Top 23 Food Trends You Must Know

The pandemic has made tidal waves in the cooking industry, from bringing healthy food trends to the limelight to introducing international cuisines to a lot of people. Let us look at how the pandemic has influenced the upcoming food trends and what the current foods trends look like. 

1. Health Factors

2020 taught us that health is something that we will be taking care of in all aspects of our lives, especially in food. So without a doubt, the quality of the product and its environmental friendliness will be two things we will look at before we add them to our carts. 

A bowl with tomatoes, avocado and boiled eggs along with a cup of black coffee

It is not just store-bought goods we will be keeping an eye on. The pandemic has carved in stone, specifically on how we should be healthy. So every aspect of our diet should be well-rounded healthy. As we look at the food trends, health factors would be embedded in many of them! 

2. Comfort Food

During the lockdown times, when there was no other option than to cook oneself, comfort food was the saviour. Comfort food got us through some difficult parts of 2020. Easy to cook, rich in flavour meals became our best friends. 

This became a global food trend in no time. We started experimenting with comfort food to a level where they reached gourmet attributes

3 toasts served along with a bowl of curry

3. Let Us Explore The World – International Cuisine

Like we mentioned previously, the pandemic had people from all over posting and sharing traditional recipes. Others fell in love and got to recreating them. They were delighted to use everyday ingredients in ways they had never imagined. As a result, the final product they had was wonderful.

ramen noodles with potatoes and meat served in a Japanese bowl

2020 showed many people that there was an infinite number of recipes to try out. In other words, we were introduced to some very amazing gourmet ingredients, recipes, comfort foods, and more. 

We will be venturing through more and more of the uncharted waters in the international food scenes from now.

4. Back To Our Roots – Traditional Cooking

Another trend that has been going around is that we are brought back to our roots. Like the recipes that ran in our family, the traditional Indian dishes, gourmet food made from locally sourced ingredients, and so on.

During the initial times of the pandemic, before comfort food, international cuisines, and others stepped in, we were in a position where traditional food was the way.

The fact that we lost touch with the traditional recipes is sad but true. But the pandemic brought it back. Finally, now that people have experienced the traditional cooking ways, they love it more than anything.

a trending Indian food Thali with 3 Rotis, rice, green chutney, and 4 other Indian dishes

5. Baking At Home

If you are heavily involved in cooking and keeping up with the current trends, you have to know that making bread at home was a huge thing during 2020. 

Was it because of the availability of ingredients needed or was it because of all the excess time we had? Maybe it was both. But all in all, a lot of home cooks got into the baking scene especially whipping up some homemade bread.

After realizing how fun this process was, bread-making became a huge thing, so huge, that this year we would see a food trend of people making bread themselves as well!

6. Beyond Meat

This is something that took the world by storm. Most of the companies seem to be going all out to figure out plant-based meat alternatives. And the best part is, it works!

A few companies have come up with meat that is made completely from plant-based materials but tastes exactly like meat!

This is something that had already been much acclaimed by the world, but it had not transitioned its way into mainstream trends. But as a result of the growing health concerns which ushered the health food trend, plant-based alternatives will take centre stage from 2021.

the most trending food, taco topped with vegetables and plant-based meat

7. Milk Alternatives

Plant-based meat alternative was just one of the things that would revolutionize the cooking industry coming forth. In other words, it is not the only alternative we will see in food trends.

We expect to see a lot of rice, oat, and hemp milk alternatives shortly. But the only question is whether they would do good in the taste department. 

a glass of the most trending food, oat milk with a heap of oats on the side

8. Low-Waste Food

Being healthy and saving the environment is going to be a huge part of our food trends moving forward. In the same way, low-waste food falls right into that category.

From putting a stop to useless peeling to repurposing a lot of usable foodscapes like stems and tops, food waste will be at a minimum from now onwards.

different types of dried fruits stored in glass containers

9. Carb Alternatives

As we said, it looks like alternatives are going to lead the way when it comes to food trends. From the looks of things, a lot of alternatives are popping up, which will likely influence the food industry.

a bowl of the most trending food, noodles served along with dried seeds and slices of tomato

Of the alternatives, carb alternatives are going to be the most liked. Keeping a check on carbs is one of the most important things for many people. With these alternatives, you can eat your favourite food without having to think about carbs. The improvement in taste has been immense. Therefore, this will play a huge role in food trends moving forward.

10. Flexitarian

The Flexitarian diet is shaping up to be a very influential diet plan. For people who do not know, this diet targets people who have a tough time completely giving up on meat, and switching to a fully plant-based diet.

a trending food table with different vegetables, meat, spices and dry fruits

The Flexitarian diet is reducing your meat intake to a minimum. In other words, you would find yourself having meat only on a single day per week or at weekends. Flexitarian has been topping the charts in the field of food trends. 

This way, you do not have to completely give up on one side of your food habits and can benefit from the diet at the same time. 

11. Transparent Dining

This is a food trend that is going to be influencing a lot of eateries coming forth. No, it is not about making the chairs, tables, and cutlery transparent or made of glass.

a trending table setting with a wooden table and two transparent chairs

This is where the companies offer complete transparency in their menus. In other words, from mentioning calories to the number of ingredients, customers will have complete knowledge of the dish before ordering.

This is influenced by more and more people keeping strict tabs on their calorie and food intake. They might need more meat, fewer calories, more fat, less fat, and so on. Therefore, such a new trend would make the world a whole lot easier, while trying to pick something to eat.

