Exalte Festive Blue Tea Gift Box


  • The Yoga Tea 25g (1 Tin)
  • Kashmir Valley Green Tea 25g (1 Tin)

Enjoy this festive season by gifting this elegant tea box to all your loved ones. The Exalte Festive Blue Tea Gift Box combines the goodness of artisanal tea blends with organic aromatic additions.

The Exalte Festive Blue Tea Gift Box contains:

  • The Yoga Tea 25g (1 Tin)
  • Kashmir Valley Green Tea 25g (1 Tin)

We would recommend you to gift this to your loved ones to appreciate them on special occasions like academic success or promotion. This would be the perfect gift for all health enthusiasts and tea lovers.


  • The Yoga Tea – Black Tea, Cinnamon, Rose Petals, Dry Ginger, Cloves, Black Pepper, Cardamom (green, black and grains)
  • Kashmir Valley Green Tea – Green Tea, Rose petals, bay leaves, cinnamon, almond, cloves, green cardamom


  • The Yoga Tea – Yoga has been a part of our Indian culture for centuries. This blend truly reflects and signifies it. The slightly spicy character combined with an aromatic taste is an inspiring and relaxing experience. Immerse yourself in this rich blend.
  • Kashmir Valley Green Tea – This rich blend of green tea with exotic ingredients makes you experience the best of Kashmir from the comfort of your home. Studies show that this tea is useful in reducing LDL cholesterol levels. The content of almonds in this tea will ensure that you get a healthier diet with every cup of tea.

Additional information:

Box dimensions:
20.5 x 11.5 x 7.7 cms

Shelf Life:
Best before 12 months from the date of manufacturing


Exalté is an Artisan Tea brand that aims at taking tea to a whole new “exalted” level where it is an experience in itself rather than a morning ritual. They offer a wide range of flavours & aromas of tea from Oolong Tea, Herbal Tea, Green Tea, White Tea to many more.

Some of their exclusive tea gifts are Exalté Festive (Orange) Gift Box, Luxury Tea Treasure Chest and Wooden Sliding Leaf Box.


If you know someone who loves tea and you are in plans to gift them, is there a better option than an elegant and exotic tea gift box?

Tea lovers are always looking for the opportunity to try different teas from all over the world. They love to drink the best of the best. And we have gift boxes filled with those best tea blends!

Tea gifts need to be specially curated. They need to cover not only the different types but also, those tea products that you will never find in a corner store. These are all factors we have under check. All you need to do is order them for your loved ones!


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