Types of Chocolate: Which One Have You Not Tried?

Were you wondering about the types of chocolate? How many types of chocolate are there? What’s the difference between them? How can you use them? We talk about everything chocolate and also offer you a range of our chocolate products.

 Is Chocolate Good For You?

Whenever you ask this question, it is crucial to keep in mind that anything you consume in excess can cause you harm. However, to answer this question in short, Yes. Chocolate can offer you many health benefits. The essential thing is to consume chocolate in small amounts.

If you keep your chocolate consumption under control, you will not only satisfy your sweet tooth cravings but also reap several health benefits.

A bar of chocolate with cocoa beans and cinnamon sticks on top

How much chocolate is healthy? How much chocolate is healthy?

It is recommended to consume up to 100 grams of chocolate every day. Furthermore, out of all types of chocolate, dark chocolate, in particular, offers several benefits. Moreover, consuming just 50-60 grams of dark chocolate a day can improve your heart health and provide you with essential nutrients and antioxidants.

What is the difference between cocoa and cacao?

When we talk about chocolate, you might get confused between the two terms, cocoa and cacao. The main difference between cocoa and cacao is in the process after harvesting and the nutritional value.

Essentially, both cocoa and cacao come from cacao beans. Cacao beans originate from the Theobroma cacao tree. In short, cocoa is a highly processed cacao.

Now, let us begin with the list of different types of chocolate that you must try. Read the blog till the end for a surprise.

cocoa and cacao beans

Different Types of Chocolate You Must Try!

1. Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate is sweeter than most other types of chocolate. Yes, and it may also be the most popular type of chocolate. Essentially, milk chocolate contains fewer amounts of cacao. It is made by mixing lesser amounts of cacao, sugar and, yes, milk. It has a light brown appearance and has a soft texture.

Furthermore, milk chocolate makes for an excellent choice for gifting. If you’ve not tried milk chocolate yet, gift yourself a moment of delight first! Head over to our shop for exciting and delicious chocolate gift hampers.

multiple bars of milk chocolate

2. Semi-Sweet Chocolate

How can chocolate be semi-sweet? Well, it’s all about how much cacao and sugar you use to prepare different types of chocolate. Just by changing the cacao and sugar ratio, you can influence the taste of the chocolate.

Semi-sweet chocolate is a common type of chocolate that is primarily used during baking and cooking. Essentially, semi-sweet chocolate can be found in the form of chocolate chips and acts as an all-purpose ingredient.

multiple semi-sweet types of chocolate chips

Why don’t you give this type of chocolate a try? Try this easy and delicious red velvet cookie recipe which requires chocolate chips. It’s the perfect way to experience semi-sweet chocolate.

3. White Chocolate

White chocolate may be the only chocolate that contains no cacao. Yes, it is essentially prepared with cocoa butter instead. Since you do not use cacao, the white chocolate has a cream coloured appearance rather than a chocolatey one. Along with cocoa butter, white chocolate contains milk, vanilla and sugar.

While you can choose to indulge in white chocolate bars, most people use white chocolate to decorate desserts and cakes.

multiple white chocolate bars

 If you wish to try your hand at delicious dessert and cake recipes, head over to our recipe page.

4. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate remains the second most popular type of chocolate after milk chocolate. You may have heard about the many benefits dark chocolate has to offer. It is one of those types of chocolate that you can indulge in without feeling guilty.

Essentially, dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and can help reduce the risk of heart disease. Hence, consuming small amounts of dark chocolate every day can offer you long term health benefits.

Moreover, dark chocolate is becoming more popular, primarily because of the awareness spread about the benefits. Who wouldn’t want to indulge in delicious chocolate, right? And if on top of that you say it’s healthy? That’s it. What more do you need?

Above all, dark chocolate is made with cacao beans and sugar. Sometimes, vanilla may be added for a better flavour in some bars.

multiple dark chocolate bars

Read on to explore a variety of premium quality dark chocolate bars that we have to offer.

5. Bitter-Sweet Chocolate

Bitter-Sweet chocolate is a part of the dark chocolate category. It has a dense and bitter flavour profile when compared to other types of chocolate. As dark chocolate became more popular, many artisanal chocolate producers also started promoting different types of chocolate with high cocoa quantity.

Furthermore, Bitter-Sweet chocolate makes for an excellent choice for snacking as well. Yes, chocolatey snacks. Chocolate snacks are a great way to answer your sweet tooth cravings as well as snack cravings.

Above all, Bitter-Sweet chocolate snacks act as healthy snacks if you consume them within a limit. Furthermore, you could also use Bitter-Sweet chocolate while baking cookies, brownies, cakes, and so much more.

multiple types of chocolate bars and beans representing bitter-sweet chocolate

6. Couverture Chocolate

Couverture chocolate is a luxurious type of chocolate that has a rich texture and immediately melts in your mouth. Essentially, it contains high amounts of cocoa butter that elevates the chocolate texture. If you wish to experience premium quality chocolate, couverture chocolate should be at the top of your list.

Furthermore, you can use this type of chocolate to make mouth-watering candies right at the comfort of your home.

Moreover, if you’ve been to your favourite dessert place, you might have come across a melting chocolate fountain or a dipping chocolate bowl. Chances are that it is couverture chocolate as it is also used for dipping and coating various dessert dishes.

couverture chocolate dripping from a spoon into a bowl

7. Baking Chocolate

If you’re a baker, you know what we are talking about. As the name suggests, this type of chocolate is used for baking delicious cakes, brownies and other chocolate baking recipes.

Instead of direct consumption, these types of chocolate should be used as an ingredient while baking or cooking. Baking chocolate is also referred to as unsweetened chocolate by professionals.

Furthermore, it is a pure form of chocolate made with only cacao beans and no added sugar. Hence, it offers great flavours when mixed with other baking ingredients.

two types of chocolate used for baking purposes

8. Ruby Chocolate

It is the latest addition to the various types of chocolate known to the world. That’s right. The world didn’t know about Ruby chocolate until 2017. Introduced by a Belgian Swiss cocoa company, Ruby chocolate has no added colours. Moreover, it has neither your regular chocolate colour nor a white colour. Instead, it has a natural pinkish appearance.

Furthermore, it offers a unique & flavourful experience that will certainly delight your taste buds. Essentially, ruby chocolate is an innovative addition to the three main types of chocolate; dark, white, and milk.

a stack of ruby chocolate bars

9. Cocoa Powder

Lastly, we have cocoa powder. You must have already used cocoa powder while baking at home. Furthermore, just like baking chocolate, it is made from only cacao. However, it does not include cocoa butter. It is mostly used for baking purposes and as an ingredient in other recipes. The powdered form makes it easier for you to mix it with other baking ingredients.

cocoa powder with chocolate bits on top

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