Best Ways to Celebrate Holi

The festival of colours is approaching fast and we have made the perfect checklist that highlights the best way to celebrate Holi! Get ready to be doused in colours and celebrate Holi with some tasty Holi treats.

Just a quick word about Holi for people who aren’t familiar with the festival quite well. 

Holi is a massively popular Hindu festival celebrated in India and other parts of the world. It signifies the triumph of good over evil, the festival is referred to in many ways like “the festival of love”, or “the festival of colours”

a group of hands joined together holding Holi colours

In 2021 the festival falls on March 28th and will wind up on the next day which is the 29th of March. Now let us get right into our festival checklist which will showcase the best ways to celebrate Holi.

What all things do you need to do before immersing yourself and your family in a safe celebration at your home?

Send Invites To Your Closed Ones

Every festival needs people! The Holi festival is always enjoyed with others, never alone. But keep in mind we do have a deadly pandemic running around the world which means this year we can’t go overboard with the celebrations.

So send out invites to your favourite people, close friends and relatives. Like we said, considering the difficult period that we are going through, keep in mind to only invite the closest people in your ‘dear to heart’ circle. 

group of friends playing holi outside

White Dress-Code

One thing you should attach alongside your invite is the dress code. It’s an unspoken law that we all wear white during the Holi festival, but it’s good practice to include the dress code in the invite.

a hand putting Holi colours on a mans face

Create A Playlist

What is a festival without having some good tunes to jam to! Holi is an expression, so let it be filled with sounds, colours, and emotions. Always have the best tracks curated beforehand to make sure the party never goes dull.

people playing Holi outside

Add Gourmet Food To Your Menu

Now comes one of the most awaited parts of the Holi Festival, food! Be it Holi, Christmas, Easter, or Thanksgiving, there’s nothing better than stuffing yourself with some of the tastiest gourmet traditional food!

So what are you going to whip up and serve for this celebration? Let’s look at some very mouthwatering gourmet dishes that will add magic to your colourful festival. 

The same thing applies here from when we talked about the invites, stay safe. One thing the pandemic showed us is to make healthier choices.

We would recommend you to check out our Holi hampers that includes exclusive gourmet food products and get the best experience this Holi.

traditional Holi food with Holi colours

We are in no control of what may or may not happen in the world, but one thing we are in control of is how we treat our bodies. Let’s keep it healthy and live a happy life.  


Just the word Ladoo makes your mouth water. During Holi season everyone becomes Chotta Bheem! We all love to stuff our mouths with some very tasty laddoos.

Laddoos isn’t a festival-centric snack per se, you will find this tasty treat everywhere anytime. But we can’t deny the fact that Holi adds to the taste of laddoos somehow. Having a laddoo tastes so much better during Holi Festival than having it during your office break.

This is one thing you should compulsorily have on your table during celebrations. 

A ladoo with flower petals


Keep in mind to water down all that you will be eating during Holi. But don’t worry, you don’t have to ruin the vibe by drinking water. Drink Lassi!

Lassi is a Punjabi drink that tastes as it flowed right out of Heaven’s gates. Sweet yoghurt blended with water and other ingredients of our choice makes for one very refreshing and tasty beverage. Check out some interesting Holi drinks here!

2 glasses containing Lassi


Now that we have some sweet Lassi to water down all that we are eating, let’s get back to eating! Barfi, this name has the same importance as colours during Holi.

Made of condensed milk, this solid dessert is best during festivals. It’s not eaten like laddoos regularly, but it is widely enjoyed during festivals. So don’t let the opportunity go to waste and fill yourselves with some Barfi!

The best thing about Barfi is the fact that we have a ton of flavours to choose from. You’ll always have your favourite Barfi flavour, if you don’t you’ll probably find yourself tasting a ton of them until you find “The One!”.

green barfi on a plate next to a teapot

Dahi Vada

We looked at two sweet treats and one sweet drink, now let’s venture into the savoury side. There’s just one difference, Dahi Vada can be sweet or savoury, it’s all up to you!

This dish consists of 2 main elements, Dahi which is curd, and the iconic Vada. Combining both of them and topping them with all kinds of sauces, powders, mixtures gives you a dish that is customized completely to your liking.

Eating Dahi Vada is like painting your nails, you choose what type you want. It’s the perfect dish that offers limitless customization.

a plate containing small dahi vada

We would recommend you to check out our Holi hampers with some exclusive hand-picked gourmet food products and add them to your menu.

Make Colours From Flowers

Now the other most-awaited part of Holi, the colours. We have some great ideas for this Holi which is healthier for us and the world. 

Flowers single-handedly rank at the top of the list when it comes to showing off natural colours. They are the embodiment of elegance and being pretty. Now, did you know that you can make colours from flowers for Holi!

Yes, follow this easy method and make yourself some very pretty natural colours for this festival, that’s completely skin-friendly.

Boil the petals of the marigold and leave it overnight. Mix it with powdered ingredients like sandalwood powder, besan, Multani mitti, etc. 

Holi written with colours

Prepare Gourmet Gifts For Your Loved Ones

It’s rude to let your guests leave empty-handed after a very fun day of celebration. The perfect gift would be a hamper containing all the goodies that are related to the Holi festival.

Such a hamper will be of great use to your guests and at the same time will also act as a reminder of the wonderful time they had at the celebration. 

If you are looking for gifts to send out to your friends or family we would recommend you to check out our Holi hampers and gift them the best.

These are our checklist items to make your Holi as colourful as it can be. From colours made with flowers to mouth-watering laddoos, we here at Gustus Market wish you celebrate Holi in the most grandiose and gourmet way possible.

mini quiche on a platter

Have a great time, enjoy yourself with your friends, eat a ton of food and most importantly stay safe. 

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Celebrate Holi Gourmet Style 

The pandemic has made us realize how important it is to lead a healthy lifestyle while giving equal importance to food. At Gustus Market, we cater to this need of the hour and provide the best in gourmet food products. We aim to make each lead one a healthy lifestyle. 

a heart shaped Holi colours

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