21 Types of Pasta To Try Right Now

Did you know that there are over 50 types of pasta in the world? 5. 0. Yet, in general, you can name only 3-4 types, right? 

Pasta is Italy’s gift to the world. And we can’t thank them enough. Pasta is essentially made from 3 key ingredients which are flour (wheat or rice), water (sometimes eggs) and the main one ‘happiness’

Feeling low? Have pasta. Feeling excited? Have pasta. Feeling bored? Have pasta. With so many types of pasta available, pasta is the answer to all your existential cries. 

Now, how many times have you ordered or cooked the same pasta types just because it was familiar to you? Just think, out of the 50 types of pasta, how many have you tried? 

We at Gustus Market India will help you get familiar with 21 types of pasta. So that the next time you decide to order or cook pasta, you ‘know’ the difference between linguine and ziti. 

15 types of pasta in a box with garlic and red tomatoes and basil

Let’s begin!

Types Of Pasta – Strand

1. Spaghetti

Spaghetti is arguably one of the most liked types of pasta in the world. It is a long and thin strand of pasta that is cylindrical. It is the perfect balance between ‘thick and thin’Furthermore, Spaghetti goes well with either a delicious meat sauce or even with cream sauce. 

Gustus Suggestion: You should try out the delicious Spaghetti Bolognese for a perfect date night with your partner. The famous ‘Spaghetti Bolognese’ is prepared with minced meatballs, some veggies and the classic marinara sauce. Furthermore, pair the spaghetti with a glass of red wine and enjoy a romantic dinner together. 

Spaghetti bolognese in a white plate and with basil garnish

In fact, you could also serve gourmet spaghetti with just some classic cream sauce, garlic and olive oil. Also, like other types of pasta, spaghetti has several variations available such as Spaghetti Alla Chitarra, Spaghettini and more, so try them all out!

2. Pici

Pinci or Pici is another type of pasta under the strand pasta category. Pici is a thicker version of spaghetti. Moreover, it is a hand-rolled pasta with dough typically made from flour and water only.

Since Pici is hand-rolled, there will never be two pieces same in length or thickness. This is what makes it so distinct. 

Pici pasta dough cut into long strands along with a pasta cutter

Gustus Suggestion: Looking for more date night recipes to try? We suggest you should try the creamy and delightful Pici Cacio e Pepe for a fancy gourmet dinner night with your partner. Serve the pasta with a glass of white wine and relish the night. 

Pici cacio e pepe pasta in a black pan and a fork

Also, pici goes well with meat-based sauce or white cream cheese sauce or garlic tomato sauce. You can also serve pici with the classic cheese and pepper only method.

Types Of Pasta – Ribbon

3. Fettuccini

You must have heard of ‘Fettuccini Pasta’ while ordering Italian cuisine at a restaurant. ‘Fettucine’ literally translates to ‘Little Ribbons’

Typically, it is served with the evergreen Fettuccine Alfredo white sauce which is a creamy sauce. But you can also try several spaghetti recipes with fettuccini pasta. 

Gustus Suggestion: Having a few people over for brunch? You should try out the simple and easy yet delicious Fettuccine Alfredo pasta and delight your friends and family. Moreover, you can serve the pasta with fresh garlic bread and broccoli for a delightful experience. 

Fettuccine alfredo pasta with broccoli in a white plate

4. Pappardelle

If you are a fan of the fettuccini pasta but still wish a broader version of fettuccini existed? Pappardelle pasta (probably the largest type of ribbon pasta) is for you. This long, broad, flat ribbon pasta is all about the large surface area. 

Gustus Suggestion: You should try out the quick and easy tangy Lemon Pappardelle Pasta With Salmon for a fancy lunch with friends or family. Furthermore, you can pair this pasta with either red or white wine but we suggest serving white wine.

