21 Healthy Snacks You Must Have More Often

Healthy snacks are making their way into various households across the world. Snacking is a big part of our lives, and it can have drastic effects on our health and lifestyle. 

What is healthy snacking? How can healthy snacks have a positive effect on your lives? What are the types of healthy snacks that you can immediately include in your diet? We answer all these questions and bring our list of 21 healthy snacks that you must have more often. 

Don’t Ditch Snacking!

Unhealthy snacking can have negative consequences on your health. Also, snacking is a habit that is tough to let go of. But that doesn’t mean you stop snacking. Just change the way you snack

Healthy Snacks – Way To Go!

How can healthy snacks benefit you? Healthy snacking is a great way to maintain your weight levels. People tend to get hungry between their meals which makes them snack more. Hence, it is necessary to choose your snacks wisely. ‘Nutrition’ value plays a crucial part in healthy snacking. Furthermore, if you are eager to take a crucial step towards a healthy lifestyle, start indulging in healthy snacks!

healthy snacks

Also, healthy snacks can have a positive influence on your overall mood and energy. The snacking urge (or snack attack) can occur at any time of the day. Unhealthy snacks may negatively influence your mood and may even make you cranky. Yes, snacking can have a significant impact on our lives.

We have come up with a list of 21 healthy snacks that you must have and have them more often! Furthermore, we have segregated them into four sections for your convenience. 

Let’s Munch!

Protein-Rich Healthy Snacks

1. The Ultimate Snacking Mix 

If you’re looking for easy, healthy yet filling snack options, the ultimate snacking mix or the trail mix should be at the top of your list. The trail mix is essentially a mixture of different types of nuts and dry fruits. 

Remember your mother asking you to increase the daily dry fruit intake? Well, it’s because she knows the nutritional value these snacks hold. Furthermore, eating just a handful of nuts and dry fruits such as pistachios, almonds, walnuts, cashews daily will provide you with many health benefits.  

2. Get Some Greek Yogurt 

Another great source of protein. Greek yoghurt is one of those healthy snacks that can offer many nutrients in one serving. Furthermore, it contains probiotics, calcium, and Vitamin B-12 necessary to maintain a healthy body. 

You must have seen your gym-addicted buddies talk about how good Greek yoghurt is as a protein source. Well, it’s time you join that group as well. If not the gym, start with this snack!

greek yoghurt with berries and bananas

3. A Toast To Cottage Cheese

Yes, raise your toast to the protein-packed cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is an easy and delicious snack that you can have at any time of the day. Furthermore, it is a low-calorie snack that offers many essential nutrients. That’s why some people even consume it during their weight loss journey. Moreover, consuming cottage cheese on toast is a delicious way to answer your snack cravings. 

cottage cheese on a toast making it a healthy snacks combo

4. Roasted Chickpeas

It is a great low-calorie healthy snack option to add to your daily diet. In your busy day-to-day schedule, if you’re looking for a tasty snack in between your meals, give roasted chickpeas a chance. Above all, roasted chickpeas offer several benefits. 

One significant benefit is that they have plant-based protein, which makes them an excellent choice for vegans. Also, they are extremely affordable and versatile. Furthermore, you can add the roasted chickpeas to various quick and easy salad recipes.

roasted chickpeas

5. Eat Your Greens – Chicken Salad

We’ll help with this one. Chicken salad is one of those healthy snacks that you’ll find yourself coming back to more often. 

chicken salad in a bowl

Firstly, you don’t necessarily have to have the chicken salad before a meal. You could prepare one and refrigerate it. As the day progresses, fill that snacking void with some chicken salad bites. 

Secondly, you’ll be consuming a good amount of protein throughout the day. Lastly, the necessary greens! You’ll also benefit from the salad greens and enjoy a quick healthy snack. 

Moreover, to get you started with this idea, we’ll share our easy and delicious chicken salad recipe. This healthy salad can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. 

Healthy Vegan Snacks 

6. Hummus with Vegetables

If you are talking about vegan snacks, you cannot rule out hummus. For vegans, hummus is the go-to dip/spread dish that is healthy and tastes delicious.

Furthermore, if you are looking for healthy snacks suitable for vegans, pair the hummus with vegetables. This pair will keep you full till your next meal. Some vegetables that go well with hummus are carrots, avocados, and even celery sticks. 

hummus with veggie sticks

7. Quinoa Puffs

These are a delicious addition to the snacks list. Quinoa puffs, as the name suggests, are made with healthy grains. These crunchy, delicious, and vegan puffs are the perfect choice for your healthy snacks routine. 

You must have those moments during the day where you just feel like indulging in a flavourful snack item. However, the only thing holding you back from indulging may be the unhealthy nature of the snack. Well, quinoa puffs are one of those healthy snacks where you can indulge in guilt-free snacking. 

Furthermore, check out our exclusive snack hampers, where you will get quinoa puffs and various other healthy snacks that you could indulge in throughout the day. 

8. Baked Veggie Chips

When you think of snacks, you must be thinking about the delicious chips. What if we say you no longer have to worry about unhealthy binge eating? What if you could get the same flavourful, crunchy experience elsewhere? Yes, that’s possible. 

Have you tried baked veggie chips? Baked veggie chips are a rising trend in the snacking industry. Moreover, you could also make these vegan chips at home. Find delicious veggie chips in our snack hampers!

