Celes Té Love Gift Box


  • Royal Blossom 20g – 1 Tin
  • Serendipity 20g – 1 Tin
  • Soulful Tango 20g – 1 Tin
  • A Tea Basket Strainer
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Reminiscence the old days or just spend time with loved ones, the Celes Té Love Gift Box will enchant your senses. A combination of robust teas with delicate flowers and sweet spices, these blends are high on emotion.  

The Celes Té Love Gift Box includes:

  • Royal Blossom 20g – 1 Tin
  • Serendipity 20g – 1 Tin
  • Soulful Tango 20g – 1 Tin
  • A Tea Basket Strainer

We would recommend you to gift this to your loved ones on special occasions like a small family gathering or as a thanksgiving gift. This would be the perfect gift for all tea lovers and health enthusiasts.


  • Royal Blossom – Black tea, Lavender, Rose Petals
  • Serendipity – Black Tea, Ginger, Orange Peel, Clove, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Goji Berry
  • Soulful Tango – Green Tea, Spearmint, Ginger, Lemongrass, Fennel  

Additional information:

Tea Basket Strainer

Made with the finest quality brass, this tea strainer is woven by hand. This beautiful and practical tea basket can fit in a cup or teapot.

Its double handles rest gently on the rim and you can use it to brew or strain loose leaf tea. 

To keep these strainers clean, simply rinse and dry after each use. Do not let them stay immersed in water.


Celes Té is a luxury brand that offers an exclusive selection of artisanal teas that are uniquely crafted to provide an ‘exceptional experience’ to people around the country. 

Celes Té believes that “good quality tea should be an everyday luxury”. The luxury tea brand uses only natural ingredients for all its tea blends. Moreover, they offer a variety of artisanal tea blends such as flora teas, classic teas, dessert teas, iced teas, and so much more. Above all, Celes Té strives to provide artisanal tea that can be enjoyed as a beverage and not consumed just as a health tonic. 

Some of their exclusive tea gifts are Serenity and Zest.


If you know someone who loves tea then gift them this elegant and exotic tea gift box!

Tea lovers are always looking for the opportunity to try different teas from all over the world. They love to drink the best of the best. And we have gift boxes filled with those best tea blends!

Tea gifts need to be specially curated. They need to cover not only the different types but also, those tea products that you will never find in a corner store. These are all factors we have under check. All you need to do is order them for your loved ones!


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