Pappardelle pasta with salmon pieces and herb garnish

Moreover, like other types of pasta, you can also pair gourmet pappardelle with rich, thick sauces and meat. Pappardelle means “to gobble up”. So this is precisely what you do when enjoying this delicious type of pasta.

5. Lasagne 

Lasagne is probably one of the oldest types of pasta. You have to stack layers of thin pasta sheets with delicious fillings (with or without meat), veggies, cheese (of course), seasonings and some garlic and basil.

Are you a lasagna lover? If you answered yes, then great. But if you answered no, we are assuming you haven’t tried it yet as everybody loves a good lasagnaLasagna is made with lasagne sheets that are wide and flat. 

Cheesy lasagna with basil topping on a white plate

Gustus Suggestion: For a big family dinner, you should try the simple and classic Lasagna at home with white wine and enjoy the night.

6. Tagliatelle

Tagliatelle is very much similar to the fettuccini pasta except it is typically a bit narrower. If you love to experiment with different types of pasta sauces, you should try the gourmet-style tagliatelle pasta. It will help enrich your sauce flavours. Moreover, it will do complete justice to thick meat sauces as well as light cream or tomato sauces.

Gustus Suggestion: You should try the Creamy Gourmet Tagliatelle Pasta With Mushrooms. You can enjoy this dish during a weeknight dinner as it is super simple to make and yet very flavourful

Tagliatelle pasta with white sauce and mushrooms along with basil garnish

7. Linguine

Linguine translates to ‘little tongues’. The size of linguine pasta comes between spaghetti and fettuccini. It is wider than spaghetti but not as wide as a fettuccini. 

multiple uncooked linguine, ribbon types of pasta bundled together with a wooden background

Gustus Suggestion: You should choose the chicken linguine pasta with Broccoli for a gathering with few close people. Be it an intimate birthday celebration or anniversary celebration, this dish is a sure winner! Moreover, pair it with white wine for the grown-ups and have a great celebration. 

Linguine pasta with chicken pieces and white cheese along with silver fork and knife

Furthermore, you can pair linguine with light texture sauces and even seafood dishes. Linguine is a more luxurious version of spaghetti and a must-try for all spaghetti lovers too.

Types Of Pasta – Tubular

8. Cannelloni

Cannelloni is a tubular form of lasagna which is usually filled with meat or spinach and made with delectable sauces. 

Just like how you place Lasagne sheets while preparing lasagna, you can either stack filled cannelloni tubes or make one layer with multiple tubes. Serve it hot with lots of gourmet cheese

Gustus Suggestion: You should try the simple Spinach And Ricotta Cannelloni with iron-rich flavours and lots of gourmet cheese. Perfect for enjoying the weekend with your friends at home. You can serve the pasta with garlic bread, pour the wine and enjoy the weekend night.

ricotta cannelloni pasta stacked together white basil garnish

9. Macaroni

For many people, the love affair with pasta started with the Classic Mac & Cheese. Macaroni is an elbow-shaped narrow tube pasta that is one of the easiest and delicious snack-type kinds of pasta to make. 

Gustus Suggestion: You could always try the Classic Mac & Cheese at home but if you have a party to throw? 

If you have lots of people about to come over for lunch or dinner? We suggest you should try the Classic Macaroni Salad and delight all your guests with this dish. 

macaroni salad with few veggies and herb garnish in a blue bow

Besides, from small children to college students to adults, everyone loves a good-old bowl of macaroni pasta with cheese and pepper. 

10. Penne

Penne pasta is the go-to pasta choice for most pasta lovers around the world. When you hear the word ‘Penne’, which two dishes come to your mind? Penne Alfredo and Penne Arrabbiata right? 

No, we can’t read minds. These two are probably the most famous penne pasta dishes around the world.  

But don’t limit penne to these two dishes. Shaped like a ‘pen’, penne pasta goes well with a variety of toppings and gourmet sauces. Also, you can even experiment with different types of pasta sauces, meats, gourmet vegetable sauces or even serve it simple with cheese and black olives. 

