Why Is Gourmet Coffee Trending Right Now?

Why is gourmet coffee so special? 

Let us stay away from the world of store-bought regular coffee and walk towards the tasty world of gourmet coffee. It is a type of beverage that varies so little but makes a huge difference.

Recently, people are leaning more towards gourmet coffee because of many reasons. The health benefits, the taste, the experience, everything is double when it comes to gourmet coffee.

Now, especially the people under the age of 50 are getting more and more health-conscious. They need to know what they are consuming, how is it made, how many calories, and much more. In short, they want to know everything about their diet.

A cup of gourmet coffee kept along with coffee beans all around

This obsession for knowing how good something is for themselves and choosing only the best has resulted in huge changes in the food industry. The coffee world is one place where we can see this shift.

People are learning more about coffee and understanding how gourmet coffee offers more benefits and taste over the regular ones made from more of an “artificial” means. So, let us learn why we need to adopt gourmet coffee.

What is Gourmet Coffee?

Now, what exactly is gourmet coffee? How is it different from any other regular coffee?

Gourmet coffee is not something that has a proper definition per se, but it is not a fancy word either. Gourmet coffee is a term that can have different meanings or different variations. But in general, it is a better version of coffee.

Two main things make gourmet coffee. One is flavoured coffee, and the other is carefully cultivated coffee. These two factors can give the coffee a “gourmet” title. Also, Arabica Beans are used to make this coffee rather than the regular Robusta Beans.

The carefully cultivated gourmet coffee has a different taste depending on where it is grown and how it is grown. If the beans grown on the perfect land and are processed correctly, you get a much more natural coffee taste. 

Know More About The Coffee beans

Now that we know what gourmet coffee is, let us learn more about the heart and soul of our favourite beverage, the beans!

1. The Finest Arabica

These beans come from the Coffea Arabica plant, whose origin goes back to Ethiopia. Arabica Coffee is the most consumed coffee in the world and comes in different variants like Kona, Pacamara, and Caturra.

Arabica gourmet coffee beans kept in a jute sack

When it comes to taste, it varies depending on several factors, including the variants. It can be sweet, strong, or even tangy.

2. Energy Booster Robusta

Even though Arabica is the most popular coffee out there, Robusta might be the one you might be more familiar with. These beans come from the Coffea Canephora plant, which originates from Africa. 

Robusta gourmet coffee beans from a cup falling onto saucer kept on a piece of jute cloth

Robusta is known for its sharp, bitter taste and is something you will find in your iconic espressos and instant coffee. If you are looking for a jolt of energy to get you going in the morning, then Robusta beans are the ones that have been doing this job all along.

3. Earthy Liberica

Now, this is a type of coffee that many may not know. Liberica beans come from the Liberica plant, and the Philippines were the first to try it out. These beans are larger than the other beans you will find. These are the only ones that have a deformed, irregular shape

Liberica coffee beans spilling out from a jute sack to a wooden table

Liberica is the type of coffee that does not even taste like coffee. It has a great aroma but a woody, earthy flavour to it. It is strong, and as a result, it is not for everyone. 

4. Almondy Excelsa

This one is another type of coffee that is not all over. It is cultivated mainly in Southern Asia and has almond-like shaped beans. The taste is a bit hard to classify, as it has a sense of light roast to it while giving you a sense of dark roast. As a result, many find it weird. 

A sack of gourmet coffee beans kept on a wooden table with leaves

But, this weird power of the Excelsa has gathered hardcore coffee drinkers all over to experience it for themselves. There has been an ongoing debate on how Excelsa is very similar to Liberica, which many people disagree with. But recently, Excelsa was marked as a member of the Liberica family. 

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The flavours are almost entirely roasted out, taking on a very bold and smoky taste. Talking about the benefits of dark roast coffee, it has tons of nutrients present in it. Also, it helps you reduce weight and restore vitamins. Unlike the other roasts, a dark roast does not cause any irritation to your stomach.

How The Flavour Varies With The Roast

1. Heart-Friendly Light Roast

Light roast coffee earns its name because of the short time it serves in roasting. As a result, it has a very light brown colour. Every bean has a crack stage and light roasted coffee are done at the start of the first crack stage.

Gourmet coffee beans of three different stages kept in different sacks along with a Kadai with coffee beans kept for roasting

Light roast coffee is high in acidity and has an amazing taste. Also, it has large amounts of antioxidants which comes with tons of benefits. It lowers the risk of heart diseases and liver problems.

