Top 10 Tools To Include In Your Cocktail Set 

Have you just started on your path to being a cocktail fanatic? Or are you already a cocktail master? Either way, you always need a trusty cocktail set by your side. When it comes to making an excellent glass of Margarita or a Cosmopolitan or even any cocktail in that manner, every single aspect counts! 

You can always make a cocktail using the basic tools available in your kitchen. But to make the best cocktail, you always need the right tools. From the glass to the spoons used, every single item being perfect is what will make or break your drink. As a result, you always need a high-quality, reliable cocktail set. 

A cocktail set comprises all the essential tools you will need to make the best cocktail. In short, it will include all the tools that you will see in the hands of a bartender. These tools will help you make a bar-like cocktail right at home. Now that we know the importance of a cocktail set, let us look at how each element of a cocktail set can make your life easier.

Make Things Easier:

These are the tools that will make a lot of cocktail making methods a whole lot easier.

1. Bottle Pourer

The bottle pourer or the pour spout is an essential tool when it comes to mixing drinks. They are also called liquor pourers or speed pourers. The name might throw you off but pour spout or bottle pourer is a tool that many cocktail lovers use. It is the pointy looking thing at the end of a bartender’s bottle. 

The main use of this tool is to control the flow of the liquid from the bottle, making way for a faster and targeted pour. Finally, resulting in no spills at all. 

A bottle pourer, a must-have in cocktail set kept on a white table

The five different bottle pourers available are:

  • Free Flow Pourers – This gives you the best, smooth and free control over the flow of the liquid. 
  • Angled Pourers – These types of pourers are all about precision and speed. 
  • Screened Pourers – With a screen present, consisting of many tiny holes, these pourers can slow the flow of the liquid. The screen helps in keeping unwanted guests away from your drink as well.
  • Measured Pourers – As the name suggests, this pourer is all about giving the user complete control over the measurement of liquid you require. With a pre-set measurement, the drink follows it exactly. 
  • One-Piece Pourers – These are plastic pourers that do all the basic jobs needed, and hence, it is the one people prefer. 

2. Bar Keys

Bar keys are bottle openers with a circular hole designed to remove the metal caps of glass bottles. From crown cork opener, the wall-mounted opener to multi-purpose opener, you have a ton of different types of bottle openers to suit your needs. Even though they do not have a standardized design, shape, style or size, you can customize these bottle openers to match your thoughts and designs. 

A bottle opener kept along with a bottle cap

3. Cork Screw

A great thing about cocktail tools is that the name itself gives away what the tool is. A corkscrew is nothing but a screw used for opening corks, mainly for wine bottles.

There are a ton of different types of corkscrews to suit the job at hand. You have your Winged corkscrew, a sommelier knife, a lever corkscrew, mounted corkscrew and many more. 

A corkscrew, a must-have in cocktail set kept along with two bottles of wine

With the unlimited number of designs, uses, and customization options available for the product, the corkscrew is also a collector’s item of sorts. It is one of those tools in a cocktail set that fanatics like to show off. 

4. Ice Tongs

How else will you add ice? Please, do not say with your hands or a glass!! You can never imagine a cocktail without ice. Therefore, looking into the significant role it plays in every drink, make sure you follow the most hygienic and safe methods. Always have an ice tong or ice scoop in your cocktail set.

An ice tong, a must-have in cocktail set kept along with some ice cubes

Get The Perfect Mix:

Now that we are familiar with the above-mentioned tools, let us look at tools that will help us get a perfect mix.

5. Shaker & Strainer

Shakers and strainers are two of the most essential tools in a cocktail set. Even though it may seem like a fancy way to mix your ingredients to some, it actually does a lot more to your cocktails than you think it does. You use a cocktail shaker to chill and thoroughly mix all the ingredients to create a blend of exciting flavours. There are three different types of cocktail shakers:

  • Cobbler Shaker, also known as the three-piece shaker
  • Boston Shaker, consisting of one large mixing glass and one small
  • French Shaker, a simplified version of the cobbler shaker
A shaker & strainer, a must-have in cocktail set kept along with a glass of cocktail and fresh herbs

On the other hand, you use a cocktail strainer to remove the solid materials you do not want in your final cocktail. There are three different types of cocktail strainers:

  • Hawthorne Strainer
  • Julep Strainer
  • Fine-Mesh Strainer

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6. Jigger

If you want a perfect glass of cocktail, you always need to use a jigger. Jigger is a small cup that you will usually see in a bartender’s cocktail set. It is a dual-sided measuring cup that will help you get the accurate amount of ingredients in your cocktail.

Over pouring certain ingredients in a cocktail will simply ruin your whole drink. Therefore, always include a jigger in your cocktail set. In addition, they have different capacities on each end, allowing you to craft your cocktail with the speed of light. 

A jigger, a must-have in cocktail set kept on a wooden chopping board along with a fresh lemon

7. Bar Spoon

We know what you are thinking. Won’t any spoon cut it? Absolutely not! We can not emphasize this enough. Just keep in mind, when making a cocktail, everything matters

A bar spoon is a specialized tool designed in such a way that it makes mixing a cocktail much easier. A necessary feature of this spoon is that it will, in no way, affect the flavour of the cocktails. 

A glass of cocktail kept along with a bar spoon, a must-have in cocktail set

There are three main types of Bar Spoons you can find:

  • The American, the cheapest option that does the job it is meant to do.
  • The European, a more expensive option that comes with a disc at the end that can help in muddling, layering, or other small tasks.
  • The Japanese, the most elegant looking of the bunch. This spoon comes with a variety of options. You can choose to use it as a fork or a muddler as well. 

8. Muddler

A muddler is one of the oldest and primary tools in a cocktail set. You use it to extract those exotic flavours from delicate herbs and fresh fruits. In addition, you can also use it to blend granulated sugar into the cocktail. Not to mention, the whole process of using a muddler is called muddling. 

A muddler, a must-have in cocktail set kept along with some fresh lemon and herbs

There are three different types of muddler depending upon the material used to make it:

  • Wood muddlers, the most effective ones, making it the go-to option for any bartender or cocktail enthusiast.
  • Bamboo muddlers, the lightweight ones. You will need more pressure while using these.
  • Metal or steel muddlers, with toothed mixing tips to push down the ingredients more firmly.

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And To Enjoy It To The Fullest:

At last, what is the point of having a drink if not enjoyed in the right way!

9. Steel Straw

Even though you have several options for sipping your drink, steel straws are the best choice. They take the whole drinking experience to the next level. With no bends and breaks, you can truly enjoy your cocktail. Therefore, always have a few in your cocktail set.

Three steel straws kept along with a pouch containing two steel straws

10. Glasses

You may have heard of people drinking different varieties of artisan spirits out of different types of glasses. How crazy!!, you think? But to tell the truth, these people are the true fanatics. Each of these glasses is designed to serve different purposes. Not to mention, cocktail glasses like taller Collins and low-ball are designed, in such a way, that there is enough room for ice and the cocktail itself. 

Three types of cocktail glasses

Apart from these facts, if you were to use a coffee mug for drinking your favourite martini, then you are missing the whole point of drinking a martini. You will get to truly enjoy your drink only if served in the right cocktail glass. Therefore, it is necessary to stock up at least a few varieties of cocktail glasses.

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Choose The Best Cocktail Set!

Having all of these tools in your cocktail set can make your job so much easier. These tools will help you to take your cocktail drinking experience to the next level. To get the best results, we suggest getting every single tool mentioned in this list. 

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