the whole issue. 

But with this hack, you can easily get rid of this sticky problem in no time, and no fingernails will be hurt in the process!

Pasta sprinkled with seasonings kept in a white bowl

Alt-text: Pasta sprinkled with seasonings kept in a white bowl 

First of all, mix a few drops of your facewash in a bowl of water. Leave the vessel dipped in it for 10 to 12 minutes. Take out the vessel and finally, peel off the sticker with ease. There you go, a clean vessel as if there was no sticker. 

Store It Wisely

15. No More Insect Attacks 

No matter how much insect proofing or tight containers we buy, those pesky insects still manage to find a way into our food products and other items. They are a real pain in the back and need to be dealt with real quick.

Also, this is one thing that should not be taken lightly as some insects when coming into contact with products can even cause health problems if you consume the same products later on. 

Kitchen hacks for a bowl of semolina kept on a wooden table

There are tons of kitchen hacks for this, but it is either time consuming or involve complicated steps. But, you can get rid of this problem quickly with this easy kitchen hack. 

Simply, roast Suji/ Semolina for a minute or two and then store them in airtight containers. By doing so, they will remain fresh without any insect attacks for months.

16. Long-Life For Lemons 

We all love lemons, when life gives you lemons you make lime juice! Be it a fast energetic lime juice on a hot day, or a quick sprinkle on top of a BBQ chicken, you always have to have lemons handy.

But the worst part is that they go bad very fast. As a result, you have to keep on restocking it every week or so which can be quite hard. But with this hack, you can easily lengthen its life!

Kitchen hacks for a bowl full of fresh lemons kept along with a bowl of salt and a knife

Just wrap the lemon with paper and store it inside a cloth bag in the refrigerator. There you go, you can have fresh lemons for weeks with this easy hack.

17. Fresh Chillies For Weeks

Like the previously mentioned lemons, chillies are also something that you need in almost all of your dishes. How can one imagine Indian food without chillies?

Fresh green chillies kept on a small wooden chopping board along with a knife

But chillies can also go bad pretty quick. If you can somehow lengthen its life, then your LIFE would be a whole lot easier. That is exactly what this hack will help you do!

Simply remove the calyx of the chillies (the top part that is attached to the stem) and store them in air-tight containers. But remember to wipe off any water content on the chillies using tissues/towel before storing them. This simple hack will have you fresh chillies handy for months.

Kitchen Hacks Made Easy

These were our 17 easy kitchen hacks to make your cooking life a whole lot easier. These should increase the ease of cooking tenfold and decrease the time of cooking tenfold!

Do not just stick to a single one, each of them is useful so try out every one of these hacks and make sure to tell us how it went.

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