Organic Food: Why Should It Be Your First Choice?

Organic food is a rising trend in the food & beverage industry. There have been several discussions regarding the benefits of organic food and should it be a consumer’s first choice? If you’re intrigued by what organic foods have to offer, this blog is the perfect read for you. 

What is Organic Food?

Essentially, organic food refers to naturally grown and processed crops that undergo different organic stages of the farm to table process. While purchasing food and beverage products at the supermarkets, you must have noticed that few products have an ‘organically produced’ stamp. 

organic farm produce

Consumers make their purchasing decisions based on several different aspects. One of the most crucial aspects is the quality of the product. As a consumer, you wish to pay for food products made with high-quality ingredients.

Especially when it comes to food and beverages, any compromise on the quality aspect may affect your health. Hence, the best solution is to choose only high-quality products grown naturally.

Furthermore, for a product/ingredient to be labelled organic, it must grow without any unnatural substances, synthetic fertilizers, preservatives, and other harmful chemicals. Also, any livestock raised for the production of food and beverage products must be kept in healthy conditions and fed organic forage. 

What is organic farming?

The process of growing organic food and organically raising livestock is known as organic farming. Nowadays, people have a wide variety of organic products available in their supermarkets. From organic vegetables, fruits, grains and meat/dairy products, the list could go on. 

organic farming

Above all, organic processes can be seen not only in rural farming but also in various urban farming methods as well. Urban farming is increasing in many parts of the world. Furthermore, with the focus shifting towards sustainability, the agriculture sector has a lot to offer. 

In addition to the advantages of urban farming, nutrient-rich organic food produced in urban farms will provide innumerable benefits to several vulnerable communities across the world. 

How is organic food beneficial?

It is no surprise that what you eat affects you in different ways. Whether it is your physical health or mental health well-being, the phrase “you are what you eat” could not have been more accurate. 

you are what you eat

Is there a difference between organic and inorganic foods?

Let us look into what are the benefits of consuming organic food. 

  • More nutrients in Organic Foods – Organically produced food products may have slightly higher nutrient levels. Also, organic food is rich in essential antioxidants, which can provide many long term health benefits. 
  • It’s Fresh! – With no added chemicals and preservatives, you will always get fresh and higher quality food products.
  • Do you care about the environment? Organic farming is the way! – As we discussed, organic farming is a sustainable process that is used to grow organic foods. Moreover, organic farming can also help reduce the harmful effects of pollution and provide other community benefits.
  • Low nitrate levels – Organic foods may have lower nitrate levels. High nitrate levels in food products may pose cancer threats. Along with low nitrate levels, organic foods have higher minerals, vitamins and essential antioxidants, making them healthy for consumption. 
  • Better quality meat & dairy products – As a consumer, you always wish to choose the best quality food products. When it comes to meat and dairy products, it is even more important to not compromise on the quality. Poor quality dairy products may cause allergic reactions. Organically grown dairy products and meat ensure that you won’t have to worry about the quality of the product. 
organically grown dairy products

As the research continues, it is interesting to see what benefits we can find about organic foods with conclusive evidence. 

However, you may ask that if organic foods have so many benefits, not only for the consumers but also for the environment, then why don’t we see more organic products? 

Is organic food expensive to purchase? Is it worth the price?

Well, in short, Yes. Organic food does come under a slightly higher price range because of its production process. Typically, it is difficult to grow organic foods as they take much longer to grow and require consistent engagement and monitoring throughout the farming process. Along with this, the supply chain process for organic foods is different from what it is for inorganic foods. And that adds to the final cost of the product. 

Lastly, several other farming factors, such as increased standards for raising livestock and other developmental needs add to the pricing. But experts believe that with the increase in demand for organic foods and innovative food technologies, the cost could be reduced. It is only about time that we will see an increase in organic food production as well as consumption across the world. 

organic food products and dishes

Is organic farming the future? 

It certainly looks that way. Organic agriculture is a rising trend in today’s world, and it will only become more significant due to the innumerable benefits it has to offer. 

Organic farming provides several benefits for the environment as well as the consumers. Even with many challenges, it is believed that as technology advances and awareness increases, organic farming will significantly be adopted across the world leading to prosperous communities.

organically grown vegetables

Have you thought about organic gifting?

Well, you may be thinking, what kinds of organic foods can you gift? And won’t they be expensive? Well, don’t worry, we are here to help you with that. 

Let’s start with the pricing. Organic gifts don’t necessarily have to hurt your pocket

Yes, they still might be slightly higher priced than regular gifts, but at the same time, they will be worth the price. However, organic gifting has become more affordable and accessible. And the reason for that is the rise in small artisanal brands across India. 

The small artisanal brands that offer the finest quality organic products have only increased with time. Furthermore, these small brands focus on providing the best organic products at reasonable rates.

It is important to note that most customers today don’t mind paying a slightly higher amount for good quality products. They would choose higher-priced good quality products rather than select low-priced mass-produced low-quality products. And with this section of customers rising, the demand for organic products is gradually increasing. 

Furthermore, you could notice this change while gifting as well. People prefer to purchase good quality gifts that would convey their message efficiently and effectively. 

organic food gifting

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