The Ultimate Guide To Corporate Gifting In India

Corporate gifting and the corporate work culture in India are evolving every year. It is becoming increasingly important for companies, big or small, to create a work environment where the employees feel encouraged, trusted and engaged. 

Over the past decades, it has become evident that corporations must invest in their employees as much as they invest in other resources for a company to grow. 

Moreover, with the world-changing so fast every day, a healthy work environment plays an important role to run a successful company. 

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The Importance Of Corporate Gifting

Companies often look for high Return on Investments (ROIs) through involvement in several sectors of the market. But statistics have shown that happy employees offer higher productivity rates, higher creativity rates, and higher sales rates. 

Also, apart from offering fundamental company benefits, it becomes increasingly essential for companies to create a sense of community and an experience that enhances the existing employer-employee relationship. 

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Gifting is a powerful way to achieve that. In the past, large and small companies have used gifting as a tool to enhance existing relationships with valuable ‘clients’. Gifting even shows appreciation for their work together. 

But gifting can also be an extremely powerful tool to build trust, show appreciation and form a strong connection with the employees.

Corporate gifting does not have to be a mere obligation as it could be an effective team-building exercise. Also, no matter the scale of your company, the idea behind corporate gifting remains the same; a gesture of encouragement, appreciation and investing in building a long term relationship with your employees and clients. 

From an employee’s perspective, gifting can significantly positively affect their work performance. Little gifts like digital gift cards, quality food hampers and more have proven to have notable effects on their overall ‘employee’ experience. Employees feel more valued, trusted and more connected to the employer. 

According to a study, 78% find corporate gifting to be a great marketing tool with a high Return on Investment value from a client’s perspective

Current Viewpoint

With the pandemic hitting the world, the companies, large or small, were forced to adapt, improvise and change the traditional ways of working. 

These extraordinary times called for new ways of working and hence work from home became a thing. Indeed, work from home has changed the entire working narrative for both employers and employees. 

The dependence on the virtual world is only increasing with time. Moreover, with better technological innovations and increasing accessibility to solutions, times are changing quickly. 

The pandemic has also made us realise the importance of connection. How we took small things for granted and now we all yearn for those grateful moments back. 

Moreover, people have realised the importance of a community, having people around who care about them and ultimately deciding what’s important in life. 

Corporate Gifting Culture in India

The corporate gifting market has also changed significantly over the years. It is no longer limited to just gifting pens or office registers or even other office supplies. 

Furthermore, with the increase in availability, digitization and variety in products and services, companies have started to look for quality gifts. Gifts that are unique, personalised, unforgettable and that can enrich their relationships.  

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Shift From ‘Promotional’ To ‘Emotional’ Gifting

The Indian corporate gifting market is one of the fastest-growing markets in the current times. 

Well established multinationals with over a thousand employees, mid-level companies and even early start-ups, are all realising the importance of the gifting marketThe Gifting scenario in the Indian market is no longer about promotional gifts. 

Moreover, with innovative ideas and the increase in customizable gifting options, the companies opt for gifts capable of striking an emotional chord with the recipient, be it employees or clients. 

Companies from a wide range of sectors including, Information & Technology, Finance, Telecommunications, Food Technology, Pharmaceutical, Apparel & Fashion, Advertising, Media & Entertainment, and more, have already started to utilize the corporate gifting market to their advantage. The corporate gifting market in India is estimated to be growing at over 200% every year. 

Rise Of Quality Artisan Producers

The most common misconception about corporate gifting is that curating gifts has to be expensive. And that is a myth

Finding a meaningful gift isn’t necessarily supposed to be an expensive task. Yes, quality gifts are essential to curating a wonderful experience for the recipient. But just because of budget boundaries, the companies shouldn’t compromise on quality. 

In India, especially with the rise of small and artisan businesses, there is an immense opportunity for collaboration and curation. 

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Furthermore, preparation and presentation are two key parts when considering a gift purchase. Specially curated personalized hampers go a long way. We at Gustus Market India specialise in gifting specially curated Gourmet Artisanal Food and Beverage Hampers. 

Corporate Gifting – Key Factors To Consider

A gift is supposed to make the recipient feel special, and show that you value your relationship with them. Corporate gifting is no different. 

The right gift can convey the right emotions to the right people. Hence, choosing that gift can be a daunting task. And if you are restricted within the budget, lack of imagination and options forces companies to go down the old road of gifting office supplies such as pens/registers etc. 

Budget gifting can be tricky but if done right, it can be a success for both the recipient as well as the gift giver. 

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Here is a list of things to consider when you are budget gifting in the corporate world:


Personalising a gift goes a long way. Don’t make it a mere obligation when gifting in the corporate world (Be it for employees or clients). Above all, show that you really value the relationship and take the time to analyse various options. 

