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Naagin – “We make hot sauce for people of passion!”

“Indian cuisine is well known for all things spicy still, the best selling hot sauce is imported from America that’s made of Mexican chillies.”

Naagin has stepped into the food industry to change this. The brand represents the spice culture of India by providing some of the best hot sauces that are completely vegan.

Naagin, a local homegrown brand is creating a revolution in the industry. Naagin provides a wide variety of the best gourmet condiment options to its customers. Each of their products is beyond the tried and tested options. Naagin gives much importance to sustainability.

Naagin is a small-batch manufacturing brand based in Mumbai. They provide you with a range of spice level options to choose from, Naagin Original, a comfortable medium-level spicy sauce made from Sankeshwari chilli to Naagin Bhoot, the hottest sauce made from Ghost Pepper, one of the hottest chilli in the world. 

Naagin has partnered with Gustus Market India to offer some unique condiments to Indian spice lovers.

Gourmet Shopping with Quality Brands!

We believe that quality should never be compromised when it comes to delicious food and beverage items. Hence, we only partner with quality Indian artisanal brands such as this. 

We take pride in championing local artisanal producers, farmers and organic growers that help us bring you the best quality gourmet products

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