Go Nuts 2021 Special


  • Habanero Pepper Almonds (125g)
  • Thai Sweet Chilli Cashews (125g)
  • Nuts Over Seeds (150g)

Go Nuts 2021 Special – Make this 2020 special for your loved ones with some healthy and exotic flavours of nuts packed in a royal blue box with glorious gold details and an engraved gold logo.

The Go Nuts 2021 Special comes with:

  • Habanero Pepper Almonds (125g)
  • Thai Sweet Chilli Cashews (125g)
  • Nuts Over Seeds (150g)

We would recommend you to gift this to your loved ones like grandparents or other family members to whom you are grateful. Express your love with this truly unique gift that will be cherished by all.

Disclaimer: While our constant endeavour is to keep the products and packaging accurate, the photos displayed are for reference only. The actual colours, size and contents may vary.

Additional Information:

  • Habanero Pepper Almonds – A sweet, tropical and punchy flavour to good ol’ almonds. Modern Habanero Tabasco adds a Carribean flair to these nutty bites, bringing a tangy smile to your face every time you munch on them. Almonds being full of nutrients and antioxidants are the go-to snack of healthy nuts.
  • Thai Sweet Chilli Cashews – A Thai twist to the classic cashew nut. A perfect balance of sweet, spice and everything nice! Full of vitamins and minerals, cashews support healthy blood and immune system function.
  • Nuts Over Seeds – Specially curated for health addicts and fitness freaks! High in protein & fibre, it is chock full of nutrients that come from seeds (Pumpkin seeds and Sunflower seeds), berries (Dried Cranberries and Black Raisins) and nuts (Cashews and Pistachios), enhanced with just a hint of salt.


Go Nuts aims at providing fresh, crunchy and power-packed nuts for those who want to consume it as a part of their diet. They offer a range of nutritious guilt-free snacking options. 

Some of their exclusive snack hampers are Gourmet Nibbles and The Bestsellers Exclusive.


A snack hamper can be the backup plan of the gift world. People have their likes and dislikes making it hard to gift them a particular type of gift hamper. Therefore, the best solution is to stuff all kinds of amazing goodies in one gift box!

Our snack hamper comes with a wide variety of snacks that will appeal to a wide variety of taste buds. For binge-watching sessions or family gatherings, these snack hampers are perfect for any occasion!


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