A Beginner’s Guide To Sustainable Living

What is Sustainable Living?

Just picture the world map in your head right now. From North America to Europe to Middle-East to Asia to down under Australia and the poles. What do you think was the biggest cause for concern for the entire world before we were hit with the pandemic?

a blue world map

What do you think will continue to be a cause for concern after we deal with the pandemic? If your answer is more or less directed towards the environment, you would be correct. 

Climate Scenario

Yes, we all have been hearing how bad the climate situation is getting in the world with each year passing by. Every year we read terms such as ‘hottest year ever recorded, ‘coldest day ever recorded’ and with the disastrous natural calamities on the rise, the cause for concern is bound to increase. 

But there is also a rise in awareness among the general public about the need for sustainable living.

A hand holding a poster saying there is no planet B supporting sustainable living

People are ready to make a conscious effort to adapt to a sustainable lifestyle. According to a survey, the top 3 issues ranked by the people were Plastic Pollution, Biodiversity Loss and Climate Change

Moreover, it also showed that nearly 80% of people were ready to learn more about sustainable living and incorporate necessary steps in everyday life. 

Yes, we’ve come a long way as a civilization but we still have a long way to go. For this purpose, we need to learn and understand the importance of sustainability and sustainable living.


Firstly, there is no need to be intimidated by the term ‘sustainability. It does not have to be hard. 

Sustainability has three pillars; Social, Economic and Environmental. Sustainability can be explained as a way to live or a state that will protect the social, economic and environmental resources for the current and future generations.

six pair of hands planting six plants supporting sustainable living

Sustainability and Sustainable living offer us a chance to have a flourishing planet.

In other words, a sustainable living lifestyle would make you use the resources in the right way. Whether it is the appropriate use of water, conserving energy or even other sustainable habits, responsibly using our current resources is extremely important. 

Initial StepDon’t Be Discouraged

When you take that initial step towards sustainable living, you also realise how simple it is. Eventually, you start to make every decision with sustainability at the back of your mind.

a paper on brown background that says a step ahead

Without sounding spiritual, you ultimately realise how little you need and want when sustainability is your goal. With a sustainable mindset, you’ll also save a lot of money. That’s right. You would always think twice before purchasing a product or service and if it’s ‘really’ needed or not. 

When you purchase a product, the packaging apart from the product is so important as most of the waste created comes from the packaging material.

For our effort towards sustainable living, all the gift boxes and hampers at Gustus Market India are packaged using only bio-degradable products as we understand the importance of sustainable packaging.

Small Changes – Big Impact

You have to look at ‘Sustainable Living’ as you look at other goals in your life until it becomes a ‘habit’. We all have certain good habits that we want to continue in our lives and certain bad habits that we are looking to quit.

A direction sign that says sustainable living

However, once you move past that mental block of ‘sustainability is a tough way to live, you realise how we can all make these small changes that will eventually have big impacts.

We all want our children to live on a planet with sufficient natural resources right? And they would want the same for their kids as well.

And to achieve that goal, Sustainable Living is an important aspect that we need to understand. 

Plastic War

Think of it in the most basic way. Let’s start with Plastic. We all have used and still use plastic in our lives. That’s a fact. As much as we hate to agree, Plastic is easier, cheaper and widely available. BUT. Plastic is non-biodegradable. 

This means it will stay on Earth FOREVER! That is why plastic pollution is one of the top three concerns for people. 

A child holding a poster that says stop plastic pollution to support sustainable living

Moreover, you may think that replacing plastic is a tough ask. But it isn’t. And once you realise how you can do it in your everyday life, you will feel encouraged to ask your friends and family members to follow. 

Sustainable Living As A Lifestyle

Food and Beverages

When it comes to sustainability in the food and beverage industry, some key questions that arise are; Are the fruits and vegetables you’re using in production grown organically? How many steps does your ingredient take from the farm to table journey? And so on.

Furthermore, the demand for sustainable foods has also significantly increased over the years. Consumers demand products that are handled with a sustainable mindset.

Small artisan producers are also on the rise and they offer organic and natural products and ingredients at a much cheaper price. Vegan food is on the rise as people are getting aware of the orthodox production methods and also becoming more health-conscious. 

fresh vegan food items on a table with vegan written on the table

Sustainable eating eventually comes down to selecting products and ingredients that are healthy for us and during the ‘farm to table’ process does not harm the environment. Hence, indulging in more plant-based diet foods is an important step towards sustainable food habits. 

A diet that consists more of peas, lentils, beans, vegetables, fruits and nuts, and organic products and less of animal-based products is called a plant-based diet. 

Gustus Tips Towards Sustainable Eating

Now, we understand it may be overwhelming for you to change your entire diet in one day and be intimidated by the process. But don’t worry. Here are some tips that might help you start with sustainable eating.

