The Best Holi Gift Ideas For The Season of Colours!

What Makes Holi Special?

Holi is one of the most vibrant and significant Hindu festivals, which is we are here to help you out in your search for Holi gift ideas!

The purpose of celebrating Holi is to bury the losses or failures of the past and begin anew with renewed vigour, enthusiasm, and optimism. It is during festivals like Holi that all your friends, family, and co-workers come together as one big family to celebrate with love, positive vibes, and smiles!

Play a Safe and Fun Holi 

As we enter the third year of the pandemic, many people around us have lost their near and dear ones. Amidst all the sorrow and uncertainty, it is important that we celebrate Holi with our friends and family in a safe way whilst adhering to all covid protocols.

Some of us also have to visit the office during Holi. You and your colleagues can arrange a Holi party or put up a cooking competition among yourselves where everyone tries to make the perfect gujiya or a laddoo! 

Why Is It Important To Send Out Gifts?

Holi brings with itself immense happiness and unbridled joy. It is also the ideal time to convey your feelings, love, and affection with your friends and family, all wrapped up in enticing gift hampers.

Festivals such as Holi allow everyone the perfect opportunity to show their near and dear ones how much we care about them. Each one of us has put in immense effort throughout the year whilst battling with our losses especially now that we are in such exigent circumstances.  

Chalking out perfect Holi gift ideas and sending them out is the perfect way to make your friends, family and colleagues feel special during these festivities. It makes a big difference in making them feel important and loved. The most crucial component of such gifts is that they should be reasonable and should serve as a token of appreciation. The thoughtfulness behind the Holi gift ideas will make the gift even more special.

 A Variety Of Holi Gift Ideas 

 We have curated a list of alluring Holi gift ideas for everyone to pick from which can be sent across to your friends, relatives and even your co-workers!

Food Lover’s Delight

 Indians are very much passionate about food, so when it comes to Holi gift ideas the first and the best option will always be food gift hampers.

Tempting Chocolate Boxes

A rather thoughtful Holi gift idea would be chocolate boxes. It is common knowledge that everyone loves chocolates. A hamper with an assortment of various kinds of chocolates would surely be appreciated by your friends, family and colleagues! 

Box of Sweet Treats

Indian festivities are incomplete without desserts and varied sweetmeats. Sweet dishes like gujiyas, laddoos, barfis are a good Holi gift idea since those are a huge hit during the Holi season. There is nothing better than receiving a box full of sweets on Holi.

Exclusive Fruit Basket

Send across a sumptuous fresh fruits and assortments gift basket to your near and dear ones for Holi that would show them that you care for their happiness and well-being. We can assure you that this is one Holi gift idea that won’t fail to impress the recipients of the gift basket!

A Flavoursome Chocolate Cake

Indians are known for their sweet tooth, and thus when it comes to Holi gift ideas one of the best options would be desserts such as a gooey and colourful chocolate cake or a milk cake with a note wishing them a happy Holi!

Basket of Snacks

 A wonderful Holi gift idea would be a box of dry fruits or a hamper full of munchies. Your friends, family or co-workers would enjoy those snacks while they play with gulaal and sip on thandai. Present your loved ones with little jute bundles loaded with cashews or almonds or a big bag of assorted munchies. 

A bouquet of Sweets

 Bouquets and hampers are one-of-a-kind gift ideas that can transform any occasion into a celebration. And nothing can beat a bouquet of sweets during Holi in an Indian household. This is one of the safest bets to bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces when it comes to Holi gift ideas!

After Holi Thirst-Quenchers

Thandai Delight Box

Holi is unique from other Indian celebrations more so due to the delicious Holi exclusive drink- thandai. Thanks to Bollywood songs that have glorified thandais. It is now a must-have in all Holi parties and makes for a great Holi gift idea. Include it in your thandai delight box and it is sure to please your friends/ coworkers.

Holi Mocktails

For the other half of the crowd, mocktails must be included in the menu so that everyone can enjoy their parties safely and happily. 

Mocktails are an out of the box Holi gift idea because they will show your friends and family that you know how to turn a Holi celebration, even without alcohol, into a fun one.

Holi Cocktails

Cocktails are essential at every party whatsoever. Holi is no exception. Holi exclusive cocktails are a huge hit amongst friends who want to enjoy the festivities. When it comes to beverage hampers, cocktails are the correct choice for Holi gift ideas.

Fusion Holi cocktails such as Liquid Kesari, Mithai Pista and Gulab Thandai are fan favourites!

A Personal Touch

Sending out personalized gifts to your family, friends and colleagues is very unique among other Holi gift ideas.  Personalized gifts allow people to share a special connection with the ones they cherish. 

Luxury Coffee and Mugs

Everyone loves to feel special and cared for and gifting your family and friends luxury coffee to get them through a long working day as a Holi gift idea is an ingenious way of showing care. To go with it, personalized mugs might add an extra oomph to the gesture! 

DIY Home Décor Kit

Holi, colours and pretty décor go hand-in-hand. Indians love to brighten up their houses with quirky décor and pretty colours during Holi. Thus, DIY home décor kits might be one of the most thoughtful Holi gift ideas. Your friends and co-workers would love to go home and put up the décor and would most definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness throughout the festivities!

A Hamper of Colour

Coming to Holi gift ideas, what’s better than a box full of gulaal and a pichkari to go with it to make this Holi a bit more colourful for all your near and dear ones. It’s a beautiful and warm gesture that even your colleagues will appreciate and enjoy! A personalized Holi themed t-shirt would be a nice addition to the gift hamper.

Indoor plants

There’s nothing like the Gift of Green for your loved ones. Indoor Plants is one Holi gift idea that is a living and thriving gesture of happiness and spreading positivity. You can send across a money plant that would mark prosperity and growth in the lives of your friends, family and colleagues amidst the festival of colours!

Customized Gourmet Hampers

Hampers are one-of-a-kind gifts that can transform any occasion into a celebration. And customized gourmet hampers make a wonderful Holi gift idea for your employees! What is a better way to celebrate Holi than enjoying a variety of healthy foods!

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