Gustus Suggestion: If you would like to try something new with the penne pasta, you should try the spicy penne pasta with tomato cream and a hint of Vodka! 

Yes, Vodka. It will enhance the flavours in the dish and will make you say YUM!

11. Garganelli

Garganelli is a rolled, cylindrical-shaped type of pasta that looks like a ‘wrap’. It can have a smooth texture as well as a rigid structure. 

Although typically served with meat, you can serve garganelli pasta with a variety of gourmet ingredients and different types of pasta sauces. 

multiple uncooked garganelli pasta pieces

Gustus Suggestion: Garganelli falls under the dry pasta category, hence we suggest you try the garganelli pasta with white onions and a tomato twist. So enjoy the evening with light snacks with your friends and family. 

You can also serve the pasta with some garlic bread and voila!

12. Mostaccioli

Mostaccioli pasta is a great idea for a weeknight dinner. It looks very similar to the penne pasta but has a different texture. mostaccioli is smooth in texture. 

Usually cooked in lasagna style, gourmet mostaccioli pasta is perfect for anybody looking for a blend between lasagna and penne styles.

Gustus Suggestion: If you’re looking for a complete guest-worthy meal that is super easy to make? You should try the cheesy baked Mostaccioli. Furthermore, you can serve it with a freshly made garden salad, breadsticks or even with some good-old tomato soup.

13. Bucatini 

Bucatini is a thin, long spaghetti-like pasta with a hole through the middle. These are thicker than spaghetti and when cooked with rich flavours, hold extra sauce within those holes to make for a delicious bite every time. 

multiple uncooked bucatini pasta strands in a bundle on brown jute bag

Gustus Suggestion: We suggest you try the Cacio e Pepe sauce with bucatini pasta and relish the rich creamy and buttery flavours with lots of gourmet cheese on top. 

Furthermore, if you’re meeting a loved one after a long time, try the bucatini pasta with white sauce and a glass of white wine to delight them.

bucatini pasta in cacio e Pepe type of pasta sauce and herb garnish

14. Ziti

Ziti is a cylindrical shaped hollow pasta with a smooth texture around it. In fact, ziti means ‘from the bridegroom’. Hence is served in many Italian weddings as well. 

Gustus Suggestion: Having an intimate cocktail party this weekend? We suggest you try the delicious cheesy Baked Ziti. Above all, cheese lovers will most certainly appreciate this dish. You could also serve garlic rolls with Baked Ziti. 

baked cheesy ziti type of pasta with basil garnish on a red plate

Around the world, Baked Ziti is a popular dish made with meat, ricotta cheese, tomato sauce and cream. 

Types Of Pasta – Shaped

15. Farfalle

Farfalle is an interesting-looking type of pasta. You must have seen these bow-tie kinds of pasta at many Italian restaurants. Usually, it is paired with light sauces, fresh vegetables or even fish. 

Gustus Suggestion: This Mother’s Day surprise your mother with the simple and flavourful farfalle pasta with spinach and mushrooms. You can pair the pasta with a light garden salad. Moreover, serve with white wine to celebrate Mother’s Day. 

Farfalle, which translates to butterflies, is also used in pasta salads and occasionally served with grilled chicken. 

16. Fusilli

This spring-looking pasta is perfect for holding an extra bit of sauce and dressings in every bite. Fusilli looks like the pasta has been curled using a curling iron

Gustus Suggestion: This summer, we suggest you indulge in some late-night pasta craving. You can try the fusilli pasta with fresh tomato pesto sauce and some broccoli. Furthermore, you can pour a glass of red wine and enjoy the summer nights.

fusilli pasta cooked with red sauce and some tomatoes and basil garnish

Usually, it is paired with rich sauces and vegetable chunks, fusilli is an excellent choice for both children and adults. You could also use it to make exciting pasta salads. 