9. Have a Date with Peanut Butter!

A perfect on-the-go vegan snack option that is extremely healthy as well. 

When we say, have a date, we mean to have an actual date fruit with peanut butter. 

Dates are very nutritional and rich in fibre. Furthermore, dates also help in blood sugar regulation and may even help promote brain health. Moreover, pair a date with peanut butter, and you have yourself a delicious vegan snack! 

Sweet Yet Healthy Snacks

10. Chocolate Snack Balls

Well, if you haven’t tried these, you are missing out big time. Furthermore, these make for a quick and easy snacking option that you could indulge in at any time of the day. 

When we say chocolate snack balls, we mean chocolate-covered snack balls. So healthy snacks such as cranberries with a chocolate coating offer you that sweet touch without being too unhealthy. Check out these healthy snack balls in our shop

11. Chocolate Spread with a Twist

Who doesn’t like to indulge in a deliciously rich chocolate spread, right? However, you may be thinking, how can a chocolate spread be healthy? Well, wait until you try the chocolate spread made with healthy ingredients. And you don’t have to look anywhere else to try that healthy chocolate spread. You’ll find it in our shop!

12. Dark Chocolate

When you talk about healthy and sweet snacks, you cannot rule out the classic dark chocolate. Is all the talk about the benefits of dark chocolate true? Well, in short, yes. 

With innumerable healthy benefits, a dark chocolate bar is a great addition to your snacking habits. A great way to reap the benefits of dark chocolate is to include a small bar of dark chocolate every day in your diet.

13. Prunes

Prunes are an excellent source of potassium and other vital nutrients. Including just 5-6 prunes in your daily diet will offer you many health benefits. Moreover, if you’re looking for a light snack that is sweet yet healthy, go for some prunes. 

multiple prunes

14. Berry Healthy – Fruit Snack 

Yes, berries are extremely healthy. Whether you choose strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or blackberries, they have a lot to offer to you. Furthermore, when you feel like snacking during the day, what could be better than indulging in a delicious and healthy fruit snack. 

Also, if you love fruits and snacks, we’ve got something delicious and healthy for you in our shop.

Crunchy Healthy Snacks

15. Popcorn

Yes, the good ol’ popcorn. Did you know that popcorn is a healthy snack? That’s right! Also, popcorn may be the most popular snack in the world. Furthermore, it’s easy and binge eating worthy. Popcorns are a low-calorie snack, making them a great choice for people looking to manage their weight loss. 

popcorn in a transparent bowl

16. Healthy Potato Chips

There is a rise in artisanal brands in India that aim to improve the snacking habits in the country. Making healthy snacks with no added preservatives is a goal that many brands look to achieve. We make it easier for such innovative small artisanal brands all over the country to reach a wider audience. 

We bring you potato chips that will satisfy your midnight snack cravings in a healthy way. 

17. Makhana 

Makhanas make for an excellent healthy snacking option. You will be surprised by how many benefits Makhanas (Fox Nuts) have to offer. They are packed with nutrients, contain antioxidants and may even have anti-ageing properties. 

If you’re looking for an ideal crunchy snack that you can have at any time of the day, we suggest including Makhanas in your daily diet. We’ll help you get started. Discover deliciously flavoured Makhanas in our snack hampers. 

18. Fruit n Nut Bowl

It is an extremely easy yet delicious healthy snacks option. Just take a bowl, cut your favourite fruits, and finally add some delicious nuts. 

A simple yet effective way to answer your snack cravings.

19. Whole Grain Crackers

Yes, late-night snacking may not be considered healthy. However, it also depends on the types of snacks you choose to indulge in at such late hours. 

If you’re looking for crunchy, healthy snacks, then you must try the whole grain crackers. These crackers are just as delicious as your mass-produced crackers. However, they are healthier, making them an excellent choice for binge snacking. 

20. Crisps n Crunch 

You will fall in love with this innovative and healthy way of snacking. The crispy and crunchy treats offer a flavourful experience that will pleasantly surprise you. Furthermore, these tiny treats contain various nutritional values that will keep you energized throughout the day. 

Moreover, if you’re already excited about trying the innovative crisps n crunch, we’ll help you get started. Head over to our shop for more such innovative healthy snacks. 

21. Apple with Peanut Butter 

Peanut butter is the go-to snack item for many people. With great taste, it offers several nutritional benefits as well. That’s why people who regularly exercise boast about the benefits of peanut butter. Now, just add freshly cut apples to your peanut butter and voila! 

You have yourself a healthy snack that tastes delicious as well. To enjoy the crunch, why don’t you pair freshly cut apples with crunchy peanut butter? Furthermore, there are many ways you could indulge in crunchy peanut butter, and adding apples makes it even more delicious. 

healthy snack idea of apple slices with peanut butter spread on top

Healthy Snacks at Gustus Market India Snack Right!

Snacking is a universal habit that has more impact on us than we think. Moreover, choosing between unhealthy and healthy snacks could make a big difference in your daily health and mood. So as we said earlier, instead of stopping snacking, you can change your snacks. 

We at Gustus Market India aim to promote healthy snacks that you don’t have to feel guilty about when binge-eating. Furthermore, we aim to be your one-stop-shop for healthy snacks. So head over to our shop and explore a variety of innovative, delicious and binge-worthy snacks.