9 Reasons To Care About Sustainable Packaging

What is Sustainable Packaging?

Reduce, reuse and recycle. All of us were brought up with this phrase in our vocabulary. But what is it exactly? 

You will find tons of definitions for sustainable development, one being “meeting the needs of the present generation without sacrificing the needs of the future generations.” Let us take a look at sustainable packaging, which plays a vital role in sustainable development. 

Simply put, we can say that sustainable packaging is a form of packaging that has minimal environmental impact and carbon footprints. In other words, the packaging is done with the main purpose of causing as little harm as possible to the environment.

In short, it is all about the environment while taking into consideration the social and economic factors. It can be in different ways, from using completely recycled raw materials and minimizing the carbon footprints to extending its lifecycle or usability.

 Labelling something ‘eco-friendly‘ does not necessarily mean that it is sustainable. In recent times, sustainable packaging is of high priority for the customers and thereby the brands too. As a result, more and more brands are adapting to this technique. Not only the beauty brands, food industry and fashion brands, but even the cannabis brands are also on this path. 

With the customers being more and more aware of the harmful impacts the bad packaging is causing, sustainable and eco-friendly packaging has become a question of brand reputation and loyalty among these eco-conscious customers.  

A shopping bag made of cardboard

Advantages of Sustainable Packaging to the Brands

We have talked about what is sustainable packaging and its increasing trend among brands, but how can a brand benefit from this? Let us take a look into the advantages of sustainable packaging for brands.

1. Brand Loyalty 

The realization of one’s duties towards our planet among the customers has tended to influence their buying behaviour as well. As a result of more and more customers becoming eco-conscious, they have started rating brands based on their attitude towards environmental protection

Customers now consider sustainability as a key factor while evaluating and accepting a brand. By adopting techniques like sustainable packaging, the brands are not only protecting the environment but at the same time winning and securing a place in the hearts of their customers.

Two paper shopping bags and a cardboard packaging box wrapped with a red ribbon

2. Efficient Storage

Storage costs play a huge role in influencing the revenue of any company. In short, an efficient storage system can increase the company’s revenue double fold. 

Sustainable packaging which includes, reducing the packaging materials and minimising waste, can free up spaces that can either be used to store your produced goods or reduce the storage requirements. 

A person taking out apples from a paper bag

3. Lower Shipping Costs 

As you know, the shipping costs highly depend on the size of the packages, therefore with larger boxes, you will need to pay more. Sustainable packaging, in particular, helps the brand cut the shipping costs to a great extent by using the perfect sized packages for the products. 

Sustainable Packaging Strategies

Now that you know what is sustainable packaging and what are its advantages, let us take a look into how a brand or company can take on the path of sustainable packaging by following some simple strategies. 

1. Share The Best Practices Of Disposal And Recycling 

Try to educate your customers on how to dispose of your packaging materials after usage. Also, you can share some ways in which they can recycle it. But this may seem to be a bit difficult because it may vary from place to place. Therefore try sharing some general practices that the customers can easily adopt.

Two packages made of paper

2. Shipping In Smaller Packages 

Avoid using large boxes, instead, use smaller ones with minimal filler materials that can perfectly fit in your product. This not only helps the brands to achieve sustainability, but they can also cut on shipping costs by doing so.

3. Use Recycled Materials For Packaging 

Recycling is the best way to extend the life period of used materials. In other words, by adopting this method, we are making use of the existing materials to the best extent without adding anything new.

A roll of used packaging papers kept for recycling

4. Plant-Based Packaging  

In recent times, plant-based materials are making revolutions in the packaging industry. As the name suggests, these are made out of biological sources, from mushrooms and corn to food waste. 

But you will have to choose the right material depending on your product. For example, food products need to have protective packaging that can preserve their flavour. 

A cardboard packaging box kept open with tape and scissors on the side

5. Plantable Packaging 

Yes, you guessed it right! Packaging materials that can be planted! In short, these types of packages will have seeds embedded in them, which can be planted and nurtured after their use. 

6. Avoiding Over Packaging 

Most of the suppliers often use additional packaging which in turn leads to a huge amount of waste. Therefore make sure to use an optimal level of packaging that will serve the sole purpose of protection without overdoing it. 

A cardboard packaging box being sealed using tape

A Thoughtful Way of Gifting

Most of us tend to overdo our gifts by wrapping them in colourful papers and doing all those fancy kinds of stuff on them. But what exactly do you expect to convey by doing such things? Do you think presenting it in such a way will help you win the hearts of your loved ones? 

You have put in all your efforts to look out for several options and finally decide that one gift for your favourite person, so that is what it should be all about right? In short, it will be the gift that you give him/her that they will be elated about the most and not the other presentations. 

You may have beautifully wrapped the gift, but at the end of the day what matters and what will remain with them forever will be the gift and not the packaging. 

This is something that everyone must realize and take actions on. Not only does it create a huge amount of waste but some of them even add to the carbon emissions.

One must take onto minimal packaging and gift wrapping that serves the purpose of not revealing the gift while being a classic way of presenting. With the Indian culture of gifting for any festival, this small step will make a huge impact.

A Christmas gift wrapped with brown coloured packaging paper

A Gustus Market India Experience 

After all, why should one give much importance to these fancy packages when all it matters is what is inside? A minimal eco-friendly package that serves the sole purpose of protecting the content should be something that everyone must realize and follow.

We here at Gustus Market, follow a very minimal sustainable packaging while giving greater focus on the gourmet food experience that we provide. Gustus Market gives higher priority to quality and sustainability while providing the best gourmet food experience.

Gustus Market India provides the best gifting solutions for any occasion. Be it someone’s birthday, Christmas, Holi, Easter, we have it all covered. 

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