Top 23 Easter Dessert Ideas For Kids

It’s Easter! But wondering how to make it special during this pandemic, we suggest some of the best Easter dessert ideas for kids. The pandemic has taught us the importance of health. 

But the need for being healthy does not mean you have to sacrifice eating tasty, delicious gourmet food! You can whip up some gourmet dishes in your kitchen which are mouth-watering but healthy all the way.

Here are 23 Easter dessert ideas that are super healthy and super yummy at the same time which your kids will love for sure.

Chocolate Overload 

1. Cocoa Carrot Cake 

Chocolate is every kids’ first love. But wondering if it’s healthy? Why don’t we make it healthy? Give your kids a cake made by combining their first choice chocolate with carrot, it will be their favourite in no time.

This chocolate cake runs through your mouth with its sweetness and stops for a second to deliver that ‘carrotty magic’. Both these ingredients go hand in hand giving us a very soft and eye-pleasing cake.

carrot cake placed on a cloth beneath a wooden plate

2. Cocoa Raspberry Cake 

That raw chocolate flavour mixed with some very tasty raspberries, this cake is the embodiment of the perfect ingredients our planet gives us.

Here we are using Cocoa powder instead of melted chocolate, pair that alongside some fresh raspberries and you have a very nature-centric cake. This cake just screams “This is what Mother Earth has to offer”, it’s perfect for an Easter dessert.

cut up cocoa raspberry cake slices

3. Chocolate Mousse

Mousse is a very cool-looking dish. It’s not that easy to make but it’s without a doubt worth all the effort. 

Pair it with sugar-free chocolate pudding mix and it will be your kid’s number one dish in no time. Our recommendation would be for the mousse to be of a creamy consistency.

2 mini jars filled with Chocolate mousse

4. Choco Walnut Pomegranate Fudge

Fudge is a dessert that you can experiment on forever, pair it with anything you want. It’s a great dessert and fun to make

Our recommendation would be walnuts and pomegranate. The walnut part of this dish is very healthy and delicious! The best part of fudge is that you can customize it all you want, it’s just a matter of trial and error. A great Easter dessert! 

fudge with walnuts on top

5. Dark Chocolate Cupcakes 

Cupcakes are one of the things kids love! It looks so cute and they can eat tons of them. It’s something that even the kids will love to make and decorate.

 They come in thousands of flavours so feel free to mess around with them. Dark chocolates go great with cupcakes, just a tip. You can use the chocolate from easter eggs to garnish the cupcakes, making it another contender for the best Easter dessert!  

We would recommend you to check out our Easter hampers and give a twist to this yummy dessert with some best quality gourmet products that you will love.

cupcake on a plate with frosting on top and chocolates

6. Caramel Brownie

Brownies are everyone’s all-time favourite, be it kids or parents. But why keep brownies in their basic nature. Let’s give a twist to it. A caramel brownie served with ice cream! Your kids will love it. 

brownie with whipped cream on top

Sweet And Sour

7. Raspberry Chocolate Tart 

What’s better for a quick sweet tasty dessert than a raspberry tart. It’s easy to make and easy to eat!

Tarts are one of the best light snacks, the best part about them is that you get tarts in an unlimited amount of flavours. Be it for breakfast, lunch, or a quick office break snack, tarts always bring a smile to your face

tart with raspberries on top

8. Blueberry Truffles

Truffles are some of the most prized ingredients in the cooking industry and children’s all-time favourite. Pair it with some blueberries and you have something amazing on your hands.

truffles and blueberries in a jar

9. Lemon Tart

Tarts are always perfect for a quick dessert. Had enough of a raspberry tart? Go for a lemon tart! Like we said there are a limitless amount of flavours for tarts out there, it’s up to you to try them all.

The lemon flavouring is one of the best in our opinion as it gives the sweet-tart a tangy flavour. 

lemon tart covered with fruits

10. Blackberry Popsicle

The heat outside seems like it could burn us in no time. It would be worse for kids. No better way to beat the heat than with a cold popsicle. A blackberry popsicle that is both healthy and refreshing!

Gone are the times when you needed to be scared about kids eating too much ice cream. With this healthy popsicle, you’ll be asking them to eat more, is this not an interesting and fun Easter dessert? 

3 blackberry popsicles placed on top of each other

11. Lemon Pastry

Pastries always top the list when it comes to cakes. But bored with the usual ones? Let’s give it a different taste and flavour.