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Age Relevancy

The Indian work environment primarily comprises working people within the age group of 25-55. It can be tricky to please them all and so ‘smart gifting’ is key. Choosing products or services catering to all age groups can make it increasingly easier for the companies when planning ‘corporate gifting’.

Customer Experience

In the fast-moving corporate world, companies prefer to collaborate with businesses offering seamless customer experience. The booming e-commerce industry has made it easier for both consumers and businesses to indulge in ‘online buying’.

Above all, a variety of quality products, numerous emerging small artisan businesses, doorstep deliveries and enhanced customer experience are key factors when considering corporate gifting.

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Eco-Friendly Products

Lastly, with the world becoming increasingly aware of the need for sustainable living, it is essential to keep the thought of sustainability in mind while choosing a gift for someone. 

Corporate gifting with biodegradable packaging and sustainable items can enforce the fact that your company is taking an initiative towards sustainable living.

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Festive Corporate Gifting

‘When’ to give a gift is equally important as to ‘What’ to give. The two big festivals in India for corporate gifting are Diwali and Christmas. Diwali and Christmas are two big festivals celebrated across India. People get together and exchange gifts and wishes. 

Corporate gifting during the festive season is a great way to provide value and appreciation to your employees, clients and partners for the work they’ve done all year. 

Moreover, with delicious gift hampers and festive-themed gift boxes, you can contribute to their festival celebrations whilst creating your brand value. 

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But limiting corporate gifting to the festive season is not necessary. In fact, you are not obligated to only festive gifting. You can build a company gifting plan according to the different celebratory occasions throughout the year.

Festive Gifting Trends In India

Festive Gift trends in India vary from festival to festival and region to region. The rise of small artisan businesses has given the companies a wider range of products to choose from. 

During the festive season, small artisan businesses representing the food and beverage industry have immense growth opportunities. 

Furthermore, gifting quality food and beverage items and hampers remains to be one of the most suitable ‘gifting options’ during the festive season. Sharing a speciality food and beverage experience with others is a great way to provide a unique variety of delicious products. 

Moreover, with the circumstances we’re living in, gifting that delicious experience can bring joy to the recipient. 

A food and beverage gift hamper could include artisan cheese, artisan chocolates, artisan honey, exotic sauces and condiments, artisan tea and coffee, gourmet snack items, and much more.

stack of artisan chocolates along with chocolate rolls that you can use for corporate gifting

Festive Gourmet Corporate Gifts

Festive gourmet gifts are essentially artisanal, made to order, small-batch food items that consist of immense joy!

Gustus Market India is a gourmet gift platform with the main purpose to provide a gourmet experience through artisanal gift boxes, unique food experiences, and creative food and beverage gifts. Get to know more about festive gourmet gifting here.

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Why Choose Gustus Market India For Corporate Gifting?

Corporate gifting in India has come a long way over the years. From gifting office supplies to gift vouchers to digital gift cards to personalized hampers. 

Moreover, big and even small companies are looking for exciting options for quality gifts and ways to create a wonderful experience for employees, clients or partners through the simple act of ‘gifting’. We at Gustus Market India can make your job so much easier. 

Gustus Market India specialises in gifting gourmet and artisanal food and beverage hampers. For us, quality is of the utmost importance because we believe everything we do goes into everything you taste. Thus, we work with some of the best quality artisan producers in the country.

Why Choose Us?


We only work with artisan producers and farmers we know and trust. People who share our values and passion for bringing you high-quality delicious food. We only share best-in-class gourmet and artisanal food and beverage products.

Something For Every Occasion

We know how difficult it can be when deciding on a gift for people of different age groups. But delicious food is loved by all. Moreover, exciting food hampers will not be plagued with “I don’t really want/need this” and it enhances the personalised touch. 

Our hampers follow a unique story-telling that suit the occasion and the person who receives the gift.

Affordability and Variety

We have a range of gourmet and artisan food hampers with different prices catering to big, medium and small budgets. 

  1. The Gourmet Hamper
  2. Premium Gourmet Hamper
  3. Deluxe Gourmet Hamper


We have an Instant reward system for the purchase of any gifts, subscriptions, experiences that we have to offer. These rewards or spoons as we like to call them can be redeemed as you want. Furthermore, our exclusive reward system offers rewards such as free delivery, early product access, free trial and more. 

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Seamless Experience

We understand the value of a great corporate work environment and we aim at creating the most seamless customer experience for you, your employees and colleagues. 

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These gifts and hampers do complete justice in showcasing your utmost appreciation for your employees, clients and partners. 

With culinary items sourced from ethical small artisan producers from all over India and Europe, these gourmet hampers can truly help strengthen your corporate work relationships. Happy Gifting!