1. If Possible, Start Growing Vegetables And Fruits At Home

It does not have to be extravagant. If you have a small home garden or a  lawn, start in house farming. Grow your food such as tomatoes, potatoes, strawberries, herbs and much more. Moreover, the process will make you learn new things and it will also affect the way you purchase food products at a shop.

fresh home grown red tomatoes

2. Support Small Local Artisan Producers

In India, especially, with the rise in small-batch artisan producers, people have the option of choosing a variety of natural and organic products. Supporting these small local artisan brands will be a big step towards sustainable living.

a sign that says support local business with green paint background

Gustus Market India has partnered with numerous small-batch artisan producers in India to provide you with only the highest quality organic products.

3. Sustainable Grocery

Yes, the next time you go out to buy groceries, aim to purchase foods that have been minimally processed. Rethink your list and add more plant-based items.

multiple fresh plant based food items in a brown bag supporting sustainable living

Now, we know it may seem challenging at first but don’t think of it as a ‘sacrifice’. Eventually, these products will be healthier and more cost-effective

4. Invest In Reusable Shopping Bags

When purchasing groceries try to take your reusable bags instead of using plastic bags. You could carry these bags everywhere, not just grocery shopping. These reusable bags are extremely handy, cost-effective and yes, sustainable.

multiple reusable brown grocery bags promoting sustainable living

Also, let’s take a look at some changes that you could make at your home. It may seem overwhelming at first but don’t let it discourage your enthusiasm.

Sustainable Lifestyle at Home

Everything starts at home. We all have been raised with this idea. Whatever change you wish to see in the world, start by bringing that change to your own home. 

multiple sustainable lifestyle products such as biodegradable cups cutlery and bags

Therefore, your home is where you should start with minimizing the waste produced and begin your journey towards sustainable living.


  • Start by switching to reusable razors. Instead of throwing your regular plastic razors every time, invest in reusable razors. The blades are recyclable and are more cost-effective than using plastic razors every time. 
  • Use organically made toothbrushes. Also, there are plenty of cost-effective bamboo or wood or metal toothbrushes available in the market. 
A bamboo toothbrush with organic toothpaste along with green leaves promoting sustainable living
  • Use eco-friendly and sustainable products around the entire bathroom. Bamboo, metal, glass and porcelain are some sustainable materials.
  • Similarly, switch to shampoo and conditioner bars instead of plastic bottled packaging. 
  • Use water efficiently. No guesses here. Avoid long showers and use tap water only when necessary. 
  • Switch to eco-friendly and sustainable menstrual products such as reusable pads, eco-friendly tampons and so on.

Around The House 

  • In different areas of the house as well try to adopt these sustainable changes. These little efforts will reduce your ‘carbon footprint’ tremendously. You will also reduce the waste produced by a large margin. For this purpose, try these suggestions.
A poster that says reduce your carbon footprint on a brown background
  • Replacing plastic bags with reusable bags. Recycle and Reuse products.
  • Switching to metal bottles instead of using plastic bottles.
  • Avoid using plastic cutlery.
  • In the kitchen, use glass or metal jars instead of plastic jars. 
  • Reduce the usage of light bulbs by using more natural light.
  • Switch to LED lighting as they last longer.
multiple sustainable lifestyle products such as glass bottle along glass jars and reusable bags

The conscious effort will soon become a habit and you’ll be inspiring other people to follow in no time. 

Sustainable Commuting 

  • You can incorporate a sustainable lifestyle even while travelling. Increase the use of public transport as means to reach somewhere nearby instead of taking your bike or car. 
  • You could also start carpooling with your friends or colleagues on the way to work. Also, utilize the ‘one car family’ strategy as well. One car per family will help you save a lot of money as well.

Voice Your Support

Sustainability as a lifestyle has numerous benefits for us as well as our planet. The ‘conversation’ has only started. It is also essential for people to advocate for change. Above all, by advocating for a sustainable lifestyle, people will be inspired by your initiative. 

Pushing your people, whether they are your friends, family members or colleagues, to build a sustainable community will help us create a better and healthier future.

Earth Day

For those of you who are not aware, April the 22nd is known as Earth Day worldwide. Earth Day is a global event observed by more than a billion people to show support for environmental protection. 

The fight against climate change continues to this day. We still have a long way to go. There is an urgent need for immediate action. 

Earth art with Happy Earth Day written on the art

Yes, with our world moving towards complete digitization, awareness has massively increased. And thus with the rise in awareness, the next option is taking proper action. Furthermore, the theme for 2021 Earth Day is Restore The Earth

Sustainable Way Of Life

Sustainable Living is a way of living your everyday life with your decisions driven by the need for sustainability. 

Moreover, just remember that we all are imperfect. Once you have decided to live a sustainable lifestyle, don’t be so hard on yourself as well. Understandably, you will face a few bumps on the long and fulfilling journey of Sustainable Living. But don’t give up. 

We at Gustus Market India encourage you to try some of our suggestions and ask your friends and family members to follow the same!

Happy Earth Day!

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