Here’s the perfect dessert, a lemon pastry that’s layered with whipped cream and nuts. It’s got that tangy and sweet nature, kids often look away when it comes to tangy flavours but the whipped cream part of this dish makes up for the tanginess. 

lemon pastry on a white plate

12. Blueberry Pie

Another perfect pie would be the blueberry pie, it’s a classic! We already talked about how great and iconic pie’s are in the dessert world. After you tried your hand in the apple pie section try moving over to other flavours like a more tangy flavoured blueberry.

blueberry pie half eaten

13. Fig And Raspberry Bagel

Though it’s a bit time-consuming to make, bagels are always loved by everyone. A raspberry and fig bagel is something super healthy and tasty at the same time. Make sure to cover it with dusted sugar which gives it the visual appeal as well.

fig covered bagel on a plate

14. Toast Served With Ice Cream And Blueberry

Thinking about something really quick to make and also loved by your kids? Here’s the perfect one, toasts. Pair it with kids’ favourite ice cream and some healthy blueberries.  

Toasts are the quickest thing to make on this list. It’s the perfect thing you can serve your kids while they are rushing to meet their school bus on time.

toast on a plate with cream and blueberries

15. Blueberry Pancakes

Pancakes in the morning are what we would call a breakfast done right. Pair it with some tasty and healthy sides like blueberries!

Cutting a soft pancake that has butter melting all over it, dipping it in some blueberry sauce, your mouth is already watering, right? Ours too!

pancakes on a plate with blueberries on top

Cakes And Bread

16. Apple Pie

What comes running to mind when you think of dessert? Pie! An apple pie is the best thing you could make for your kids. It looks so cool and tastes amazing.

Sometimes we have to agree that cutting a pie is far more satisfying than cutting a cake. That criss-cross design packed to the brim with some very tasty fillings, the pie is one of the best dishes and will have our mouth-watering in no time.

apple pie with cream and chocolate on top

17. Peanut Butter Pie

This will be a great dish for bread lovers. 

We all know peanut butter goes well with bread. Now it’s time to try something new, make that into a pie. Peanut butter pie is going to be the new favourite thing for all bread lovers, it combines your love for peanut butter with the sweetness and soft texture of the homemade pie.

We would recommend you to try this one with our exclusive gourmet products including peanut butter that comes in our Easter hamper.

sliced pie on a plate

18. Carrot Cheese Cake

This one just screams and tastes “gourmet”. Desserts do a great job of infusing tasty and cool-looking dishes with some healthy options. A carrot cheesecake does just that! A cheesecake on its own is one of the best treats, pair that with a healthy ingredient to make it the best healthy treat!

carrot cheesecake with carrot decoration

19. Layered Cheesecake

Who does not love cheesecake? Give your kids a double-layer cheesecake which means double happiness. Pair that cheesecake with some fresh blackberries to give it that healthy feature as well. 

Now the cheesecake delivers double the happiness and doubles the health. 

cheesecake on a plate with flowers on top

20. Oreo Cheesecake

As we said, everyone loves a cheesecake. Mix it with one of their favourite biscuits, Oreos! A dessert mixed with your favourite snack would mean multiple happy tummies in the household.

If you are planning to make Oreo waffle as well, you are going to need 5 packets of oreo a day as these 2 dishes will be stars of the household cooking in no time.

oreo cheesecake on a plate with chocolate drizzle on top

21. Oreo Waffles

Oreos have been every kids’ first choice when it comes to cookies. Why not pair that cookie with another healthy breakfast option?

The Oreo waffle will be the new most liked breakfast dish in the household. Your kids will be asking for seconds in no time. Pro tip: keep 2 packs of Oreos handy every day after you introduce this dish in your household.

You can also try it along with nuts and dates. We would recommend you to check out our exclusive Easter hampers that come with exclusive gourmet products and enjoy the best quality ones.

oreo waffles with chocolate on top on a plate

22. Strawberry Cake

Be it ice creams, jelly, tarts, pies, or even cakes strawberries always rank at the top of the list when it comes to favourite flavours. A cake is already by kids all over, pair that cake with some healthy strawberries, that love will increase tenfold.

cake covered with strawberries and white frosting

23. Pancakes With Dry Fruits

Let’s look at a healthier option. Pancakes would top the list of healthy desserts or breakfasts in general. You can pair them with dry fruits which elevates the dish to a whole new level of being healthy.

Pancakes on a plate with figs

A Gourmet & Wholesome Easter

These 23 desserts guarantee a finger-licking eating experience at home! We have all been cooped up in our houses for over a year now, use this Easter to eat to your heart’s content.

Don’t limit yourself to one or two of these dishes, make all 23 if you can. Check out some interesting and fun ways to celebrate this Easter, here!

We here at Gustus Market India wish you a great Easter.

Gustus Market India aims at providing the best gourmet experience to our consumers through gourmet gift hampers and unique premium gourmet experiences. At Gustus Market, we try to make each individual’s lifestyle a healthy one.

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