17. Orecchiette

Orecchiette is a gourmet type of pasta typical of the Apulia region in southern Italy. Orecchiette means ‘Little Ears’ referring to their shape resembling small ears. 

multiple uncooked orecchiette pasta pieces with flour sprinkle

Gustus Suggestion: If you are a college student who is tired of cooking the same recipes just because it is quick and costs less, worry no more! orecchiette pasta is for you. You can make orecchiette pasta with only a few ingredients and it will still taste super good. 

Moreover, if you are a vegetable sauce enthusiast, orecchiette pasta is a must-try. You can also pair it with meat and vegetables sans sauce. 

18. Rotini

Rotini pasta is usually children’s favourite type of pasta. This ‘corkscrew’ type looking pasta is also often used in pasta salads. You can pair rotini pasta with light red sauce for a perfect meal for your children. 

Gustus Suggestion: Celebrating your children’s birthday? You can try the super cheesy rotini pasta with roasted veggies. It has both delightful flavours as well as nutritious ingredients. Your kid will keep wanting more!

rotini type of pasta with red tomatoes and herb garnish along with a sprinkle of black pepper

Types Of Pasta – Stuffed

19. Ravioli

When it comes to ‘Stuffed Pastas’, Ravioli is at the top of the table. It does not matter if you are a vegetarian or not, you can enjoy ravioli with either cheese or meat. 

multiple square uncooked ravioli type of pasta pieces along with flour sprinkle

Gustus Suggestion: You don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant to try out the delectable ravioli. You can make the ravioli at home with four types of gourmet cheese and you’ll keep coming back to it. Perfect for family dinner at home during the weekend. 

ravioli cooked with red sauce and cheese along with basil leaves garnish

Moreover, this heavenly pillow-shaped delicacy can be served with gourmet sauces, in soups or just with a drizzle of olive oil.

20. Tortellini

Tortellini is a ring-shaped, stuffed, gourmet type of pasta that is usually served with sauce, in soup with lots of veggies or even simply with a drizzle of olive oil. 

Gustus Suggestion: Make tortellini pasta with rich cheesy flavours and it will make your guests think that you spent hours cooking it. We suggest you try the delightful Baked Tortellini pasta. You can also pair it with a homemade garden salad. In addition to that, serve Garlic bread and surprise your friends at next weekend gathering!

cheesy baked tortellini pasta with herb garnish

Moreover, tortellini stuffing can range from different types of gourmet cheese, vegetables, meats chunks and much more. This ring-shaped pasta tastes so good that we can’t help but say ‘YES’ to them. 

21. Cappelletti

Cappelletti is a small stuffed type of pasta filled with meat and ricotta cheese. It is hugely popular during Christmas time as part of the Christmas Day lunch in certain regions in Italy. 

multiple uncooked cappelletti type of pasta pieces in a brown bowl

Gustus Suggestion: Cappelletti even though may be time-consuming, but is always worth the wait. Having a Sunday Dinner at home with the people you love or celebrating a special occasion, you can serve cappelletti pasta with chicken broth. It will take you straight to Italy and may also become a holiday family tradition. 

multiple cappelletti pasta pieces served with chicken broth in a white bowl

Moreover, Cappelletti was deemed as a luxury food back in the Middle Ages. Traditionally served with meat broth, you could also pair cappelletti with gourmet meat sauces, heavy cream or even just tossed in heated butter. 

Pasta For Life!

Without sounding cheesy (pun not intended), pasta is the type of food that is loved by people across age groups. With so many types of pasta available, you should be careful trusting the person who doesn’t like pasta. Moreover, with new experiments and recipes rising every year, gourmet pasta will only get better and more delicious. 

Try these 21 types of pasta and flaunt your ‘pasta knowledge’ among your friends and family. 

We at Gustus Market India, leave you with a pasta fact and a pasta pun.

Did you know that October 25th is celebrated as World Pasta Day?

Pasta La Vista, Baby!

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