Oh Cha Seize The Day


  • Morning Energize
  • Nightime Unwind
  • Afternoon Boost
  • Evening Cleanse

Seize the day and festive season with this new immunity-boosting gift box, Oh Cha Seize The Day! Containing a tea each for different times of the day, this series is made with the best of ayurvedic ingredients. With Botanics like gilloy, turmeric, pineapple, chamomile, Brahmi, dandelion, these teas are the perfect gift during this pandemic. 

The Oh Cha Seize The Day contains:

  • Morning Energize
  • Nightime Unwind
  • Afternoon Boost
  • Evening Cleanse

We recommend you gift this to your grandparents or other family members to express your love and care for them. This would be the perfect gift for all tea lovers and health enthusiasts.


  • Morning Energize – Green tea, Turmeric, Gilloy, Tulsi, Pepper, Cinnamon, Ginger, Rose petals
  • Nightime Unwind – Chamomile, peach, pineapple, liquorice lemongrass
  • Afternoon Boost – Green tea, peppermint, fennel, nettle leaf, dandelion, rose
  • Evening Cleanse – Green tea, Brahmi, Shatavri, Cinnamon, Blue Cornflower, Hibiscus, Citric Acid


Oh Cha is an Indian artisanal tea brand constantly experimenting with various herbs, spices and flowers to offer unique blends. This artisanal tea brand has a passion for tea making and wants to keep the ancient tradition of tea drinking alive in this modern world.


If you know someone who loves tea and you are in plans to gift them, is there a better option than an elegant and exotic tea gift box?

Tea lovers are always looking for the opportunity to try different teas from all over the world. They love to drink the best of the best. And we have gift boxes filled with those best tea blends!

Tea gifts need to be specially curated. They need to cover not only the different types but also, those tea products that you will never find in a corner store. These are all factors we have under check. All you need to do is order them for your loved ones!


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