2. Immunity Booster Medium Roast

Medium roast coffee beans stay longer in the roasting session than light roast. This longer duration causes the natural sugars in the beans to caramelize, which gives it a darker shade of brown. Also, this gives it a stronger aroma and the iconic coffee smell.

The medium roast is done usually by the start of the second crack stage. The caramelization causes the bitter taste of coffee and also takes away almost all of the acidity. 

Medium roasted coffee is usually cheap as such amounts of roasting can help cover up all the inconsistencies of the beans, which may be caused during preparation. This process strips apart all of the natural features of coffee.

Medium roast gourmet coffee beans kept in a wooden bowl

Medium roast coffee contains antioxidants that boost metabolism. As a result, it helps you to reduce body weight. Also, it lowers the cholesterol level and boosts up your immunity level.

3. Stomach Friendly Dark Roast

Dark roast coffee beans are roasted to a temperature of about 465°. As a result of which it has a dark brown colour, similar to a blackened colour. The dark roast is done usually by the end of the second crack stage. The drawn-out oil gives the surface of these beans a glossy look.

How to Brew the Best Gourmet Coffee At Home

A good cup of coffee in the morning can set the mood for your whole day. But making the perfect cup of gourmet coffee that matches your taste may seem too difficult for some.

Let us look at the basic steps to brew the perfect cup of gourmet coffee every morning, right at your home!

1. Prepare

After 30 – 45 seconds, gently pour the remaining water. It will help you get the best flavour from your coffee. Carefully remove the filter. 

To begin with, make sure to measure your coffee. Use two tablespoons of ground coffee for every three-fourth cup of water. If you are using whole beans, then grind it to a uniform consistency similar to that of table salt.

a wooden spoon of ground coffee kept along with gourmet coffee beans

2. Get The Brewer Ready

After rinsing the filter with hot water, place it in the brewer, and add the ground coffee.

3. Boil

Bring cold water to a boil in a kettle. About 30 seconds after removing it from heat, pour enough water to soak the grounds. 

A person pouring water from kettle to a brewer

4. Enjoy

Remember, to experience the best taste, drink your coffee within 30 minutes of brewing. Do not let the coffee sit in the brewer all day long.

A person pouring gourmet coffee from a teapot to a glass

Get The Perfect Taste

Sometimes, making the perfect cup of coffee may be difficult. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you with that!

1. Buy fresh, Whole Coffee Beans!

A big part of what makes a cup of coffee so delicious is the aromatic substances present in roasted coffee beans. Immediately after roasting, these substances start escaping the beans, taking the flavours with them! Grinding coffee will make this process even faster. 

A cup of freshly roasted gourmet coffee beans split over a table

Therefore, buying fresh whole coffee beans and grinding them right before brewing will help you get the best flavour out of your beans! 

2. Grind What You Need

As we said, grinding will help the aromatic substances to escape much faster. Therefore, always grind your beans right before brewing your coffee. Do not grind all of your coffee beans at once.

A wooden bowl of ground coffee kept on a wooden table with coffee beans all over

3. Know Your Coffee Bean

One of the best ways to get the perfect coffee that matches your taste is knowing about the coffee beans. Each type of coffee bean offers a different flavour and taste. Therefore knowing about the beans will help you find the right one for you.

Five wooden spoons of different types of ground coffee kept on a wooden table

4. Keep The Proportion In Mind

The amount of coffee you use to the amount of water you brew determines how strong or weak a cup of coffee will be. The more amount of coffee you use, the stronger your coffee will be. 

Different stages of gourmet coffee beans, from roasted coffee beans, ground coffee to a cup of coffee

Although, the ideal proportion is two tablespoons of ground coffee for a three-fourth cup of water.

5. The Temperature Matters

To extract the best flavours out of your coffee, the water you use to brew should be of the optimal temperature, that is, between 195°C and 205°C.

Do not worry! If you do not have a thermometer, leave the water for about 30 to 45 seconds after removing it from the heat before using it. It will help you get the desired temperature.

6. Filtered Water Only

Did you know that majority of your brewed coffee is just water? So, this means that the quality and taste of your water plays a role in how your coffee tastes. Therefore, one of the best things you can do is using purified water

Pouring freshly brewed coffee from a brewer to a cup

A Brewing World

Now you have a better idea about what gourmet coffee is and how it is different from regular coffee. Remember, each coffee bean differs in flavour and taste. Therefore, try out each one and find your favourite.

Try out brewing some gourmet coffee at your home and enjoy. Do not forget to share your experience with us! If you are looking for some fresh coffee beans, we recommend you to check out our exclusive products and enjoy the best cup of coffee!

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