12. Healthier Cocktails

The influence of healthy food is on the entire food industry, not just the solid food aspects. Cocktails have seen a massive change in these current times.

the most trending food, a lemon cocktail with lemon slices, ice cubes and mint leaves on top

People seem to be leaning more towards drinks that are alcohol-free, less sugar-infused and are of low calories. In short, it just ties together the fact that the entire world is becoming more and more concerned about the health risks coming from food. 

13. Takeout

This is easily the most obvious food trend that we will be having. It is also going to be one of the food trends that will carry on for a long time. 

The takeout trend boomed during the pandemic. As a result of the need to social distance, wear masks, and be at risk of contracting the virus, in general, people have turned away from wanting to eat outside in a public establishment.

Be it gourmet food or fast food or even an ice cream cone, gone are the times when eating out had more interest than takeout. 

3 aluminium food containers along with a paper bag and wooden forks

 14. Vegetarianism and Veganism

This is another trend that has been on the rise for some time now. A lot of people have been opting out of their meat-based diet and shifting to a more plant-based diet.

This can be for many reasons, personal, wanting to save the planet and the species, wanting to take better care of your body. Whatever the reason may be, people seem to be loving the shift to vegetarianism and veganism

Are you thinking of following this trend? Check out our vegetarian recipes.

15. Special Occasion Dining

Your son’s team winning a basketball match, a family member’s birthday, you getting that hard-earned promotion, all of these used to be reasons for dining outside. But it seems like that trend is going to be no more.

a group of people having a great time eating together the trending food items

From here onwards even for such special occasions, you will find families making the best at home itself. They will come up with a three-course gourmet meal that will make your appetite go away. As a result of all the training, we received in cooking during the lockdown, making dinner for a small occasion is not that much of a challenge.

16. Virtual Cooking Classes

We saw that almost every single aspect of a human’s life was moved to the digital world in 2020. This is also the case for cooking classes. As a result, there was a huge surge of viewers and participants for virtual cooking classes.

It is an easy method of learning. We were already stuck at home in the first place. Therefore, the only thing you required was a good internet connection and a few ingredients. 

After people started attending such classes, they realized it was very helpful. As a result, the popularity of such classes increased ten-fold. We will see more and more such classes pop up with celebrities and other top chefs taking the helm.

the latest food trend of a person learning to cook pasta from online videos

17. Helping Each Other

Another thing that happened during the lockdown is, we all realized how important home cooking is for our daily survival. Because of the huge amount of people who took up cooking in recent times, the need for advice and tips also increased.

Right now, the internet is such an amazing place for every budding home chef. From advice to recommendations to cooking hacks, you will find thousands of helping hands everywhere on the internet.

a person holding another person’s hand

18. Survival Food

We all saw how a pandemic or other such calamities could cause a supply shortage. Just a few months in and almost everything inside a supermarket was wiped clean. In short, you had trouble buying even the most common ingredients.

The best way around this is to be prepared at all times. There is no better food item to be prepared with than canned or preserved food. These food types last for ages and are delicious. Therefore, you can preserve an infinite number of items, leading to this type of food being a necessity.

People have realized how this could easily save a life if another calamity of this level is to take place. You will find a whole lot of home pantries being stocked up on such foods from now.

fruits and vegetables blowing out of a basket

19. Mushrooms

For some reason, mushrooms had one of the best years in 2020. Maybe it was because a huge amount of people dropped the idea of a meat diet and transitioned into vegetarian diets.

two bowls of noodle served along with mushrooms, carrots, spring onions, and coriander leaves

After transitioning, it is without a doubt that mushroom would be their favourite. They have a strong resemblance in taste to the meat side of things. As a result, a lot of people would argue that it is the tastiest ingredient on the vegetarian side. Mushrooms have started to be that star in a lot of households, Indian dishes, and restaurants. 

20. Local Shops 

Hygiene is the one word that will have the highest priority from here onwards. We will think twice before approaching a local shop that seems to lack in the field of hygiene.

No matter how exceptional the food and service may be after the pandemic, hygiene is an issue where we can not be lenient. As a result, local food shops will have two ways to go, either become much better in terms of hygiene or close down for good. 

a person icing a cupcake

21. Delivery Services – Our Saviour

We all know how the delivery services were one of the saving graces of this pandemic. You had your food delivered to your doorstep without having to do anything other than look at a screen. 

People just fell in love with this concept more than having to go to a restaurant and eat. As a result, the delivery services have seen an unbelievable rise, and this will be the case moving forward as well.

the latest food trend of a person wearing mask and gloves handing over 3 packages of food in aluminium containers

22. Eco-Conscious Packaging

This is something we realized even before the pandemic came around. The issues surrounding our planet are not something that should be taken lightly, we should be doing everything that we can to help out, be it small or big.

the latest trend of a heap of flour stored in a paper bag

The sheer amount of plastics used for packaging food products was atrocious. But finally, we have realized this behaviour and have started putting a stop to it. As a result, we have almost transitioned everything from plastic. No more plastic straws, plastic cups, plastic bags, and so on.

 23. Adult Ice Cream

This is another odd trend we saw pop out of nowhere during recent times. A lot of people seemed to have taken a liking towards adult ice cream

Alcohol mixed ice creams were always around, but they were not this popular. Maybe it was because people started testing it out on their own while in lockdown. Whatever it may be, adult ice creams seem to be a huge food trend.

different flavours of ice cream like strawberry, raspberry, chocolate, grapes, mango in different paper cups

Ending note

These are just some of the trends that we can see in the upcoming year. In this fast-paced world, we can expect to see changes regularly. 

Are you looking to follow a healthy lifestyle with some gourmet food but can not find any recipes? Try out some of our recipes

a chopping board, knife, garlic, carrots, bowls of some vegetables, salt, and oil along with a book and laptop on a table

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