Meet our Partners

Artisanal producers, wine-makers, small producers and more..


  • Country Bean Logo

    Country Bean

    Coffee Producers

  • Oh Cha Logo

    Oh Cha

    Tea Producers

  • Rage coffee logo

    Rage Coffee

    Coffee Producers

  • The Tea Shelf logo

    The Tea Shelf

    Tea Producers

  • Bean to chocolatier logo

    Bean To Chocolatier

    Chocolate Producers

  • Go nuts logo

    Go Nuts

    Alternative, Health Foods, Specialty

  • Jus'trufs logo


    Chocolate Producers

  • happy jars logo

    Happy Jars

    Alternative, Health Foods, Specialty

  • Epiphany snacks logo

    Epiphany Snacks

    Alternative, Health Foods, Specialty

  • Mo's Bakery logo

    Mo’s Bakery

    Alternative, Organic Producers, Specialty

  • nutlings logo


    Alternative, Health Foods, Specialty

  • Haldivita


    Health Foods, Organic Producers, Tea Producers

  • Moksa Logo


    Tea Producers

  • adrish logo


    Alternative, Organic Producers

  • celes-te logo


    Tea Producers

  • Karma kettle logo

    Karma Kettle

    Tea Producers

  • O'greens logo


    Health Foods, Vegan

  • Naagin Logo



  • Green Snack Co Logo

    Green Snack Co.

    Health Foods, Organic Producers, Vegan

  • praakritik logo


    Health Foods, Organic Producers

  • open secret logo

    Open Secret

    Health Foods

  • All Things Logo

    All Things

    Chocolate Producers, Vegan

  • Darkins logo


    Chocolate Producers, Vegan

  • Toska Artisan Chocolates

    Chocolate Producers, Vegan

  • tagz logo

    Tagz Foods

    Health Foods, Specialty

  • exalté tea logo


    Tea Producers

  • Mason and co logo

    Mason & Co

    Chocolate Producers

  • Entisi Logo


    Chocolate Producers, Vegan

  • Pascati Logo


    Chocolate Producers, Vegan

Our partners are artisanal and gourmet producers from all around India and Europe!

Focusing on the lost art of artisanal produce and modern Indian cuisines, our partners cherish and preserve this lost art. We aim to shine a bright light on these producers through Gustus Market. This way, we can directly bring these producers to you.

Our partners are dynamic, motivated people who care about the environment and the health of consumers. Our mottos are aligned, as we all believe in providing only the best premium quality artisanal gourmet food products. Food entrepreneurs, innovators, small specialty producers or artisan food manufactures are what we work with.

If you think you also portray these values, come partner with us. Our aim is to always showcase authentic producers!

Our doors are always open